All about us

The Lilypad Team are a family with an extended family of fabulous bloggers, collaborators and experts that we work with.
Once upon a time the Lilypad was an online boutique but it has now evolved and creating content online is our main focus. We always welcome a conversation on the blog or our social media channels but in addition we can offer you a range of skills from ....
Social Media Management
If you don't know your tweets from your pins or simply don't have the time to be sharing content online, we can help. We have assisted in building a social media presence for small start up brands through to managing profiles with 50k followers. From image and content creation to self promotion, we are happy to chat through the options.
Blogger Outreach
The Lilypad offers a personal Blogger outreach service which enables you to be connected with a wide variety of bloggers within the UK. As an active member of the blogging community, we are able to find range of bloggers to fit your brief, no matter how specific.
Content Placement
We do accept content placement if it is of interest to our readers and always happy to talk through the options with any collaborators. 
Finally (and some may say most importantly), Donna is a big fan of Afternoon Tea and shoes, so if you want to talk about the best place to rock an amazing pair of heels and eat cake, then she is the girl for you. 
We hope to talk to you soon.
Donna & The Lilypad team x