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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of sustainable living, saving money, lifestyle and travel. It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. What are you defined as? A Mum or a Business Woman?
    There are some people at the school gates who only know me as a mum (well a mum running out of the playground in heels and usually on a mission) but one who does the endless round of parties, play dates and play dough!
    Whereas there are people I work with who cant imagine me with sticky fingers anywhere near my laptop or blackberry or my manicured fingers anywhere near glue and glitter.
    Nevertheless I am both mum and business woman, so does this mean I have a spilt personality, one that I switch between?
    When I first ventured in the world of business, I have to admit that the word "networking" filled me with some fear and apprehension but everyone was talking about it and I didnt want to appear naive or unprofessional.  So I put on a facade and "pretended" I was as confident as the next person ( and I think I convinced a few people too). 
    So now I am a little older (ahem) and wiser and having met lots of inspirational ladies in business, I know that I dont need to categorise myself as one or another. Today I worked with www.mumsclub in launching Business Mum Week with a Capture and Canapes event in Birmingham and once again, it was fantastic to network with other like minded women.
    So in the end, what does that make me? I maybe a determined business woman and I am most definately a loving mum to my darling daughter, so I think that pretty much makes me a "Business Mum".
  2. Well, hello again...its the other half of the Little Lilypad back again! What a busy few weeks its been. We have had lots of new stock in (that I have to constantly lug around) and lots of new friends joining our team. I know this as my other half continually interupts my sport viewing with excited whoops of '5 new followers' and '410 twitter friends now .. look look'. We have also had 2 baby shows, both of which I attended feeling a little delicate (self inflicted) but admirably only managed to drop one boxfull of stock on my foot whilst on the numerous journeys in and out of the show. Luckily it was only the box of TeddyKompaniet BabiBoo comforters (incidentally these are literally the softest thing in the world) so no real disaster.
    I will leave you with a question and a revelation.
    Question: Do all 5 year olds, despite being sound asleep wriggle and change sleeping position every 5 minutes? I'm mystified how they can be head on pillow, on their back at the top of the bed 1 minute and face down at the bottom with legs hanging out the next. 
    Revelation: If a child asks you to crouch at the side of the bath, close your eyes and open your mouth...dont do it! Theres a good chance a plastic teacup full of soapy bathwater mixed with Johnsons baby shampoo, liquid bath foam wash and what im fairly certain was a knot of hair will be poured in to your mouth. Dont worry though its just 'green slime, witches breath, troll teeth, bat wing tea."   -  Thats alright then.
  3. Today I met with a group of inspirational business mums courtesy of a seminar organised by Laura Morris of Networking Mummies Warwickshire. (
    The seminar was all about social networking and lets be honest, there are not alot of women who dont like being sociable, so give them an opportunity to network, build their business skills and explore new ideas, you can imagine the few hours we had!
    There was lots to learn, including supporting mums during and the launch of the Business Mums Journal, promoted by
    I love to talk, you have probably gathered this by now but to be in a room full of like minded women all with different ideas and the same determination was quite motivational.
    Ultimately that is the theory behind Networking Mummies, people like buying from people and its not what you know (or how much you spend on advertising), its more who you know.
    I have made some great contacts today and ladies with whom I shall be speaking with again. Its great to find people with the same passions and focus. Like an old BT advert once said "Its good to talk"
  4. But why mommy? Why?
    How many times have I heard it today? I am not sure, I think I lost count at 20. When my daughter was a toddler and curious about everything, the word "why" became sononomous with her development and I felt that I was increasing her knowledge and understanding.
    Now at the grand old age of 5 and a half (the half is very important at that age) the word "why" is back with avengence! I am currently undecided whether she is once again curious about things around her or whether she has a secret plan to send me bonkers.
    In answering her sometimes amusing or reasonable questions, the response I get again is "why", so I am beginning to think she has a master plan.
    Never underestimate the power of a 5 year old!
    I am quite sure that advertisers became aware of this power a long long time ago, when deciding to put adverts for toys, gimmicks, sweets and such like, during the breaks in childrens programmes. The "sponge like" children soak up these fabulous advertisements and want to know "why" they cant have all the amazing things they have seen.
    As grown ups, we all know that the sand will never make those creatures or those pretty little dolls never actually keep that hairstyle once it has been cuddled and played with a few times. So maybe the 5 year old is right in her constant quest for answers, as grown ups maybe we should be questioning a little more and asking advertisers and manufactuers - why??
    What do you think?