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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad, when he is not relaxing in one of our best recliners, or our baby bloggers and occasionally we accept guest posts. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. Quality time with grandparents is important for families. Both children and grandparents benefit in numerous ways from spending time together. I read an article last week about how grandparents spending time with their grandchildren are apparently less likely to develop Dementia And Alzheimer’s. (!!)

    As a grandparent, life is less hectic so here are some ideas to enhance your quality time with fun activities that help you stay connected. 

    Fun Activities for Grandparents To Do With Their Grandchildren (2)

    Bake Something Sweet

    If you enjoy baking, you can share your love of this pastime with your grandkids and also teach them some important cooking and baking skills. Even toddlers can help in the baking process by pouring dry ingredients in a bowl and helping to mix batter. Think about the types of desserts your grandchildren enjoy and be sure to keep the ingredients on hand for the next time they come for a visit.


    Colouring is a quiet and relaxing activity that appeals to kids as well as adults. With the mandala coloring app, you can color a veritable masterpiece with your grandkids. To learn more about this easy-to-use app, just click the link. Coloring is a perfect pastime for grandparents and kids because it doesn't require 100% mental focus; families can still enjoy interesting conversations while creating their work of art.


    A great way to enjoy quality time is to read together. Take your grandchildren to the local library or your favorite bookstore to stock up on picture books or paperbacks. You can read a novel together or you can read to the kids if they prefer. Reading builds skills that kids need to perform well in school so it's definitely a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.

    Memory Lane

    Pull out all of your old pictures to acquaint your grandkids with your past and relatives they may not have met. Photographs can lead to fun storytelling and help kids get to know you better. As a special project, consider helping your grandchildren make a family tree that they can display in their bedroom.

    Visit an Orchard

    From strawberry picking to apple harvesting, local farmstands and orchards often feature opportunities for people to pick their own produce. You and your grandchildren can enjoy some fun in the sunshine while picking out yummies to bring home. With so many youngsters spending time with their video games, it's important to give them balance by ensuring that they stay connected to Mother Nature too.

    Play Games

    From cards to dominoes, non-electronic games might be a refreshing change for kids and certainly provide plenty of fun for grandparents too. Board games that grandparents played as kids are still exciting for kids today. Break out the Monopoly or Risk board and spend an afternoon gaming with a bowl of popcorn or chips to share.

    Keep these activities in mind for when your grandkids come for a visit. They certainly don't require much money but they can provide your family with priceless quality time. With all the fun you'll have, don't be surprised when the kids beg to come again soon!

  2. Baby Annabell is not just a baby doll. Baby Annabell is part of our family, she has been here since my eldest daughter was young and is still a firm family favourite with our youngest daughter.  So it is no surprise that she is the UK’s number one nurturing doll and Baby Annabell has several exciting new additions to its popular range of dolls and accessories this spring. 


    We were therefore very excited to get the chance to review My First Baby Annabell Bathing Doll. We wanted to know what makes her fully bathable as we have had dolls in the past that you could use in the bath and they ended up mouldy and full of water. But this new edition to the My First Baby Annabell range has a smooth touch body and comes with her very own bathtub.


    Without sounding too strange, the body on My First Baby Annabell Bathing Doll is really soft, without joints to get water into (and ultimately go mouldy)  and when she isn't wet and splashing around in the bath, you can dress her and she is lovely to cuddle. 

    At a recommended retail price of £23.99, it is well priced (especially considering you get the bath too) and my daughter can't wait to take it in the pool with her on holiday! She is smaller and lighter than a "standard" Baby Annabell doll, so will fit better in the suitcase too. 

    My First Baby Annabell Bathing Doll is a big hit in our house and we are delighted to tell you that the kind folk at Zapf are giving you the chance to win one of your very own!  

    Win a My First Baby Annabell Bathing Doll - RRP £23.99

    All you need to do is enter below! Good luck!

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  3. Half term has already started for many schools but how do you keep a pre-teen occupied when all they really want to do is sit on YouTube and watch videos of people making slime! (I kid you not).

     5 Ideas For Keeping A Pre-Teen Girl Happy Over Half Term

    So having consulted our resident pre-teen, here are the top things that are on this holiday's to do list.

    1. Sleepover

    Grab 2-3 friends, get some popcorn, snacks and non alcoholic cocktails and it can be a relatively cheap way to entertain a group of girls. Even better if you have Netflix or Now TV and you can let them watch a movie or their favourite box set.

    2. Get active.

    There are so many trampoline parks or climbing walls, that this is a great alternative to sitting in front of a computer and great exercise too. It is a lovely way to bond ..... because who said that climbing walls had to be for the kids.

    3. Go shopping.

    Both of my girls love to shop (neither of them inherited my nose thankfully but they do seem to have developed my love of shopping). My pre-teen daughter is becoming more and more conscious of brand names, such as Converse, Nike and Adidas but I always find it is best to check out sites such as Lovethesales for the best deals. 


    4. Let them lie in

    After relentlessly dragging them out of bed every morning of the school term, there will be nothing that gives you brownie points more than allowing them to lie in till whatever time they want.

    5. Give in to the power of YouTube

    If all else fails, you could buy all the relevant "ingredients", pop on YouTube and make a batch of slime!

    Do you have any other tips? 

  4. I had a job when I was 14,  I worked in a hairdressers every Saturday and it was something that my parents actively encouraged me to do. I loved having my own money to spend how I liked, we never really had pocket money as Mom and Dad tended to buy us things when we needed them so my £10 (no minimum wage back then) was all mine and I loved it! Times change and with so many more legislative requirements on employers, should we still be encouraging our children to work from a young age?

    Should we encourage our children to work from a young age-

    Research reveals that young employees (aged 16-29) among the British workforce are most likely to suffer injuries while on the job. In fact, they are more at risk of an injury and illness than any other age group! 

    A frightening 71% of workers between 16-29 years old claim their work place to be a health hazard, suggesting many businesses are putting the lives of their employees in danger. Almost half of the same age group said that they have had an accident at work and more than one in five ended up in hospital because the injury was so bad. For me, I think the worst that could happen in the salon was getting a bit of shampoo in my eyes or slipping on the floor but I was also very sensible (puts on my halo) and I think that there has to be an element of common sense too. 

    My girls do jobs at home and I am quite sure that they think it is a health hazard (or a reason to get out of doing jobs around the house) but it seems that going to work can damage young workers health, especially as they are not aware of their legal rights.

    I have worked in HR for many years and have seen a number of employees make compensation claims (both legitimately and not so much) but it is useful to see a company such as Hayward Baker launch a free to use interactive injury compensation calculator.


    Do you encourage your children to work? Does it worry you that they are safe in the workplace?