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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad, when he is not relaxing in one of our best recliners, or our baby bloggers and occasionally we accept guest posts. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. I always remember being set an assigment at school that asked us to describe our favourite place in the world but I don't think my teacher was expecting me to go into significant detail as to why my bed was my favourite place!! The assignment was more to do with the places that make us happy and this is was clearly what that teacher was hoping to find!

    According to recent research, eating a pub lunch in the Cotswolds has been voted the nation’s ultimate "happy place", with hiking in the Lake District coming in a close second, followed by eating an ice-cream on Brighton Beach. Interestingly, the researchers from SACO, The Serviced Apartment Company, polled UK holidaymakers and revealed one in four Brits believe there is "no place like home" when it comes to holidays.


    We recently went on a trip to London to see friends for the weekend and had an amazing time taking in the sights of London, which is apparently number 10 on the list! 

    We were really lucky and got a brilliant day of sunshine to walk around and be tourists for the day. Although hilariously, the research found that 27 percent said it was a must to get blown about on a windy beach and 24 percent said you haven’t experienced a true British holiday until you have been caught in torrential rain.

    You forget how amazing London is and how the history blends with the modern buildings at every turn. I "may" have mentioned in a previous blog post that I walked 20,400 steps that day and while it would have been good fun to go on an open top bus, walking was the healthier option! 


    Happy Places are not just something that researchers created for marketing purposes, Professor Christopher Peterson wrote a book explaining that when we are acutely aware of the moments in our life that give us pleasure, we can extend these experiences to maximize the amount of pleasure we get from them. Finding our own happy place is good for the mind, body and soul. 


    So last weekend as we sat in a rooftop bar, looking over St Pauls it is such a shame to think of all the tragedy that London has seen recently because it not only has the ability to inspire happiness but to inspire curiosity, impart historical knowledge and give a sense of patriotism that is rarely found in any other city in the UK.


    For me, my happy place will always be wherever my friends and family are. As long as we are laughing, we could be anywhere on this list.

    How about you? Where is your happy place?

  2. I haven't written a frugal post for a little while, mainly because the summer hoildays sucked the life out of my finances but we shall ignore that "small" detail for now.  The beginning of September meant back to school, so after buying school shoes, new uniform and a seemingly endless supply of stationery, it was time to get savvy and a little more frugal.

    I have had to dig deep and find the best way to save money, so here is the best of my frugal ways from the past week.

    Last weekend we went to London to see friends but rather than stay in a swanky hotel, we stopped in their daughters room and on the first night, had a curry and stayed in with a few drinks. We could have gone out for a meal but instead of trying to catch up in a busy restaurant and paying for over priced drinks, we saved money and were actually able to hear each other talk too. Double win there!

    While we were in London we walked EVERYWHERE. Anyone who knows me will know that I am permanently in heels, so you can imagine how my feet felt after walking 20,400 steps around London. It was a gorgeous day (and in light of the recent tube attacks I also felt it was the safer option) but sometimes it is so easy to jump on a tube to get anywhere in London but we saved ourselves the cost of tube tickets and managed to see so much of London while we were doing it!

    I keep encouraging the girls to clear out their bedrooms (it is an ongoing process) and they have become a little enterprising, so everytime they look to get rid of something they now ask if I can put it on local selling pages or eBay for them. The youngest has actually made £50 and is loving making money to put in her savings account. 


    I am always looking to learn new things, so signed up for a free blogging course this week. I may have been putting content online since 2009 that is not to say there aren't lots of exciting things to learn and put to use. Fab to find a free offer too.

    Next week I am hoping to make some savings on my electricity costs ..... wish me luck! 

    As always, I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky.

    Have you managed to stay money savvy this week or blown the budget like me over the summe?

  3. I spend ALOT of time on a computer and use a laptop most of the time as I can work on the go (or while the girls are doing after school acitvities) but that flexibility comes with its downfalls.

    The "mouse" on a laptop isn't the best design for regular use which is why I was interested to find out more about the Penclic B2 Mouse. Apart from the strong ergonomic advantages found in Penclic products, they strive to include nifty technological functions and smart, clean Scandinavian design ... it also helps to prevent RSI.

    Penclic 1

    The Penclic Mouse B2 has the appearance of a classic inkwell with a stylish white pen.The pen and base together are one complete unit, joined at a ball joint. The base resembles a traditional mouse but you move the base itself across the surface of your desk for cursor movement, while you then use the pen portion, to action the standard mouse button controls.


    I have enough wires with different devices charging all the time so having a bluetooth connection makes sense and the USB port at the front of the base is definitely handy. This port is for charging up the AAA battery that comes with the Mouse B2. (having the rechargeable batteries come with the device is also a big plus point too).


    In all honesty, it took a little time to get used to using a physical mouse again and the B2 Mouse is VERY responsive so it pays not to get too click happy. After using it for a while, I became very conscious that my hands weren't aching in the same way they usually do. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse. It's also known to be caused by repeatedly using your muscles and joints in the wrong way, so the Penclic B2 Mouse corrects that positioning to make for a more comfortable working experience.

    Overall, the design is easy to set up, extremely responsive to use and comes with a handy pouch to keep it stored in, which is useful on the go. At £79.99 it might not be the cheapest accessory on the market but can you really put a price on the health of your muscles and joints?

    Win a Penclic B2 Mouse

    We are therefore thrilled to have the opportunity to give you the chance to win a Penclic B2 Mouse for yourself, all you need to do is enter below! Good luck!  

