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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. First things first – why would you want to get your children interested in your day job? While some parents prefer to keep their work and home life separate, for others, it is important to bridge the gap where possible and teach their children about life as a working adult. If like me, you work from home this is great, although not everyone can do this and it will also depend on your specific job, but for many, this is a perfect way to introduce youngsters to the concept of ‘going to work’.

    Similarly, this has many varied benefits for everyone involved. Here are a few of the main benefits:

    Benefits for You

    It’s no secret that parenting is hard, and for many, trying to juggle parenting and a career is a daily struggle. Therefore, any way of making things easier is always going to be gratefully received and much appreciated!

    If your children begin to learn about your job and perhaps understand a little about what you do every day, the gap between work and home life decreases. When you head off to work, your children will be able to picture you at work throughout the day; for younger children, in particular, this can be an excellent way of reminding them why mummy or daddy has to go to work every day.


    Benefits for Your Children

    Children are naturally curious, and by allowing them an insight into the world of work, you will be indulging their curiosity and encouraging them to ask questions and develop an interest in what you do. Depending on your job, it could also help your little ones learn new skills and perhaps even develop a passion for the industry of their very own!

    Benefits for Your Employer

    Keeping employees happy and healthy is a big must for businesses – after all, a happy workforce is a productive one. By allowing employees the freedom to relax a little and introduce their families to their colleagues or work environment, they will be working towards a stronger team of employees, something which is ultimately beneficial for the business as a whole.

    Workplace Fun for All the Family

    If you’re sold on the idea, all that’s left to do is to decide how you want to introduce your children to your working life. There are many different ways in which you can go about achieving this – here are a few to get you started.

    Team Building

    Forget any ideas you may have of trust falls or sitting in a circle in a stuffy meeting room, trying not to fall asleep. Team building has come a long way since the dull activities you have probably encountered multiple times in your career – now, it is something to be enjoyed rather than avoided. Team building activities and events can easily involve the whole family and can take place pretty much anywhere, at any time. They can range from team building activities in the evening after office hours to interactive quizzes or treasure hunts to fun games testing each other’s skills – and competitiveness, of course!

    Family Fun Day

    If the fun aspect is what you’re after, then a family fun day will be the perfect event for you. Usually taking place on a summer weekend day, fun days are great opportunities for your family to meet your colleagues and vice versa. It’s a relaxed, light-hearted approach which will suit younger children as they can easily find other children to run off and play with, giving you time for a breather!

    Charity Events

    From traditional fundraisers and bake sales to office fancy dress challenges, sponsorships and sweepstakes, the general motto for charity events is the more, the merrier! If you are planning an upcoming charity event at work, ask your manager if you can get your kids involved – whether it’s helping to wash cars, donating old toys or attending a fete, family-friendly events are always likely to be more popular.

    Since the benefits of mixing home and work life are clear to see, when will you be brave enough to take the plunge and allow your family to learn about what you do at work?

  2. Summer has arrived and now is as good a time as any to start making plans for the upcoming months. Whether you find yourself with some holiday hours you want to use up, or just desire to spend some time with your family doing something different, a staycation is a fantastic and affordable option.

    What is a Staycation?

    A staycation is a combination of staying at home and going on vacation. If done right, it can be comparable to a wonderful, relaxing expedition to another destination.

    Just like a vacation where you travel to a new place, a staycation is about enjoyment and relaxation. In fact, a staycation can also be about trying new things. After all, how many people have truly explored everything in their city, town or the area surrounding it?

    While a staycation may not have the exact same draw of setting up shop in a new and exciting location, it can be much less stressful than one in many ways, allowing you and your family more time to just enjoy the time you have together.


    Benefits of a Staycation

    Save Money - The beauty of a staycation is that you can avoid spending an abundance of money on air travel, gas and hotels. Being as a staycation is an inexpensive alternative to a tradition vacation, it is more likely that you will be able to take the time to enjoy one more often. Not only that, but any money you save can be put towards day trips or activities instead of expensive accommodations, making your adventure that much more fun.

    Get to Know Where You Live - Taking a staycation gives you the opportunity to explore parts of your community and its surrounding area, that you may not have otherwise enjoyed. Visit a new museum, have lunch at a restaurant that you haven’t tried yet or just go for a stroll at a nearby park.

    Relax - These days, families have extremely busy lives. Between extracurriculars, work and school it can be difficult to find the time to relax together. A staycation provides the perfect opportunity to lay back and just enjoy each other’s company, giving you time to truly connect and relax.

    Comfort - There is nothing more comforting than being able to sleep in your own beds, enjoy the comforts of home and just lounge in your pyjamas. A staycation allows you to enjoy all the perks of a vacation, without the discomforts associated with staying somewhere else.



    There are many benefits of deciding on a staycation with your family this summer. You will be able to save money, get to know where you live, relax and enjoy the comforts of home, and you get to do it together without interruption.

    Author Bio

    This is a guest post from my lovely blogging friend, Sarah Anguish who is a thirtysomething-year-old northerner who now lives in Norfolk with her husband and three children.  Previously working for the NHS in various roles for 15 years before being made redundant in 2016.  She is now a work from home mum who showcases family life, home decor, travel and everything in between on her award-winning blog Whilst working from home may not have been part of the plan, it allows her the greatest flexibility around the needs and activities for her children.

