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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or our baby bloggers and occasionally we accept guest posts. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. Pumpkin Week at Hatton Country World

    We make no secret of our love for Hatton World and we enjoyed their Water Wars over the summer so were delighted to be invited back for their annual Pumpkin Week in the run up to Halloween. Pumpkin Week runs from the 22nd to the 30th October 2016 and despite the weather turning colder, the constant stream of activities were enough to keep the chills away (unless you count the ghosts!)


    It was busy when we arrived so we would definitely advise to book in advance, not so much as the fact that you won't get in but more so that you don't have to queue with excited children who just want to go in search of "anything Halloween related".


    As usual, Hatton Adventure World go all out with their decorations and from the minute you step out of the car, you can see the pumpkin field and know that you are in for a good day. 

    The top activities are:

    • Agnes the Witch -  Join in with potion stirring and storytelling by Agnes the Witch - be sure to check the timetable for this though!
    • Haunted House - The thing we liked most about this is that they tailored it to age ranges .... making it a little scarier for the older children!
    • Jaspers Dilemma - We pre-booked our timeslot when we arrived and loved the magic show which is always sprinkled with a little bit of adult humour.
    • Free Pumpkin for every child - you just have to go through the field and find the perfect one.
    • Pumpkin carving


    We always have a range in ages in our party and this is the one thing that Hatton Adventure World is very good at, we managed to pet small animals but then keep the older girls amused (literally) by milking a cow. 


    We managed to squeeze in some of the other activities that we always enjoy at Hatton, such as the small fairground rides and the park but the girls were determined to seek out the best pumpkin and set about deciding how to go about it in a sea of pumpkins.


    Every child gets a pumpkin of their choice ....... be warned, apparently it can take aaaaaaaages to select the perfect one. You are given a green bag in which to carry your pumpkin, although we "may" have needed a replacement due to the sheer size of the pumpkin! We initially thought that the pumpkins had been placed there but we soon realised that we actually had to pick them ..... be careful as they can be a bit spiky!!


    We left our pumpkin selection till the end of the day and I am glad we did, I would not have fancied walking round the rest of the park with the weight of those pumpkins. Apparently I also now need to find a receipe for Pumpkin pie! (help me)


    Hatton Country World is a great family day out at any time of year but at Halloween it is really special. There is nothing better than getting out in a real pumpkin patch to choose your pumpkin. It is a day full of fun and fresh air. 


    As I said before, it really is better to book in advance as you not only get quicker entry but a better discount too. 


    Book 7 days in advance - 25% discount / Book 4 days  in advance - 17.5% discount / Book 1 day in advance - 7.5% discount


    Walk up tickets are available to purchase on the day from the admission kiosk at £15.95

    It is definitely a more fun way to get a pumpkin than popping to the supermarket. 

  2. We have all had that moment when you look at the calendar and realise that it is somehow the end of the Autumn term – and it’s this week!  Panic sets in as you contemplate extra meals, extra activities and what to do with them when it rains, which it is sure to do.  But there’s no need to panic because there are some great ways to survive half term and here’s a few to get you started.

    LLP - The Mums Survival Guide to Half Term

    Plan ahead even if its last minute.

    Just because we are in the half term week, doesn’t mean you have to abandon planning and wing it for the week.  Take a little time after the kids have gone to bed to do some research and get an idea about things to do for the week.

    Don’t forget to have back up plans to bring into use if something unexpected crops up.  You might want to go for a walk with the kids and the dogs to the local park and let them run off some steam – but what if it rains all week?  Have a list of indoor and outdoor activities and places to go to cover all eventualities.

    Local events

    Half term is a magnet for children-related events to take place and a quick search of your local area is bound to reveal plenty, especially around Halloween.  There are also lots of free ideas if you are working to a budget – museums with free entry that are having a half-term event are a classic example.  Many of the big museums around the country offer free entry for the whole family or for the kids so for the price of a single adult, you could keep them occupied all day.

    Some of the national cinema chains often have promotions on children’s films for half term and often have morning sessions where costs are much lower than normal.

    Jet off somewhere and escape the cold. 

    The Friday when school breaks up is usually known as the the "great getaway" with many families choosing to escape the wet and windy weather of Great Britain and indulge in some warmer climates but for the children, it has to work too. According to, surviving a family holiday has more to do with social media than socialising for this generation.

