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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky (and very entertaining) daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or my gorgeous sister in law as part of our baby blog and occasionally we accept guest posts. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) and baby swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. I am the proud owner of a 10 year old. How is that possible? Where has the last decade gone? It is certainly a milestone for any child to reach double digits (as my daughter calls it) as when you are very little, being 10 seems extremely grown up. It is that age where you are “almost” at senior school and people expect you to behave your age.

    However before you reach those double figures, there are certain things that you should absolutely have on your “To-Do” List, so my daughter and I put together a list of things we agreed that were essential to do before you are 10!

    Hamster in ball

    1. Purchase a small, furry, cute yet hopelessly fragile pet and try and keep it alive for longer than 1 month. (Word of advice; if you buy a ball for a hamster, don’t put it on a table …. Because they will roll off ...... trust me on this one) 
    2. Locate and climb the largest most awkwardly constructed tree known to man….and get stuck. 
    3. Learn to swim wearing your pyjamas, (I’m assuming this is in case a tsunami sweeps you from your bed). 
    4. Master the rope swing that the older kids constructed across the river at the park. (You know the one you were told never to attempt) 
    5. Learn how to effectively scrape dog poo out of your trainer tread with your dad’s screwdriver, wearing carrier bags on your hands …. (That is if all the local dog owners haven’t been good citizens and picked up the doggy poo!) 
    6. Try and make a daisy chain that is at least 15ft long (slight exaggeration but you get the picture) 
    7. Catch a snowflake, make a snow angel or go sledging down a big hill (depending on your level of desire for adrenalin) 
    8. Have a sleepover with a midnight feast! (As a parent I am totally not advocating this but the children LOVE them. Try not to arrange anything that needs any focus for the following day). 
    9. Hunt for buried treasure, whether it is on the beach or in your back garden, get a bucket and spade and a whole heap of curiosity. 
    10. Last but by no means least, learn to ride a bike with no stabilisers (be prepared for endless hours of an adult desperately clinging to the underneath of your saddle whilst repeatedly telling you they haven’t let go - when they have!)

     Daisy Chain

    What would you add to the list?

    West Midland's Bloggers

  2. I have seen these questions going round on Facebook this week and I kept meaning to do them with my girls, so when Emma from tagged me to see what my girls thought of me, I stepped up to the challenge.

    WITHOUT ANY prompting, I asked my girls  these questions and wrote down EXACTLY what they said. 

    1. What is something mum always says to you?

    TWEEN: I love you to infinity

    TODDLER : Brush your teeth

    2. What makes mum happy?

    TWEEN : When we are happy.

    TODDLER : Me getting dressed.

    3. What makes mum sad?

    TWEEN : Having to ask me to do things over and over again.

    TODDLER : Me not getting dressed.

    4. How does your mum make you laugh?

    TWEEN : Telling me rubbish jokes

    TODDLER : When she tickles me.

    5. What was your mum like as a child?

    TWEEN : Funny looking

    TODDLER : A good girl

    6. How old is your mum?

    TWEEN : Errrm 35?

    TODDLER : 6

    7. How tall is your mum?

    TWEEN : I think 210cm

    TODDLER : 30 tall (???)

    8. What is her favourite thing to do?

    TWEEN : Spend time with the family

    TODDLER: Wash up (??)

    9. What does your mum do when you're not around?

    TWEEN: Watch movies with Daddy

    TODDLER : Go to work

    10. If your mum becomes famous, what will it be for?

    TWEEN : Being a good mommy

    TODDLER: Musical statues

    11. What is your mum really good at?

    TWEEN : Sewing

    TODDLER : Dancing

    12. What is your mum not very good at?

    TWEEN : Singing

    TODDLER : Drawing

    13. What does your mum do for a job?

    TWEEN : She does stuff on the Lilypad

    TODDLER : She works on her computer

    14.What is your mum's favourite food?

    TWEEN : Cake

    TODDLER : Chicken

    15.What makes you proud of your mum?

    TWEEN : Because she always makes sure the family are happy

    TODDLER : Because you love me.

    16. If your mum were a character, who would she be?

    TWEEN: Snow White

    TODDLER : Belle

    17. What do you and your mum do together?

    TWEEN : Have fun

    TODDLER : Swim

    18. How are you and your mum the same?

    TWEEN : We both love dancing

    TODDLER : We have the same nose

    19. How are you and your mum different?

    TWEEN : I don't wear glasses.

    TODDLER : Same!

    20. How do you know your mum loves you?

    TWEEN : She always hugs and kisses me

    TODDLER : Tells me lots

    21. What does your mum like most about your dad?

    TWEEN : Me!

    TODDLER : Getting married

    22. Where is your mum's favourite place to go?

    TWEEN : Hatton World together

    TODDLER : Swimming with me

    23. How old was your mum when you were born?

    TWEEN : 24

    TODDLER : 5

    Siblings June 14

    What do you think your child's answers would be?

