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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad, when he is not relaxing in one of our best recliners, or our baby bloggers and occasionally we accept guest posts. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. Wave Racers Sky Loop Rally Christmas Giveaway

    Posted on

    We talk a lot about girls toys and activities on the Lilypad, mainly because I have two girls (makes sense eh?) but we don't want to leave the boys .... or indeed the adrenalin fuelled girls out, so we are talking cars today! 

    Not being entirely savvy as far as boys Christmas wish lists are concerned, I didn't know that zooming onto everyone’s Christmas list this year are the Wave Racers, the revolutionary new wave technology aimed at ages 6+. Players can race on their own or against friends with expandable track sets, providing hours of fun for any racing enthusiast!  YW211131-Skyloop Rally_preview

    I remember my brother having car racing tracks when we were kids but they were nothing like these. The Wave Racer cars are capable of reaching sensational speeds and the track sets feature a number of different stunt capabilities offering young racers the chance to perform stunts and tricks such as 360 loops, side by side racing and mid-air jumps! The innovative new range allows you to activate your racer by waving your hand over the sensor. The faster you wave your hand, the faster your Wave Racer will go! 

    Image 2

    Complete a full 360° vertical loop at ultra-high speed with Skyloop Rally. 

    Skyloop Rally (1)

    There are a number of Wave Racer sets to choose from but the features of this one include:

    • Tracks can be combined with other Wave Racer Sets
    • Revoluntionary wave technology
    • The longer the players wave their hand, the longer the car will run for
    • The faster players wave their hand, the faster the cars speed
    • Contents: 24 track pieces and one Wave Sensor Car
    • Assembled dimensions: 59.5L x 43.5W x 26H cm
    • Batteries required: For car 2 x AAA (Not included)

    The Wave Racer range is available to buy now from Smyths Toys and Toys R Us with an RRP from £19.99 - £49.99 but we have the chance for you to win one .... all you need to do is enter below.

    Win a Wave Racers Skyloop Rally RRP £19.99

    Good luck!

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  2. Its beginning to feel like an itty bitty Christmas | Giveaway

    Posted on

    There is no getting away from it .... it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas but instead of a white Christmas are you dreaming of an itty bitty one?

    If you have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain. Itty bitty’s are Hallmark’s plush soft toys and they are a collector’s dream. Retailing at £6 each, and available on Amazon, as well as in many independent stockists across the country they’re the perfect gift this Christmas. With their small stature and super-cute style, they make the perfect gift or stocking filler. There really is a bitty for everybody!

    For Christmas 2017, Hallmark have added to their festive range of itty bittys with the Christmas edition Disney stars, MickeyTMand MinnieTM.  Having been to Disneyland Paris earlier this year, I thought that these two new additions would be the favourites but no, Yoda and Chewy were the top picks in our house. Who knew?!

    itty bitty yodaitty bitty minnue

    itty bitty mickeyitty bitty chewy

    The itty bittys make perfect stocking filler gifts and are affordably priced so that if your child does end up wanting the whole collection (a bit like has happened in our house), it is not going to break the bank. That said, we are thrilled to be able to give our readers the chance to win the 4 festive itty bittys shown above in our festive giveaway.

    All you need to do is enter below. Good luck!  LLP -Win a set of 4 festive itty bittys

     a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    The Prize: 4 x Festive Itty Bittys
    The winners will be chosen at random by the random winner generator on Rafflecopter and notified within 7 working days by email
    By entering this competition, you understand that your details may be retained for future mailings. You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time.
    There is no monetary equivalent.
    Little Lilypad Co take no /responsibility for loss or damage in the despatch of prizes
    If the prize is unclaimed within 7 days we reserve the right to redraw the winner.
    End Date 02/12/2017 at 12am


  3. The Baby Essential List

    Posted on

    A few weeks ago I held a friends newborn baby and my ovaries ached (shhh don't tell my husband) and whether is your first, second, third or twentieth thanks to Britain's largest family The Radford's, I don’t think the feeling of excitement, joy and sheer emotion of having a new baby ever changes. However, just as you can feel excited about the prospect you can also feel overwhelmed and worried about it. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions that is for sure. Once you are over the initial excitement, you can start to think about the future and preparing yourself for the arrival of your new baby. But what do you really need?

    If this is your second child or beyond, you may be blessed with things you have kept from your first born. The most popular things to keep tend to be push chairs and car seats, even nursery furniture and clothing. So if you do have their benefit now would be the ideal time to sort through the loft or storage areas and see exactly what you have. It can also help determine how much you need to invest in for the new baby. But for some, you are starting from scratch and so you may feel like you have a big endless list of things to buy or consider for your new baby, but actually there are not as many essentials as you possibly once thought.



