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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of sustainable living, saving money, lifestyle and travel. It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: Sleep

  1. Balancing Comfort And Practicality In Your Toddler's Space: Our Top Tips

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    _LLP - Pin - Toddler Safety

    Creating a comfortable and practical space for toddlers requires thoughtful consideration and planning. This space is not just where they sleep, but also where they play, learn, and experience the world on their own terms. It's crucial to establish a room that is cosy, stimulates their curiosity, and is equipped with the right elements to support their growth and development. Balancing comfort and practicality ensures that toddlers have the right environment to explore and parents have peace of mind knowing their children are safe and content. A well-designed toddler space should consider safety, stimulation, independence, and of course, fun, creating a harmonious balance between a practical living space and a nurturing learning environment. Below you will find some tips to help you achieve a balanced, inviting, and functional space for your little ones. 

    Consider Functional Furniture 

    Choosing the right furniture is key to balancing comfort and practicality in your toddler’s space. Opt for versatile pieces that serve multiple purposes, like convertible beds that can adapt as your child grows, and consider furniture with built-in storage to help keep the room organised and clutter-free. Tables and chairs should be sturdy and of the appropriate size for your toddler, promoting comfort and independence as they play and learn. And remember, practical doesn’t have to mean boring, so make sure you choose furniture in fun, vibrant colours or with playful designs to keep the space lively and engaging. 

    Optimise Space 

    When balancing comfort and practicality in a toddler’s room, optimising space is crucial. Utilising multi-functional furniture can save space and provideadditional storage solutions. Children's Bed Shop offers a range of versatile and stylish options to maximise room utility. By opting for smart solutions like Children's Bed Shop’s options, parents can create a room that is spacious, organised, and adaptable to their child’s growing needs. This way, the room remains clutter-free, leaving more room for play and exploration, while also ensuring that everything has its place, promoting a sense of order and structure in your toddler's space. 

    Create A Comfortable Sleeping Area 

    A cosy and inviting sleeping area is key, if you want to ensure your toddler gets the rest they need. Choose a comfortable, supportive mattress and soft, breathable bedding to create an inviting sleep environment. Consider adding a canopy or a tent over the bed for a touch of whimsy and to give your toddler a sense of privacy and security. Keep the sleeping area free of distractions like toys and electronics to promote better sleep, and use blackout curtains to keep the room dark and conducive to rest. 

    Select Stimulating And Educational Toys 

    Toys play a vital role in a toddler’s development, aiding in the learning of crucial skills. When balancing comfort and practicality in your toddler’s space, select toys that are not only fun but also educational. Make sure you gettoys that encourage creativity, as well as the development of other key skills. Keep in mind the available space and opt for toys that can be easily stored away when not in use to maintain a tidy and organised room. A well-thought-out selection of toys can turn your toddler’s space into a hub of learning and development. 

     Use Soft Furnishings And Warm Colours 


    Another key thing that you can do is add soft furnishings like rugs, cushions, and curtains. They can add a layer of comfort to your toddler’s space, making it feel cosy and welcoming. Be sure to opt for fabrics that are soft to the touch and in warm, calming colours to create a relaxing atmosphere. These elements can also serve as practical solutions, providing cushioning and reducing noise in the room. However, while choosing soft furnishings, it’s important to prioritise ease of cleaning and maintenance, selecting materials that are machine washable and durable to withstand the rigours of toddler life. 

    Ensure Safety Is A Priority 

    When creating a space for toddlers, safety must be at the forefront of every decision. From the furniture you select to the toys you provide, every item should be evaluated for potential hazards. It’s vital to avoid sharp corners on furnishings where little ones might bump their heads. Additionally, ensure that small objects, which could pose a choking hazard, are out of reach. Safety gates can be used to confine toddlers to safe areas and keep them away from stairs or kitchens.  

    Encourage Independence And Exploration  

    Promoting a sense of independence and a love for exploration is essential when designing your toddler's space. Arrange furniture and storage at a height accessible to them, allowing them to reach their toys and belongings independently. Create various zones in the room for different activities like reading, playing, and crafting, encouraging them to explore their interests. Providing an environment where your toddler feels secure and confident to explore and learn independently is crucial in fostering their development and self-reliance. 