  3. Just in case I've not written about it enough, our house loves swimming. For a long time my mum took our smallest to her Water Babies lessons, as they were on a day when I'm working. When the chance came to move to a Sunday morning lesson, I took it instantly - I love being in the water with her and seeing her learn. With summer coming and this being the busiest time of year for people wanting to learn more about baby swimming and baby swimming lessons, I asked Tamsin if she'd write for me about all the things people usually ask me when I'm telling them how much we love our Water Babies lessons...
    The first thing I'm asked is "Why should I take my baby swimming when they are small? Are there really any benefits to starting early on?"
    Over to Tamsin....
    To be honest, I don't know where to start - there are so many benefits of baby swimming lessons!

    Water safety is the main reason that most parents chose to take their baby swimming. By introducing your baby to the water at a young age, they become familiar with the environment and would not panic in the event that they fell in water. Swimming is also extremely beneficial for your baby’s cognitive and physical development. Physically, the water allows babies to exercise muscles that they can’t on land as it eliminates the constraints of gravity by providing a supportive environment. Also, the repetitive movements of bouncing and splashing provide a great stimulation for a baby’s sense of motion, co-ordination and balance.

    Water Babies

    This in turn also helps cognitive development. During your baby’s first year of life, their brain will grow more rapidly than at any other time and every movement they make helps to boost this growth. Swimming provides a complete physical workout for your baby, strengthening the heart, lungs and respiratory system which, in turn, promotes brain development.Learning to respond to voice commands used in swimming lessons can also make babies sharper mentally and increases levels of understanding.

    And one of the best bits?  Regular swimming in warm water both relaxes your baby and stimulates their appetite, leading to improved sleeping and eating patterns!

    I'm so pleased to have opportunity to share with you here on the Little Lilypad, about how great swimming is for you and your baby. But for now, I just want to encourage you to get in the pool, book a baby swimming lesson with any of the Water Babies teachers across the UK and beyond, because it's something that I love and feel privileged to be able to share with families. Seeing the happiness on the face of our babies and their mums, dads, grandparents and carers makes all our hard work behind the scenes worthwhile.

    If you have any questions about anything baby swimming related, please call us on 01295 709221 or email us at as we're always happy to talk about our favourite subject!

  4. Hand's up if you have a toddler who never wants to go to sleep? *raises hand*

    Don't get me wrong, she loves her bedroom and has a perfectly lovely bedtime routine with a bath, story and snuggle time but when the lights go out, suddenly there are a million reasons why she can't sleep.


    So my husband regularly finds me asleep on the floor of the toddlers bedroom but this is not my preferred sleeping scenario, I much prefer to be snuggled up with my husband in our own bed (without the toddler creeping in) and not falling in an exhausted heap on the sofa (or the floor). 

    This summer is (allegedly) set to be the warmest in 135 years* which means plenty of sun filled days! But experts** warn that sleeping in temperatures above 24°C means you’re likely to wake up during the night or only have a light, fragmented sleep, preventing you from getting the restful night you need. This is not ideal when you have a toddler who thinks that sleep is for the weak!

    So have been listening to Silentnight’s sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan who says: “We all love summer and the long evenings, but the increased temperatures can make it harder to sleep well, which can have a detrimental effect on our health, relationships and work. She added: “A good night's sleep is important in order to process information throughout the day as well as to repair and rebalance the body physically and mentally. Ideally, in order for us to sleep well, there needs to be a fractional temperature difference between our body and our brain – a warm body and a cool head!” 

    Dr Nerina, has created a list of 5 top tips to help the nation keep cool and get the best rest when the weather is hot and humid: 

    1. Stop your bedroom over-heating during the day by keeping curtains and blinds closed 

    2. Wash your feet with cold water before getting into bed, and run your wrists under cold water 

    3. Use light bed sheets and a summer duvet - 4.5 Tog recommended 

    4.Try a Geltex mattress from Silentnight, with an innovative combination of an extremely elastic gel and air-permeable foam offering unparalleled breathability to prevent the body from overheating 

    5. Finally, it is essential to stay well hydrated during the day and most importantly, don’t fret too much if you can’t sleep. Use the time to rest and think positive thoughts, then you will be extra productive the day after 
    We also have some slightly ‘alternative’ methods you can try to help you cool down at night. Here are the top quirky tips to try: 

    1. Use a fan and place it so that it is blowing the air over a tray of ice - this will cool the room down as the ice melts 

    2. Keep a plant mister containing water by your bed to spray on your face during the night 

    3. Place a wet flannel in the fridge for an hour or so before getting into bed and lay it on your forehead to help you drift off 

    4. Sleep in cool wet socks or even a damp T-shirt 

    5. Chill your pillow case in the freezer before getting into bed 

    *According to UK Met office 
    **According to Meir Kryger, author of "A Woman's Guide to Sleep Disorders" and "A Good Night's Sleep” 

    I have to be honest, I can't see me putting on wet socks or a damp t-shirt but a cooling spray would probably be my recommendation, especially for warm feet. The toddler is not a massive fan of being warm and loves to sleep with no clothes on ...... that is until the Silentnight hippo arrived and she just "had" to pinch his pyjamas!!


    What are your top sleep tips?