    Today’s teens (12-15 year olds), put the impetus on social media and keeping in touch with friends at home while away. Specifically:

     * The majority (89%) of 12-15 year olds prioritised a strong Wi-Fi connection as essential

    * Having the chance to take cool photos for social media was important for nearly half (44%)

    * Staying near a pool or a beach and enjoying lots of activities were also ranked in the top five important factors

    * Conversely only a quarter (25%) of 12-15 year olds think it’s important to make friends with other children on holiday

    By contrast, 5-11 year olds are much more sociable and long for holidays by a cool pool or beach:

     * Staying near a pool/cool water slides (73%) or beach (58%) are deemed the two top priorities for children aged 5-11, followed by activities they can’t do at home (54%)

    * Playing with other children is important to nearly half (42%), while over a third would like to have all the ice cream they can eat on holiday (34%) and food that isn’t usually allowed at home (32%)

    Let them stay up late

    Staying up late is a big treat in our house, so escaping the daily routine of the school run means that we don't have to be too regimented with half term bedtimes. If you are away over the half term (or even if you are not), letting the children stay up past bedtime "might" mean that you get a chance of a lie in too.

    Things to do at home

    If you are not able to jet off to sunnier climates, remember that you don’t need to spend the entire week racing madly from one event to another – you can simply have days in the house.  Take time to plot out something to do during those days so the inevitable “I’m bored” doesn’t surface.

    Baking is a great activity for parents and kids to do together and you don’t need to be Mary Berry to rustle up some little cakes.  Supermarkets have packets of ready to go cupcakes and other sweet treats that you and the kids can create that have almost guaranteed results.  Or you can be a little more adventurous and grab a recipe from Pinterest – don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be baking.  You and the kids could make a meal for whoever is at work or invite some friends around for a dinner party – this might appeal to older kids.

    Finally .....

    Don’t forget that you don’t have to fill every minute of half term with activities and places to go.  Let the kids have some time to simply play while you relax.  That way, you are more likely to survive half term and even enjoy the holiday!

  3. When your little ones are tiny, they seem to go through clothes quicker than you can wash them but what do you do with your favourite outfits that capture memories of a moment in time? Well the clever and talented folk from LoveKeepCreate decided to create sentimental keepsakes from your childs beloved baby grows.

    Win a Love Keep CreateKeepsake Teddy

    LoveKeepCreate can take those old baby clothes and babygrows and turn them into gorgeous keepsake teddy bears and when we say keepsake bears, this can be anything from a bear, dragons, monkeys or a duck…they have a whole keepsake animal family!  


    So as parents ourselves, we know how precious those keepsakes can be and we want to give you the chance to win you very own from LoveKeepCreate. All you need to do is enter below! Good luck x


     a Rafflecopter giveaway


    Terms & Conditions

    The Prize: LoveKeepCreate Keepsake Animal worth up to £49.50
    LoveKeepCreate will require the winner to send the equivalent of four baby grows.The outcome of the final product will depend very much on the items that you send in, so please bear in mind that if they are particularly well worn/stretchy pieces of clothing the item may not look quite the same as the product pictures.  
    By entering this competition, you understand that your details may be retained for future mailings. You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time.
    There is no monetary equivalent.
    Little Lilypad Co take no /responsibility for loss or damage in the despatch of prizes
    If the prize is unclaimed within 7 days we reserve the right to redraw the winner.
    End Date 05/11/2016 at 12am

  4. The Christmas adverts started some time ago, trying to entice children with this years plastic offering or digital "must have" gift but we have always favoured more traditional gifts, the timeless and beautifully crafted presents, which is why we adore the Minjal 4WD Ride On. 

    4WD from Minjal

    Your little one can start to use the 4WD as soon as they has started to walk and balance independently. If both feet can touch the ground when sitting on the product, we are told that your child will get the optimal benefits. The Minjal 4wd has a unique ergonomic design which not only enables your child to have lots of fun but also aids their essential development. The product is designed to encourage maximum activity in children aged one to two and half without tiring them.

    Ergonomically designed handlebars

    Optimal Height

    Comfort Seat

    360 Multi-Directional Travel

    Safety Stoppers

    4 Different Colours

    Ideal for Small Spaces:

    4WD side lifestyle

    So if you covet one of these for your child this Christmas, why not enter our giveaway to win one worth £29.99?

     a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Terms & Conditions

    The Prize: 4WD Minjal Ride On worth £29.99
    The winners will be chosen at random by the random winner generator on Rafflecopter and notified within 7 working days by email
    Minjal will make every effort to provide a choice of colour but this cannot be guaranteed
    By entering this competition, you understand that your details may be retained for future mailings. You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time.
    There is no monetary equivalent.
    Little Lilypad Co take no /responsibility for loss or damage in the despatch of prizes
    If the prize is unclaimed within 7 days we reserve the right to redraw the winner.
    End Date 29/10/2016 at 12am