    When balancing comfort and practicality in your toddler's space, consider their safety, space optimisation, and a harmonious balance between functionality and cosiness. This way, you will ensure your children have a space that suits their needs while also being a cosy, welcoming place where they can thrive and grow. 

  2. How to camp at home

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    If you are an avid camper, the restrictions of movement because of the pandemic must be a real pain. You miss the sun, the wild abandon of fellow campers, the fresh breeze in the forests, the excitement of taking a road trip, and the anticipation of the beautiful sceneries that await you.

    LLP - Camping

    That does not mean you cannot have some fun in your home. With just a little imagination, you can camp at home, in your living room or your backyard, and re-live some of your camping experiences.

    Gather your gear

    What kind of gear would you normally have with you if you went camping in the wild?

    Prepare cooking gear, entertainment kits, and other survival kits. The best way to integrate some important parts of the house (such as toilet) into the camping adventure would be to ward off areas that you do not need. You can use strings or ropes to create some sort of a perimeter around your camping 'site'.

    No tent? No problem!

    You would need a tent when you go camping in the wild but you can improvise if you are camping at home. Your bed sheets or blankets can work just fine here. You do not even need poles or pegs to prop them up. Just tie the ends to bits of furniture for support and create your fort within minutes. Then start decorating to give it a personal touch.

    Go electronic free

    To make it seem more realistic, you will need to switch off your devices. The idea here is to mimic normal camping in the wild. For entertainment, focus on creative stuff such as board games or card games. This would also be a great time to bond with your kids over good stories.

    Encourage them to be creative and innovative in their entertainment options. A good book would also come in handy depending on how long you want to spend camping. Bring a lantern with you and switch off electric power inside the room.

    Pack on the snacks

    A camping escapade would not be complete without good food and snacks, especially if you are doing it with your kids. Use a gas stove to roast marshmallows outside your 'tent'. Download good camping recipes and try them out.

    An excuse to try out new gear

    If you are a beginner camper, it's advisable to try out your new gear at home first. This could save you a lot of time and stress at the actual camping ground. If you have a large backyard, this would be the best place to set up camp.

    No campfire? No problem!

    Due to safety reasons, you might not be able to make a campfire in your living room. You can improvise though. There are many ways to do it, depending on what is available to you. If you have a chimney, you can run a fire directly on the wood stove using dry wood. Coal, charcoal, and briquette can also work great. And you can roast some marshmallows right on top of them!

    How to camp at home


  3. 7 Sunday Self Care Tips for a Busy Mum

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    Raising kids can be overwhelming, so much so that an entire week can quickly go by in a blur, and you may not even realize that. If that sounds like you, here’s something to help you get recharged over the weekend.

    Read on to discover 7 super effective self care tips that you can implement on a Sunday, even if you’re a busy mum, and find yourself ready to take on the new week!

    Sleep In

    Yes, that’s right. There’s actually nothing healthier than getting enough sleep every night, and if that’s not really working out in your favor, utilise your Sunday and give your body the rest it needs. Turn off the alarm and wake up whenever your body wants to. If you still need to be up at a certain time to get things done, get some sleep in the afternoon, let your partner take over the childcare just for an hour or so.


    At Home Spa Sesh

    Ah yes! Bring out those sheet masks and bath bombs, and turn your bathroom into a full-blown spa on a Sunday afternoon, especially if you’ve got younger kids and you don’t have the luxury of heading off to the spa for a couple of hours. The skincare benefits aside, a home spa session will help you truly relax and unwind after a long and tiring week.

    Get Out

    Oh yes, self care isn’t just about bubble baths- taking a walk in the park, barefoot, phone turned off can be self care too. Infact, getting out for a breath of fresh air can be deeply relaxing and refreshing; so much so that you might find yourself hooked. Studies have found that spending some time outside can also relieve stress and anxiety, and boost the production of those ‘feel good’ hormones in your body. 


    Soak In

    Speaking of bubble baths, there’s nothing better than the feeling of soaking in a warm bath, uninterrupted for a good 20 minutes, and if that’s what your Sunday self care idea feels like, go for it! You don’t even need those fancy products- just get in there and feel your tense muscles ease!