    Somewhere to sleep

    Baby’s need a place to sleep, after all, they tend to spend those first few weeks sleeping a lot. So you may want to consider what sort of arrangements you are going to have in place for this. Of course, there are moses baskets that offer great flexibility for sleeping. But you could also consider the more permanent arrangements such as a cot that will potentially live in the baby’s nursery. There are all sorts of accessories to consider when it comes to sleeping arrangements, particular mattresses and sleeping aids, so it’s always advisable to do your research to ensure that the products you think you might not will actually be beneficial.

    The feeding arrangements

    Some people choose to breastfeed, others choose to bottle feed. Whichever route you decide to embark on is a decision only you can make and it is personal to you and how you feel. Sometimes you may have plans to feed in a certain way and things just don't go to plan. There are, however, essentials that could work with each type of feeding possibility such as breast pumps for breastfed baby’s or bottles and sterilisers for the bottle fed ones. Make the choice and then ensure you have what you need to embark on the feeding journey you choose.

    Clothing for those first few weeks and months

    We can often get a little carried away when it comes to buying clothes for a new baby. It’s all those cute little outfits you see in shop windows or websites like Next or Zara. The truth is, in those first weeks and months the chances are your new baby will live in rompers and sleepsuits. Cute outfits are great, but don’t have too many where you run the risk of your baby outgrowing them before they even have a chance to wear them. Be careful with your purchases, and instead, by a few months ahead to ensure you have a steady stream of clothing from newborn size onwards.



    Dealing with siblings

    It can be hard to handle siblings when you are expecting a new child. You run the risk of feelings of jealousy creeping or feeling left out. It can be hard to remember at times there are other feelings to consider, especially when you are exciting and concentrating on taking care of yourself through pregnancy. The essential factor here is to ensure that you involve your child in the process of welcoming another baby. That might be a surprise gender reveal or making it a big event to announce the new sibling. It might just be arranging a private scan so that they get to meet their new sibling, a 4D scan could be a great bonding experience.

    Getting out and about

    You might need to consider the getting out and about arrangements for you new baby. Which could mean doing research on travel systems, push chairs and car seats. The car seat essentially is something you need for the hospital to get you home safely, so that may become your priority if you are planning on spreading the bigger purchases. There are options to suit all budgets in this field, and the best advice would be to go out and visit them and try them out and see how they feel. People have opinions from the top end of the budgets right through to some of the cheaper options available on the market.

    Finally, make sure you take care of your own well being. Taking time out for yourself, enjoying a nice book and a relaxing bath. They may not be essentials that cost much, but they can make all the difference to how you feel.

  4. Why parents favour flower names

    Posted on

    So the National stats have sealed it, mums and dads to be are favouring flower names for their little pink bundles of joy. In fact, out of the top 100 baby girl names, 12 spots are taken up by floral type names.

    Lily, Poppy, Daisy, Rose, us Brits just can't get enough, apparently.

    In fact, with so many names up there, it’s made me wonder just why we're favouring the florals. Some names have jumped a whopping 400 places in the last decade. It’s a floral frenzy!

    LLP - Why parents favour flower names

    I've pondered on it, of course, and here’s my take on why flower names are trending once again.

    Pretty name, pretty personality

    From Lily to Iris and all that’s in-between, when we name our children, we allow ourselves to imagine what they may be.

    Think about it, how often do expectant parents turn their nose up at certain names. Those ones that remind us of the school bully? Names that connote snobby standards? Names that make Santa’s naughty list before baby is born? We all know the ones.

    When we choose a flower name for little girls, we are taking inspiration from nature. Calm, beautiful, natural, flowers are individually intricate, yet one of life’s most simple pleasures.

    Happy and at ease, wherever they grow, what more could you want for your newborn?

    It is easy to remember

    With so many new name creations and choices, a simple and elegant flower name is quite simply easy to remember (and spell). Having our own little Flora Queen also helps my husband remember my favourite flowers when it comes to valentines and anniversaries.

    Keeping it in the family

    While the flower name boom is only just hitting its modern-day peak, it isn’t the first time florals have dominated. The first era of flower names was in bloom between the mid-1890s to around 1920. 100 years on and now these names are more popular than ever.

    Of course, there’s something quite romantic about an olden name being used in today’s times, but that not might be the full story. So many expectant parents choose to register their children in memory of late great-grandmothers and even grandmothers. Carrying middle names is a popular tradition too.

    The rise in flower names could just be a nod to those wonderful women.

    Maybe they just like it?

    Oh my gosh, ground-breaking, I know. But as names become popular, and we hear them more and more, they do grow on us. Sometimes unknowingly.

    When we choose our children’s names, we often look at what sounds right for the time. For most mums and dads, this will be completely different to names that were about when they graced the playground. In fact, one sure way to feel old is to attempt giving bump your best mates’ names. You’re archaic. Good luck for the teen years.

    And so it goes, popular girls names right now are Lily, Poppy, Willow and the kind. And falling on mum-to-be’s ears, what better name could there be for bump?