  3. Despite the slight drop in temperature and a few rainy days, it seems that the Great British summer is here to stay. Never have we ever – since having our own children, at least – known such scorching summer sunshine. With a bounty of beautiful days on the horizon, it will be easier than ever to have a chilled-out summer with loads of cost-efficient garden fun.

    But the heat isn’t always so awesome. High temps often equate to tired, cranky kids. And, if you’ve got more than one, that’s sure to mean sibling squabbles peppered with tears and tantrums. It’s not the one at all. I’m not about that.

    So, in an attempt to keep the kids comfortable, calm, and collected, I’ve rustled up five tips for cooling down your young ones. It’s OK, thank me later.

    1. Pop some iced water in front of a fan

    Yes, you’ve officially become your mother. But, the truth is, placing iced water in front of a fan really can keep the room cool, *shrugs*. If you’ve never heard of such a contraption, be warned: it isn’t all that glam, but it defo does the job. Pop a washing up bowl, mixing bowl, any-old bowl filled with ice water in front of your fan. The ice water will cool the air above the bowl, which the fan then circulates around the room. Science, huh. Obviously if you don't want to keep refilling ice bowls, you could always look for and actual air cooler or humidifier.


    2. Make some lollies out of fresh juice

    Is there anything as luscious on long summer days than a homemade ice lolly. Not only will this keep the kids cool, it also serves as a fab family activity. Lolly moulds can be picked up cheap as chips from the Pound store, and towards the middle of summer you can get them discounted in most supermarkets.

    3. Stock up on strawberries and suchlike

    Believe it or not, too many ice lollies can actually trick the body into warming up! While one or two will certainly be refreshing, if you really want to cool down, it may be better to give the kids other snacks instead. As well as yoghurts, watermelon and strawberries, drink plenty of tap water, and if your little ones are a fan (pun unintended) anything spicy will set the body off sweating and work to cool you all down. It’s true.

    4. Seek out the shade

    When you’re all spending a day at the beach, the park, or even in your back garden, it can be tempting to set up stall in the direct sun. But think more long term. Whether you’re reading, playing football, or building sandcastles, shade is a must. Look for an area that gives you the best of both and don’t forget water and suncream.


    5. Pull out the paddling pool

    An oldy, but always a goody. Nothing keeps kids cool in the high heats of the summer sun quite like a paddling pool. You don’t need to invest in a deep tub or anything fancy, just a small inflatable pool is enough for laughs and splashes. Pulling out the water pistols and balloon bombs is always a hit, too.

    How do you keep the kids cool in the summer?

  4. Finally, summer is here. It’s the six weeks we’ve all been waiting for, right? No more school runs, no more bodging together packed lunches at the crack of dawn, no more after-school activities. Perhaps – for a few days at least – we’ll be able to lay in past the dreaded 7 o’clock alarm. We’re really living the life, guys. This is the good life.


    So, can I ask, why are we so insistent on making summer time just as hectic as the weeks outside of the holidays. Oh. My. Gosh. We don’t half like to make things difficult for ourselves.

    Hands up, who’s enrolled their kids onto some sort of STEM activity? Why? Hands up, who’s scheduled in swimming, picnics in the park, a day at the beach? Why? Hands up, who’s spent evening-after-evening trawling Facebook evenings and Days Out With The Kids in an attempt to make every day adrenaline-packed and eventful?

    Oh, that’s right. The entire population of Internet-using parents have just raised both arms, both legs, and are twinkling their toes for good measure.

    Why do we do this to ourselves?

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but we spend the whole of term time ensuring our children do their homework. We ferry each of them to their chosen extra-curricular. We spin on our loving bosoms to ensure that every school event, school run, and school project is done on time to a passable the highest standard. 

    And yet, when we finally get a few weeks to down tools and recuperate, we just can’t let it lie. We throw chaotic activities, blast our routine out of the water, and make life ten times harder than it really needs to be.

    And it’s not just about us. As Helen Lovejoy of The Simpsons famously said, ‘Think of the children!’ Surely they need a break from the hustle and bustle of the nine-while-three. Learning is hard!

    Remember in the good old days when summer was all about water fights, marbles, riding your bike, playing hopscotch on the yard, going to the park with your mates? Those where the good old days. We ate cheese sarnies and sat in the sun and enjoyed a Mr Freeze ice-pop for afters. And those were the best days.


    Whether it’s social media, and the need to impress. Whether it’s the normality of our relentless fast-paced lifestyles. Whether it’s the pressure from others to meet the ever-demanding highs of parenting trends. Whatever it is. Let’s call it quits.

    How about we strip things back. Paint some rocks. Read some books. Eat a jam sandwich and an equally unhealthy dessert. Sit in the back garden and set up Swingball. Bounce a tennis ball against a wall and learn how to catch. Get some chalk and make a hopskotch. Let our kids call on their friends and spend their days doing nothing. Let’s make ice pops from fresh juice and lemonade from real lemons.


    Let’s take things slow this summer, let's put down the technology and enjoy the rest that we all deserve.

    (I just need to take my own advice now).