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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. Win £500 worth of Baby Goodies


    In conjunction with Blog Match, we are delighted to share with you that Infacol, the UK’s leading colic relief treatment, is offering one lucky person the chance to win a £500 worth of baby goodies and raising awareness of colic in the process. 


    If you are anything like us (and our newborn baby), you will be delighted to learn that Infacol’s new social media pages officially launched on 3rd October 2011 (Facebook / Twitter / Blog / YouTube) and together, are dedicated to creating the ultimate parenting and baby wellbeing social community where you can learn, share tips and advice and get updated on all things relating to the wellbeing of your new addition - with a focus on colic of course.

    To celebrate the launch of this new initiative, Infacol are running a sweepstake competition on their Facebook page (, the prize being approximately £500 worth of baby related goods.



    It’s simpleJust ‘Like’ the new Facebook page ( then answer 3 colic related questions correctly and follow the instructions to enter the contest - one lucky winner will be picked to win the prize on 2/11/11.

    Competition Start Date: 3/10/11

    Competition Finish Date: 1/11/11

    The Prize: The goody bag contains an exciting range of premium brand unisex baby related goods, ideal for a newborn. The actual contents of the goody bag remain secret but the total value is equivalent to £500 of goods (RRP).
    Good Luck!!




  2. We are delighted to share this guest post from Charlotte McCulloch of with you about new ways that Brits are looking to save money.
    Brits Turning to New Methods to Save Their Money

    In the current economic climate people in Britain may be turning their backs on traditional methods of saving and instead opting for filling their homes with valuable old, rare and unusual possessions that are increasing in value.

    Research by has analysed almost three million home insurance quotes made by British households between June 2010 and May 2011, complied in the Monitor the findings make for interesting reading illustrating the changing face of how us Brits our investing our money.
    When keeping your treasures in the home it is important that you don’t underestimate the value of your possessions, just because they may have been in your family for a long time or you have picked it up from a vintage market does not mean it is automatically worth what you originally paid for it.

    Underestimating the overall value of the contents within your home could result in you being underinsured and therefore seriously out of pocket if something were to happen to your possessions.

    Doing your research now and insuring your valuables adequately will leave you with the peace of mind to really enjoy your unique treasures, until the next shopping spree of course!

    The research found that the average home in the UK houses £3555 worth of gold, medal collections of up to £4500 and stamp collections of over a staggering £6000. Other popular items in the home include paintings and art worth £4209 and nearly £3500 worth of antiques.

    Julie Fisher, head of home insurance at MoneySupermarket, said: “This ‘hoarding’ is an interesting phenomenon seemingly borne out of our current difficult economic times. Perhaps many are shunning more traditional savings routes, buying gold and antiques rather than stashing their money in the bank. It seems we are all looking at our possessions and scrutinising their proper value, keeping and insuring things that we may have thrown away or sold.”

    She continues “Also, with the price of gold hitting close to a staggering high of $1,900* an ounce, it’s interesting that many homes in Britain are holding onto their gold, rather than selling it for cash as many have done in the past.”

    Rather interestingly the average Briton is insuring £3619 of ‘curios’ which are defined as rare and intriguing items. Family heirlooms and items purchased from vintage shops or markets that would have once been discarded or sold are now being treasured in the home.

    Not only are vintage possessions unique and fashionable they are now more treasured by us Brits than ever.
  3. Many of our regular blog followers will know that I began to suffer with SPD during my pregnancy and by 30 weeks I was having physio once a week and regular Reiki treatments to try and manage the pain. I couldnt lie on my back and knew that I wouldnt be able to lie on a hospital bed and give birth in the same way I did with my first daughter. Having met Lee from Amazing Births at networking events I co-ordinate, I booked for my partner and I to go on the hypnobirthing course with her. Lee sent me the book beforehand and the whole premise of hypnobirthing just made total sense to me. We did the 4 week course and by the end of it, my lovely other half was even more enthused than I was!
    This is my very personal birth story ....
    At 38 weeks, when I woke at 2am with discomfort in my lower back, I suspected that this was the start of our daughters arrival, I began breathing in the way we had been taught in the classes. I sat on my birthing ball and breathed through the surges, confident that it would be some time before we needed to call the midwives, however baby had other ideas and by 3am the surges were coming faster and stronger. My other half  went to inflate the birthing pool and call my mom and the midwife but typically no one answered! Eventually mom called back and was on her way over, incase my daughter awoke whilst I was in labour. By 3.30am my waters had broken and the midwives had rang to say that they were on their way, however I told them that so was the baby and I could feel her moving down.
    All the time this was happening, I was in a completely relaxed state, concentrating on my breathing, listening to my hypnobirthing affimations on the CD and watching my poor other half still trying to sort out the birthing pool!! My mum is still in awe of how relaxed we both were and instead of having any medical intervention and hospital staff telling me when I was dialated and needed to push, I could just feel baby moving downwards with each surge. I suddenly felt her head bearing down and two surges later, she was delivered into Andrew's arms. The midwives arrived 20 minutes after baby did!
    The whole experience was completely natural, relaxed and totally amazing. Our little princess arrived within 2 hours of me waking up, without any drugs, midwife or medical intervention. There were times that I doubted my ability to completely relax but our amazing birth is a testament to the power of hypnobirthing. It is a gift to any woman to be able to give birth on her terms and at her pace and this was a truly unique and unforgetable experience.
  4. As most people now know, we have a new addition on the Lilypad and this little bundle of joy also comes with a large bundle of additional accessories! We were therefore delighted to be asked to review the "Layla" Changing Bag by Minene.

    Layla bag

    The sales "blurb" says:
    The bag contains 2 large compartments divided by a large zipped pocket in addition to a generous sized detachable pouch which can be used to store all personal belongings. The pouch can also be used separately by attaching it straight to your pushchair for those days when you choose to travel light.  

    There are 3 external thermal pockets, a stylish matching padded changing mat and insulated thermal bottle holder. The innovative design of the bag enables it to be worn in 3 different styles to suit your needs; it can be carried as a backpack, a shoulder bag or attached to any pushchair using the straps provided

    We were therefore keen to try it out and with our little lady arriving 10 days early, it appeared that so was she!
    With my first daughter, I have to admit to buying the bag that matched the pushchair which was more a fashion statement than a practical solution but with the Minene Layla bag, I get the best of both worlds.
    Its stylish, not oversized but with the different sections and compartments that you can add and take away as you need to, it is completely practical and well thought out too!
    I am someone who loves accessories and especially bags, so the changing dilemma and outfit co-ordination is always a tough decision but with the Layla bag being available in a variety of different colours, there is one to suit every taste!
    The bag even gets the approval of Mr Lilypad. In his words, "its not too girly" and he feels confident in taking it out with or without me. (although maybe not quite with or without baby .... I dont think we have reached the man bag stage just yet).
    So that the other little one on the Lilypad wasnt left out, Minene kindly sent their Ladybird "Child Bag" for the 6 year old to "test". 
    Minene say:
    "The minene animal themed backpacks are bright, fun and practical. Made from a lightweight, durable, wipe able material on the outside and a soft cotton lining on the inside, this bag is completely child friendly. These animal backpacks are great fun and are perfect for school or nursery bags for young children"
    You can tell that the Minene range of products have been designed by parents with parents in mind. This is the Little Lilypad Co ethos and we have no hesitation in recommending Minene to our fans, followers, subscribers .... in fact anyone who will care to listen.
    Minene products are well made, stylish, affordable and above all, totally gorgeous! Go and see for yourself!