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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. We dont usually review products that are not stocked on the Little Lily Pad but when Toyjeanius asked us to review the Haba Wooden Tea Bags we agreed for three main reasons:
    1. 5 yo daughter LOVES to play tea parties
    2. Toyjeanius have a great range of products
    3. Jean is a genuinely lovely lady!
    So when the perfectly packaged parcel arrived, we were a little excited and then hugely dissapointed when 5 yo looked at the tin and said "what is THAT?" However it only took a few moments for her to open the little tin and say "mommy, these are like the tea bags in hotels"  I was concerned that she made this correlation but would just like to suggest that she is maybe just well travelled??
                                    Tea Bags
    5 yo has daily "tea parties" in the bath with "little einstein" figures, "baby born", princess and anyone else she can find that wont go soggy in the water! I was initially worried that the wooden tea bags wouldnt stand up to the test of the relentless "dunking" in to the tea cups (and the bath) but she brings out the little tin each day for her tea party and they are still perfect!!
    She loves the dinky container and they have added a new "grown up" element to her tea parties. They are a lovely little gift and would go great with some of the other wooden items available on Toyjeanius, such as the wooden cartons of milk.
    So all in all, its a thumbs up from our tea party loving 5 year old and would suggest anyone who has a penchant for good quality toys, to go and check out You wont be dissapointed!!
  2. I dont think I appreciated my parents until I became one myself. Did you?
    I grew up thinking that my childhood was strict and my freedom limited. As a parent now, I think that my own parents probably gave me more rope than I actually deserved.
    Dont get me wrong, I wasnt naughty, on the contrary, I was a good girl, said please and always but always wrote thank you notes for Christmas presents or birthday gifts. I used to think my family was unusual compared to many as we spent weekends away in a touring caravan together, rather than all doing something different.
    By 14 I was tiring of this and "according to my mum" turned into a horror by this age and I cringe at the memory of my behaviour (let alone my hairstyle choices).
    Dont get me wrong, I love my parents, always have and always will but you dont REALLY appreciate what they do, they sacrifies they made and the love they have shown until you have your own children.
    When my daughter was born, my mum was devastated that she wasnt there to see the arrival of her newborn baby grand daughter but this hasnt stopped the bond between them.
    The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is unique because it is one of patience, love, tolerance and somewhere to go to do painting!!!
    I havent felt too great this weekend and my parents have been a godsend, from entertaining the little lady, to cooking Sunday lunch.
    So rather than the usual blog of wit, sales or general ramblings, this is purely a thank you to my parents. For being great mentors, parents, friends and the best grandparents a little 5 year old can ask for!
  3. Over a week ago, the lovely ladies at Kiddiebase tagged me in their 7 things you didnt know about me and set me the challenge to reveal 7 things that you didnt know about me! Given my usual love for talking, you may wonder why it has taken so long to compose this blog, well I have swayed from not knowing what to say, to wondering if anyone is really interested. So am taking the plunge and just going for it!
    1. I am not a natural blonde or more recently red head. I am not entirely sure what colour I am these days. Someone *suggested* to me that I may possibly now be a little grey but <<<shudder >>> that cant *possibly* be true!
    2. I was born in the Summer and I love the sunshine. When I was a child, I was always upset that birthdays fell after the school term ended as everyone was on holiday for my birthday but as an adult, I love the light nights and sunshine on my birthday - every year (almost guaranteed, although you watch, I will have cursed it now).
    3. So by powers of deduction, you have probably worked out that I am a Leo star sign. Firecely loyal and very particular about my "mane" - see point number 1. Enough said.
    4. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was PETRIFIED of going into labour. Everyone thought it was highly amusing as I am the biggest wimp going but the day I gave birth I actually realised I am a much stronger person physically and emotionally, than I ever gave myself credit for! Watch out world.
    5. I dont like nuts. Any kind! Even the crumbly ones on top of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. (waits for onslaught of abuse about this comment)
    6. Until I was 30, I never suffered a hangover. Unfortunately I think my friends made a deal with the devil to punish me for this for the rest of my days.
    7. This month I have been featured in the Orange Business Magazine. Fame at last! ;-)
    Now the challenge is to tag 15 other people who have great blogs and may probably not thank me for tagging them but am going to do it anyway, mainly because they are great but also because I am slightly sadistic!
    @toyjeanius @rosiescribble @missjanehopkins @growingspirit @jax200 @2businessmum @bumptobundle @kbmobilebeauty @emmacollinspr @mammywoo @gorgeousskin @burtonrealnappy @lauraarigney @welshmumwales @sueatkins
  4. Last weekend I had the genuine pleasure of attending a FINK trainers workshop. For those of you that havent heard of FINK before, it stands for Family Interaction Nutures Kids.
    I have admired the FINK products for a while as they are a simple concept that does exactly what it says on the tin. In their words, "FINK creates stress free, quality family time" and isnt that what we all aspire to?
                                    family_2_Fink_ Cards_family
    I was horrified to learn that the UK is currently experiencing a rise in the number of children with speech difficulties: in some areas over 50% of children have "delayed" or "impaired" language skills due to social and environmental factors. Experts are blaming the growing problem on the death of conversation in the home with family mealtimes on the decline and television viewing on the increase.
    This is not a generalisation or an attack on parents (god only knows that sometimes I am relieved for the "assistance" of the TV), especially when I like to think that our family talk about our day and how we are but are we always asking the same things?
    So we tried the family edition conversation cards whilst out with my parents for a family meal. The results were amazing!
    My 5 year old thought they were huge fun, getting everyone picking colours and enjoying reading the questions. Some of them thought provoking, some amusing and some quirky but needless to say got us all involved and all talking, so much so that she moaned when the food arrived! Needless to say our food was gobbled up and we were back to the questions! I think we will definately be taking the Travel Edition on holiday!
    Fink say that "Good communication helps families navigate difficult times too, along with creating confident, sociable children!" It almost sounds too simple and too easy but as we found it really is.
    My only problem now, is finding delicious interesting meals, to hold their attention as much as the cards!!