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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky (and very entertaining) daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or my gorgeous sister in law as part of our baby blog and occasionally we accept guest posts. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) and baby swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. Despite the Lilypad being a very personal and craft based website, I have to hold my hands up and say that I am not personally the most "crafty" person with the children.  I am not a huge fan of paint and glue (my compulsive cleaning disorder doesn't cope well with the mess) but as a family, we do love a challenge, so when we saw that Mattress Online were asking children to turn their beds into a magical sleigh, we thought we would give it a go!

    How hard could it be to get a toddler to create a magical sleigh? Not hard at all ...... so you would think.

    Vertabaudet Room Finished

    She had a roll top cot that converted into a cot bed (and I think it has the makings of a good sleigh). The toddler loves a challenge and gets totally absorbed in lets pretend, so I didn't think we were going to have much trouble, unfortunately for me, all of her teddies needed to come along for the ride in the sleigh - cue much deliberation over who was going to sit where!

    The 9 year old didn't want to miss out on the sleigh bed action and as soon as her little sister went off to find reindeers to play with, she started getting blankets for the main sleigh and putting the toddlers toys in.

     Sleigh Bed 1

    Apparently, the toddler was not happy about this and had a very specific idea of what she wanted and who had to sit where!

    Sleigh Bed 2

    The reindeer teddies HAD to be pulling the sleigh, not sitting in the sleigh ..... obviously!

    Sleigh Bed 3

    Then the reindeers needed a little rearranging .....

    Sleigh Bed 4

    And Ta-Dah! I asked the toddler if she wanted to sit in her sleigh bed and she looked at me a little perplexed and said " Mommy, Santa rides the sleigh, not me!"

    The cutest thing about it all was that when bedtime finally arrived, she looked at her bed and said "bye bye sleigh, I have to sleep in my bed now as Santa won't come if I am not sleeping in my bed properly".

  2. Christmas has to be perfect doesn't it?
    Everything has to be cleaned to within an inch of it's life, only to be covered in wrapping paper and those little bits of plastic that companies insist on wrapping around the legs of toys just a few hours later. (My vacuum particularly likes those little plastic things).
    But the cleaning seems to happen on a daily basis in our house due to the toddlers creations (otherwise known as exuding glitter wherever she goes) and the tweens ability to drop crumbs everywhere, not to mention the cat and her muddy little paws, it is a good job we have a decent vacuum cleaner. No matter what happens the floor is always where the nightmares happen!
    I am not supposed to remind my husband of the time he was rushing to iron something and decided to do it 
    on the floor,
    on a towel,
    on the landing (I am deadly serious)
    and he set the iron down.
    We were left with a very hard, iron shaped, piece of carpet as a result. Well the result for me was a new carpet but I am sure it still gives him nightmares.
    Or my Dad, strolling onto the new carpet in his freshly polished black shoes ........ I don't need to say anymore do I?
    Or the girls kicking over a glass of wine in the evening. The loss of my evening tipple, coupled by the stain on the carpet could have been a complete nightmare but I am thankful for stain removers!
    Wine spill
    Carpet nightmares are certainly not a thing of the (Christmas) past for us but what about you? Do you have a story to tell?
    Carpetright are currently running a #CarpetStain campaign because at this time of year, when the festivities are in full swing, it’s almost guaranteed there will be small accidents here and there. One of the main ones being #CarpetStains.
    Carpetright are running a competition for people to be given the chance to win a prize of having a large room within their house re-carpeted for the new year. They can enter by submitting a #CarpetStain nightmare story, telling Carpetright all about a time when a spillage has occurred, the more dramatic, the better!
    The campaign is in collaboration with Dr. Beckmann and one lucky runner up will win a year’s supply of carpet stain remover product. As well as any person submitting a story getting 20% off Dr. Beckmann products online.
    So what are you waiting for? Your#carpetstain nightmare may just turn out to be a dream winning story! 
    CLOSING DATE for entries is 05/01/2015 at 11:59am

    Image courtesy of Mister GG via
  3. my true love gave to me ...... the hope for another year of believing.

    We hear a lot about the magic of Christmas but I didn't really appreciate the magic until I saw the total belief and excitment for the anticipation of Father Christmas. It sounds like a terrible cliche about the wonder in a child's eyes but the toddler is suddenly very aware of Christmas this year and every day asks if it is Christmas yet. She doesn't understand that she will get a ridiculous amount of presents, she just loves the twinkling lights of the tree, the Christmas carols and the excitement that her big sister encourages as they open their advent calendars every morning.

    The tween is 9 years old. This is apparently way past the age when children no longer believe in Father Christmas.


    I read a study recently that said parents across the UK are pulling the plug on the high-tech age in an attempt to keep things traditional when it comes to giving their children the type of Christmas that that they remember.

    Customs such as writing letters to children from Santa and singing carols are on the up along with getting the whole family cooking together, a new survey from the Enid Blyton Estate reveals. In fact, despite the evidence that children are getting wiser to the fact that Santa may not exist, earlier on in their childhood, this is not affecting the light and hope that Christmas brings. (which is something at least)

    The study – commissioned to mark the launch of Enid Blyton’s Christmas Stories, The Famous Five Annual and The Magic Faraway Tree 75thAnniversary Edition (I loved the Faraway Tree as a child) – found that children, on average, stopped believing in Father Christmas two years earlier than their parents did. The average age for children to stop believing is now six years old, whilst for their parents,  it was eight years old.

    However, almost half of the children surveyed in the UK aged 7-11,  still believe in Father Christmas thanks to the fact that 90% of adults are going to great lengths to keep children believing in the magic of Christmas.

    I don't remember when I stopped believing in Father Christmas.

    I don't want my girls to ever stop believing in the magic.

    I know that they "have" to.

    I know they will be ridiculed in Senior school if they are still believing at 13.

    But for now, I would like to keep disappointment at bay and want another year of believing. 

    Can I ask Father Christmas for that please??

  4. my true love gave to me, a post from the gorgeous Kelly. (I love how that rhymes).

    I think that the gift which gives more than anything else at Christmas time is the song that starts Christmas for you. You never know quite when you are going to hear it these days since some stores and coffee shops start piping in the Festive Tunes at the beginning of the Academic Year but the Christmas Song is a key ingredient in feeling Christmas Spirit. 

    What I love is that everyone has a different song, and a different memory attached to it. 
    I was once delayed on a journey home to see my parents at Christmas. There had been heavy snow and the flight form Manchester to Heathrow had been delayed causing me to miss my connecting flight back to Cairo. Leaving me a stranded 15 year old. Ordinarily the airline would just put you u except I was one of hundreds of people in the same situation and the airline couldn't very well leave a minor and her younger brother at the airport overnight. 
    I vaguely knew I had a relative nearby and was able to provide enough information that the airline got in touch with her and after a few hours we were in a cab on the way to her home. On the way there the driver- who clearly found the whole thing the most exciting thing he'd ever been a part of- and kept repeating to me "It's like that song- Driving Home for Christmas". Then he'd hum a few bars of the tune, assuming I'd fathom what on earth he was on about. Fortunately for us all, the Chris Rea track came on the radio shortly afterward. And that was it. I got it. I got what he was trying to tell me and I gained my Christmas song.
    And 48 hours later when I finally made it to my parents in Cairo, I understood the meaning of Chris Rea's words. 
    Every time I hear the song I thank the anonymous man who gave me the Christmas Spirit that year when I was a petulant teen.

    Kelly Innes
    Mother, Blogger, Girl Friday
    Multi Award- Nominated blogger, writing at: Domestic Goddesque, The MotherhoodBritMums