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The Little Lilypad Blog is mostly written by a mum to two beautiful ( and very entertaining) daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or my gorgeous sister in law as part of our baby blog and occasionally we accept guest posts. There is frequently talk of shoes (we love fashion), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) and baby swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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    Flowers are not just for Valentines and Birthdays but Christmas too but often they are overlooked as the perfect gift to send to someone you don't see very often, someone far away or simply .... just because you want to!

    serenata flowers

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    a guest post from Liz at Cambridge Mummy.

    Why do I love Christmas?



    1. Because it brings home to me, on what it means to be a Mummy. Being a Mummy at Christmas is a big thing to me, because there was a point where I really didn't think I'd ever be a Mummy, or even find someone who I want to become a parent with. So now that I've been blessed with becoming a Mummy, Christmas is a very special thing for me.

    I love Christmas because I get to see the magic, joy and thrill of the build up to the day itself. I get carried away, to an extent, through my children. I get to go to nativity plays - to feel my heart swell with pride whenever one of our boys so much as looks as me - to see their happiness at me being there to see their one line or one phrase in the play. This year, they are both christmas trees. We've got to judiciously use a glue gun in the morning, or rather, Lovely Bloke, needs to, to transform green sweatshirts into christmas trees. And they've got brown trousers to complete the look. I know that it won't mean much to other people, but to me, it's a special thing, to be part of their lives, shaping their experiences and helping them grow to be even more cool, caring and lovely young men.

    2. Because it's a time for family. I also love Christmas because it's a time when I get to see the love my parents and wider family have for each other. I get to snooze on the sofa in the afternoons whilst my mum and dad play games with the boys. I get to see my husband's face when he gets socks and pants from the people who he begs every year, to not buy them for him. And family, by the way, is not just people that we're related to by blood - for us, family is also the very special friends who make life better, in every way….

    3. Because it reminds me of some of my best memories of my childhood. And finally, I also love Christmas because it brings back some very strong memories for me of my own childhood. I remember wanting to be up early every morning that the tree was up, because I'd be able to get dressed and put my school uniform on in the glow of the lights. I did that for years, even as a teenager! And now, I still love to sit in the dark, with just the glow of the lights….

    Christmas tree lights


    Why do you love Christmas?

    Image courtesy of -Marcus & Feelart- at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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    No maids a milking.

    No rhymes, no posts, just a tired mummy after a bit of a sleepless night.

    So on our eighth day of Christmas we bring you the wish of a Silent Night .....

    Silent Night

    Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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    a post by the lovely Becky (still rhyming)

    Becky blogs at family budgeting about living creatively on a family budget and we are delighted to share her guest post today.

    I want to share with you a little secret I learned and Christmas. I think it’s a secret that needs to come out!

    Basically we need to spend less and chill out a bit more.

    If we close our eyes an think back the Christmas memories that warm us are not ones that involve expensive gifts or huge amounts of effort sustained by our parents every day throughout  December. So really listen up…now you are a parent you don’t need to spend too much money or wear yourself out with effort.  I’m going to tell you why.

    My best ever Christmas gift was my tiny tears doll. She was the only gift I got that year from Santa and I loved her with every bit of me. I still have her. One present really can be enough.

    My next best gifts?  The following year mums friend Mary knitted tiny tears clothes and then there was the momentous year Tricia (my older sister who I always thought hated me) made me a dolls house from a cardboard box. (I had far more expensive gifts but have no real recollection….these are the ones that mattered to me.)

    In terms of Christmas time it’s not expensive pantomimes or trips to see Santa I I recall my best memories were of going to the crib service, always getting a selection box, and delivering our toys to Dr. Barnardos. Dad use to insist we gave away three toys each to  children who might need them before Santa came to see us and we loved this ‘special job’ He had done this as a child and my children now choose 3 good toys to give away too just before Christmas.

    I recall Boxing Days at granddads writing treasure hunt poems for the snowman to deliver after lunch. We did this every single year. My little family do this now too.  I adored putting up decorations with my mum and her telling me stories about my grandma and now I do just the same with my children. Precious times. But these weren’t frenzied must cram them in, photograph them , blog them, share them traditions they were gentle and well spaced and lovely and in between was lots of time to relax and play and be.  Christmas was a holiday.

    We would have a nice lunch but it wasn’t complicated and extravagant. Our crackers were always rubbish but we giggled and they banged!

    I like to go and see the kids carols at school and I love it when carol singers visit. My memories aren’t about big events, plush advent calendars and expensive gifts. But I do recall playing with wrapping paper under a big table and helping mum stir the pud. We’d watch special films together on the TV like the wizard of Oz. and eat too much chocolate. We relaxed, playing monopoly for hours.

    I had magic Christmas's and my parents didn’t overspend or try too hard to make them magic. So they weren’t stressed or frazzled. They were fun and happy and relaxed.

    Our little artificial tree had the same baubles every year and it was perfect. We never did get to Lapland and the Santa we saw was always on at the community centre not the posh garden centre. That was fine too.

    Don’t strive for perfect, get uptight, stressed or in debt. Kick back a bit, enjoy your family and friends. Little treats and traditions mixed with twinkly lights, special telly and cheery songs we all know are magic enough. And for those that believe in it the Christmas story , all on it’s own, is just the greatest gift.

    If you keep your Christmas simple on every level  it will be RICH  in pleasure and it will indeed be memory making. 

    rudolph toast

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