    Digital Detox

    Here comes the hardest of them all- a digital detox may not exactly seem like pampering, but trust us on this, it is! There’s a different kind of rejuvenation and energy that comes with not incessantly scrolling through your Instagram feed, or checking your emails every few minutes. You’ll be surprised at how much lighter and ‘free’ you feel, and guess what- you can actually use that free time to do what you like! 

    Enjoy Solitude

    As parents, we tend to overwork ourselves, push ourselves more than we can, and often set our expectations from ourselves way too higher than it needs to be. The result? Burnout. That’s not all though- in the process of doing so much, we often lose ourselves, our choices and even our identities. This time, take self care up a notch by enjoying some ‘me’ time, even if it is for just half an hour- reading a book or sipping on a cup of coffee at the coffee shop, all alone!

    Netflix & Relax

    If nothing else seems to be going your way, consider settling on this no-brainer. Some good old Netflix-ing and chilling can again, be a great way to relax on a Sunday. Stay in your PJs, grab a bowl of popcorn, put on a random Netflix show or movie and enjoy some time with your kiddos (or spouse)!

    Self care isn’t overrated. It is infact, absolutely necessary. It is all about keeping yourself in good shape physically and mentally to go on with everything in life, and tackle it all with a smile on your face!

  4. 7 Top Tips to Make the Morning Rush Bearable

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    I am not a morning person. I like to stay up late, chatting, reading and falling into a deep sleep that I struggle to get out of the next day. So just when you thought all those sleepless nights and nappy changing was over, there comes the school time madness. I might have mentioned that mornings are already not my favourite thing, and to top that comes the crazy rush of making sure the lunch boxes are packed, the clothes are clean and the kids are ready in time for the school run. It’s tough. We get it. 

    I've been doing the school run for over 10 years now, so have put together 7 super simple and actionable tips to make the morning rush a little more bearable.

    7 Top Tips to Make the Morning Rush Bearable

    Make A Good Nights Sleep a Priority

    Even before we get started on the morning, we’ve got to focus on the nights. Getting restful sleep every night is crucial- not just for your little one but you too! Make it a point to get to bed early every single day- make sure you’re getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, and your little one is in their bed depending on how much sleep they needs as per their age.

    This little trick can work wonders and both you and your little ones will wake up fresh and less cranky!


    Create a Routine

    You knew this one was coming- creating a routine is exceptionally helpful in all parts of your life. It basically helps you stay more organized and in control of how things are going. Divide your mornings into time slots, and assign different activities to each slot- depending on how long they take. This will also help you stay more realistic, and therefore, feeling less rushed.

    Determine What Sucks

    Whether it is your kid’s bathtime resistance or his habit of watching YouTube while having his breakfast, determine what is it that’s actually sucking and draining off the time and energy from your mornings. Work on ways to get that fixed, and you’ll notice how your mornings become less of a struggle.

    Bring the Fun into it

    Mornings don’t always need to be taxing and dull, infact you can actually make them a lot of fun! Look for ways to energize yourself and your kids every morning- you could play an upbeat song during bathtime or do a few light stretches before you grab your cup of coffee- just anything to put you in a fun mood.

    Prep the Night Before

    The simplest, most straightforward way to remove the rush out of mornings is to reduce the number of tasks you (and other members) have to do in the morning. This means prepping at night, but when you do it, you’ll feel much more relaxed in the morning (and at night too). Look up simple breakfast ideas and prep them the night before. Lay out the clothes to be worn, and all the essentials handy, so that there’s no last minute rush trying to find things.

    Wake Up a Bit Earlier

    Waking up a bit earlier everyday can make a huge difference, even if you’re not a morning person like me. I got up an hour earlier this week and by 7am I had stripped beds, done some washing, made lunches and felt really accomplished. It feels that somehow you’re able to get things done faster and more efficiently when you’re up early, and of course, you’ll be less rushed than you ever were.

    Alarm Clock

    Let it Go

    And last, but definitely not the least, be easy. Even if things aren’t turning out the way they planned, and if your little one took a longer time to brush, or if you didn’t get the chance to chop those strawberries and add them to your children's cereal bowl, that’s okay. Don’t stress too much over the details and how things didn’t turn out perfect.

    There is always tomorrow ......