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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad, when he is not relaxing in one of our best recliners, or by one of our baby bloggers and occasionally we accept guest posts. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: Lifestyle

  1. Birthday Presents for Dads – For the Man Who Has Everything

    Posted on

    Although Christmas is now a distant memory, there are other occasions that pop up throughout the year where we find ourselves buying gifts for our nearest and dearest. One such occasion is birthdays that come up all year around, but when it is your boyfriend/husband or father, you have to step up and go that one step further. It is my husbands birthday next month so am already on the present trail quest!

    If it feels as though the man you are buying for has everything that you can think of, then you really do need to knuckle down and put some real thought into what you can gift. From stunning jewellery to fun gadgets, here are some suggestions for birthday gifts for the man who has everything.

    Gifts for dad 1

    Drones – Keep Away from Children

    If the man in your life has a love for all things electrical, then the chances are that they will absolutely love a drone that they can fly around. These are not children’s toys and can hurt if they fly into you, potentially causing serious injuries.

    Make sure that any drone is used safely and responsibly, ensuring that children are kept at a safe distance. Even small drones that can fit in the palm of your hand can leave a nasty cut. When flown by a responsible adult, drones can provide lots of fun for recreational pilots.

    Fashion Accessories

    Does the man that you are buying for keep up with the latest fashion trends? Would he classify himself as a modern gentleman, taking pride in his appearance? If so, then you won’t go far wrong by gifting accessories such as jewellery that can be brought out for special occasions.

    Perhaps your boyfriend/husband has a wide range of shirts and ties that he likes to wear for nights out? If so, how about complimenting his look with a set of gold cufflinks or a simple yet effective tie pin that he can wear to finish off his outfit?

    Getaway for Two

    When was the last time that you got away, just the two of you? If you struggle to answer that question, or even if you don’t, surprising your man with a getaway for two is a fantastic gift. Just make sure that you have childcare sorted before you book – you wouldn’t want to spend money on a trip for two only to find out that you have to cancel as your babysitter has cancelled.

    The beauty of going away as a couple is that you don’t necessarily have to go very far at all. In fact, an overnight stay in a neighbouring city can be all that you need for a romantic break. After all, when the two of you are together, does it really matter where you are?

    Experience Day

    If none of the above catches your fancy, how about organising an experience day for your other half? Imagine the look on your partner’s face when they open up a gift of a driving day at a race circuit such as Silverstone or Donnington, or a tour around their favourite sports stadium?

    Materialistic gifts can often be left on the shelf gathering dust for years, while an experience day creates memories that will last a lifetime. If you have a common interest, why not organise an experience day that you can do together?

    Gifts for dad 2

    Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to buying a gift for the father of your children. If you are crazy enough about each other to start a family together, then he will probably love anything that you give him as he will appreciate the thought put into the gift.

    Fingers crossed anyway!

  2. The Secrets of Storage at Home

    Posted on

    One of the struggles of modern life is keeping a rein on all your possessions, so they don’t take over the house. From newspapers and magazines, to clothes, to DVDs, we accumulate more and more things over the course of our lives and if we don’t keep them properly organised they can swamp a home and leave it a frustrating and stressful place to live.

    Today we’re offering a few handy hints, tips and hacks to make sure you stay on top of your storage – and stop your clutter getting on top of you.

    Don’t Let It Drive You Up the Wall

    Using your walls effectively can give you a huge boost to your storage space. Shelves give you extra storage options, and help relieve the pressure on floors and fixed units in your flat, giving you more space to enjoy.


    You can also mount extra wardrobe rails to walls in alcoves, to give you extra clothes storage space, and hooks securely attached to the wall can provide a diverse array of storage for all things from your yoga mat to your bicycle!

    Find a Storage Unit

    If you really do have more than you can accommodate at home, but can’t bring yourself to part with the excess, it’s worth consulting local storage companies to see what they have to offer. Storage is not necessarily expensive and it can be the ideal solution if you have some bulky items left over you can’t house comfortably after a move.

    Choose the right storage company, and you could also get extra services included like free collection of your stored items and even free boxes! Boxes are surprisingly expensive and one of the great hidden costs of storage and packing so any company that absorbs this cost for you is worth looking into.

    If you’re interested in London storage, byStored offer some useful services, so take a look today!

    Sell Online

    If you’ve got excess clutter that’s in good condition that you’re happy to part with you, selling it online is a great idea! In fact, the sale of one of two big items may even subsidise the fees on storage for the things you really do want to keep!


    eBay is a good generalist online store you can sell through, but if you have some specific items you’re trying to sell, it might be worth finding some specialists communities as you may be able to sell them more quickly and at a higher price!