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    Diamonds 1

    Figure 1 Memorial diamonds from ashes

    Last year we lost my Nan, at the grand old age of 91. I can't say it was entirely unexpected and I had been struggling to watch her deteriorate over the months before hand. Dealing with the loss of someone you love is one of the most difficult phases of life. Arranging the funeral and the service and the cremation is not an easy, and drains the energy of all those involved. A few days later, all which is left are fading memories and an urn that is meant to stand on the mantelpiece, supposedly for eternity.

    How is keeping the ashes in an urn the right way to put your beloved to rest till the end of time? Why not turn them into something as beautiful for those who are left behind with the memories? Why not turn those ashes into precious diamonds in UK? I didn't realise but there are companies that actually help you do that. Do it for someone you have lost or tell your loved ones to preserve your memories in the form of a precious stone when you are gone.

    Diamonds 2

    Figure 2 A LONITÉ memorial diamond

    Memorial diamonds are your solution to making your passing easier for your family and friends.

    Memorial diamonds are diamonds that are literally made using your ashes or hair (how amazing is that?)

     Diamonds 3

    Figure 3 Diamonds made out of ashes

    Once I had thought about it, it is a lovely idea. Just give it a thought and you will realise the appeal this idea holds for you and your family. If given the chance, what would you prefer? Would you want to be stuck idle on a mantelpiece and forgotten by your family and friends or would you wish to be in their continuous presence in the form of something they will keep close to their hearts? The latter of course!

    Professionals use a specialised and fully controlled process to change your ashes or hair to diamonds or memorial diamonds in UK. The design of the memorial diamonds is left to the owner of the ashes or hair and every diamond from ashes that exists in this world is unique in its own way. You will not find a memorial diamond like the one made from your ashes anywhere else in the world!  (I always like to claim that I am unique)

    Diamonds 4

    Figure 4 A memorial diamond is unique

    The thought of transforming ashes or hair into a rare diamond in UK is in itself enough to make you want your family to take this course of action with your ashes. You will be turning into something of extreme value after you die and that feature is something that will stay with your family and your generations to come forever.

    Memorial Diamonds: Why They Are the Perfect Fit for Your Ashes

    There are several authentic and noteworthy reasons why you should seriously consider having your ashes or hair changed into memorial diamonds in UK. 

    DIamonds 5

    Figure 5 Memorial diamond in a ring

    Firstly, your ashes turned into a diamond will look much better on the hand of your loved ones, around their necks or hanging from their ears. Your ashes will take a beautiful form, forever reminding them of the wonderful memories you have left behind.

    Secondly, you as an ashes to diamond will be of much more use as a part of a jewellery piece than as the contents of a container. Having an urn full of your ashes is comforting to the bereaved, but as the feelings of sorrow start to fade and things return to normal, it will eventually be overlooked. If you have your ashes processed to form a diamond in UK, the chances of you being in the presence of a loved one at all times rises.

    Memorial diamonds from ashes let your loved ones stay better connected with you and the memories associated with you for a lifetime. As things fall back into place and people start to fit back into their normal schedules after your passing, your urn will be left alone in the living room or on a shelf which will be distressing for your loved ones.

    If you decide to have your ashes turned into memorial diamonds then you can always stay in their presence. You can be part of a jewellery piece they can wear all the time. This will help them in their grieving process and help them ease back into what was the norm before you left the world.

    Those who are left behind always have some feelings of regret. There is always something they wish they could change or could have a do-over with you. With memorial diamonds, you can relieve your family and friends of these feelings of guilt and regret, and ensure that they move on from these negative feelings. They will be comforted by your continuing presence in this world in the most precious form they could have chosen for you. The memorial diamond signifies your return to this world for your loved ones.

    Becoming a memorial diamond is the perfect way to give a unique touch to your existence after passing and will keep you in the loop for a lifetime. Plus, you will never go out of fashion! Ashes to diamond companies in UK and in other countries will request the ashes and hair of your lost loved one and will start the very technical process. One company who specialises in turning ashes to diamonds in UK is LONITÉ whose diamonds are allowed to naturally grow after the purification process which makes each one more unique. When creating a diamond from loved one ashes, you’re going to want it to be like no other which is exactly what the company LONITÉ provides.

    Diamonds 7

    Figure 7 A unique memorial diamond

    Step out of the comfort zones of remaining a pile of ashes and touch a whole new level of uniqueness by becoming a diamond. Your distinctiveness will be apparent in every feature of the diamond, from the colour to the size and cut. It is also a suitable option for your loved one you have lost recently. You know their memories are worth the time and money you will spend on the transformation. Memorial diamonds are your chance of transforming your death into a beautiful event and can be your way of giving back to those you cared about when you were alive. It is through diamonds made from your ashes that you can help them get over your loss quicker without removing your presence or memory in any way from their minds or sight. These diamonds are a way of bringing back your presence into their lives and even if they can’t see you or communicate with you, the fact that you are a part of something they wear is enough to console them.

    Diamonds are akin to feelings and emotions of love and care since they were discovered. Turning into one will be you commemorating your memory in the best way possible, while also helping out your family and friends. Your death can mean something beautiful to you and the ones you care about, so why not go ahead with it and seal the deal! This is your chance of shining bright like a diamond, while actually becoming one and dazzling all those you care with your glittery presence.

    This seems to be a trend that is becoming more popular with the passing of each year. Is it something you would consider?