    Once you’ve slimmed down your collection of clutter, and got some creative storage solutions working, your home will be a carefully organised, relaxing place to spend your downtime.

  3. FEARNE by Fearne Cotton Collection for Boots Miniclub | Review

    Posted on

    Fearne Cotton launched a range of clothing for Boots Miniclub last year and how could it fail not to be the epitome of cool? We were therefore excited to hear that the second instalment features Fearne’s first baby collection for newborns, and continues to offer gorgeous garments all the way up to 6 years. 


    Featuring cool and vibrant prints and colours, Fearne’s range is about standing out and having fun – while being able to move easily and feel comfortable. Filled with confident and colourful pieces, the range captures the essence of the British spring and summer vibe. From pastel pinks to trendy charcoal greys, the gorgeous colour palettes are brought to life in stylish shapes and animal prints across the collection of chic and compatible clothing including reversible bomber jackets, sweaters, dresses and easy pull-ups. 


    The Mini Club Cat dress is a particular favourite of our little fashionista as it is so wearable (and washable) so it gets a thumbs up from both mum and daughter. It has an all over cat print and has functional front pockets, for when the little one wants to stash away her collections of LOL Surprise Dolls or stones .... whatever takes her fancy on that particular day. At £12.00 it is also really affordable too! 


    The Mini Club Fearne Frill Sweatshirt  is 95% cotton but has a super soft feel to it that my daughter loves. Trying to strike a balance between comfort and fashion isn't always easy but the FEARNE by Fearne Cotton range manages to make cool clothes feel comfortable!


    The FEARNE by Fearne Cotton range has everything for rock chick girls and super cool boys. It provides a style that combines adorable with on trend styling but at afforable prices.

    My only criticism of the range is that it only goes up to Age 6 ..... what am I going to do when she gets too big for MiniClub at Boots?

  4. What Are The Best Savings Boosting Products On The Market?

    Posted on

    Most people experience challenges when it comes to keeping some cash for use in the future. Especially as parents, it is crucial for you to focus on your long-term goals. The goal could be to save money for home renovation, purchase a car, buy a home, or start a business. To succeed in saving the target amount, you have to start monitoring your spending habits and reduce expenses. Here are some of the best saving boosting products on the market.



    Open an Individual Savings Account (ISA)

    Opening an ISA at your preferred financial institution is one of the best products that will boost savings. At the end of every week or month, you deposit a certain amount of money in the ISA account. It will help you grow savings efficiently without paying taxes, as you are limited to £20,000 each year. Once you lock your cash in the deposit account for a fixed period, you earn an interest income which adds money to your account.

    Automate Savings (Use an App)

    To boost your savings further, it is crucial to automate savings into your ISA. You can you use automated programs to transfer a certain amount of money to your account. You can set the app to deposit at payday or several times during the month.

    No Credit Card

    To increase your savings, limit access to cash in the account. Put the funds in your savings account, which is not linked to a credit card.

    Lifetime ISA

    A lifetime ISA can help you increase your savings. You can use the cash to purchase your first home or use it after retirement. Once you save £4,000 per year, you get 25% bonus in your account from the government. The maximum amount is £1,000 and age limit is 50. Additionally, lifetime ISAs can have cash or stocks or combination of the two.

    Help to Buy ISA

    In case you are saving to purchase a first home, you should consider keeping cash in a help to buy ISA. The account attracts a government boost of 25% of the amount of savings. The maximum bonus is £3,000. It is available for first time home buyers.

    Stocks and Shares ISA

    The account allows you to invest your money in a flexible and tax-efficient manner. It offers higher returns than a cash savings account. The gains are tax-free, and you can invest up to £20,000. The stocks and shares ISA allows you to invest in the best portfolio. You can spend on shares, cash, bonds, or commodities, but remember, your capital is always at risk.

    Pay Debts

    Paying old debts such as education loans, will not only improve your credit score, but also boost your ability to save. Once you have repaid all old debts, you can focus on increasing your savings. Subscriptions To increase your savings, you need to reconsider whether you need various subscriptions services. You can reduce payments to magazines, premium channels subscriptions among others to lower monthly bills and boost savings. Do you really use that gym membership (be honest)? Can you reduce your phone bill?

    Coffee and Other Unnecessary Spending

    If you love coffee, you can cut daily visits to café and start making coffee at home. Importantly, reduce shopping on items not in the budget.



    Consult a Financial Advisor

    Set aside some cash to purchase a book on savings tips or consult an advisor. The guide will motivate you to continue savings and we love stuff that motivates you!