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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: School Days

  1. Back to School ..... extra essentials

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    It seems ages ago since the children all went back to school, even though it is only a couple of weeks and typically in our house, we are already chasing missing cardigans! For some reason, my daughter and her friends have an inane ability to lose parts of their school uniform and at first I thought it was just my child but apparently it is a common complaint from all the parents. On one sports day last year, another child apparently went home with my daughter school polo shirt, never to be found again and she came home in her PE top.

    I don't deny that I can occasionally misplace items but my daughter lost a grand total of 4 cardigans in one term last year, this is not only frustrating but expensive too, especially when you buy the school branded clothing. So this year, we have been a little more savvy. We have bought a small number of school branded items but we have mixed this with the supermarket brands too. Asda have a great range of affordable and great quality school uniform, which washes really well and is easy on the purse strings!

    Back to School Essentials

    This year, in an act of rebellion, I bought a "Hello Kitty" PE bag from Asda this summer, rather than the standard issue ..... again mainly so that there was no chance of mixing it up with anyone else's

    Some schools want all of their children in the same uniform, not a mixture of different styles (this is a whole other blog post tomorrow) but when they are smart and hard wearing, I really don't see what the issue is. The range from Asda gives us an affordable option when parents need them and who can argue with that?


    Disclaimer : We were sent a couple of items of school wear from the Asda back to school range but the views are honest and true.


  2. Back to School Checklist

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    Its the end of August and tomorrow means the start of September and the return to the school run. Back to School is something that is talked about by parents in differing tones, some will be starting new schools and have excitement and nerves, whereas I have seen other social media updates with parents who can't wait for the new term. Where do I stand? I suppose I am a little odd in that I don't really want my eldest daugher to go back to school. I love having her at home and seeing her grow and play and I can honestly say that during the summer holidays, I don't miss the madness of the school run one little bit.

    So with the little one preparing for nursery for the very first time and my eldest going into year four (which she is very excited about) , I started looking at back to school checklists for surviving the first week back to school and here are my top tips.

    1. Set the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier, you have the choice to snooze it (my choice) or get up 10 minutes earlier to make your morning less stressful.

    2. Lay out the uniform the night before. This sounds so simple but seriously stops any debates with budding fashionista's who decide that they don't want to wear something you choose.

    3. On the same subject, after a number of years of battling I have conceeded that trying to get a small child to wear something they don't like, every single day, for a whole school year is pointless and stressful for all concerned. Sometimes it is better to let them have their little victories (it is obviously best to let this happen whilst shopping, rather than after you have paid for said disliked item!)

    4. Routine, routine, routine. My girls thrive on routine but during the holidays this tends to go out of the window, so in the week before the return to school, it is best to try and bring bedtime back in line by 10 minutes each day. (so the children don't notice and the grown ups reclaim their evenings). Thanks to Emma for reminding me about this one.

    5. Keep shoes and bags in the same place. Both you and the children will always know where they are, so there is no rushing around looking for an odd shoe. This habit will enable them to develop their own independence and be responsible for their own things.

    Back to School is another reminder that my girls are growing up but it doesn't need to be stressful (unless you count that I am getting older too!).

    Would you add any tips?

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  3. Learning through play : Guest Post

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    Guest post.

    We all know that children learn best through play, so it makes sense to ensure that your child has access to high quality toys which will not only be fun to use, but also boost educational attainment. With the children heading back to school, to help children succeed in class, there are a range of great toys on the market, ranging from old favourites such as meccano, through to a selection of electronic gadgets which combine modern technology with the acquisition of many useful skills. Educational toys need not be just about learning facts or improving writing; they can also promote improvement in vital skills such as manual dexterity, problem solving, memorising, social skills and concentration.

    Enhance Creativity with Construction Toys

    When a child has access to materials which enable them to build, the sky is the limit in terms of the ideas they are able to turn into reality. Building blocks, meccano or making models which clip, stick or screw together are all superb vehicles for allowing your child to make and create. As well as being a very enjoyable activity, the skills involved in working out how to shape a creation are all ones which will be used at school during more formal learning activities.

    Learning through play

    Learn Physics and Maths Effortlessly

    Many children find mathematical concepts and physics information difficult to grasp when learned from a textbook, but find understanding these ideas in a practical situation far easier. Using toys such as meccano or a simple science kit, concepts such as balance, basic maths, the action of forces, properties of matter and torque can all be introduced and expanded on during play. Spending time with your child, using good, educational toys as learning tools for explaining some of the more challenging scientific information, can result in improved learning which is also great fun and very rewarding.

    When choosing a toy which combines enjoyment with learning opportunities, the main thing is to pick something which you feel your child will want to play with. The more time they spend using the toy, the greater the potential for learning to take place. Remember that children learn naturally through play, so provided they have access to a selection of robust, age-appropriate toys and plenty of parental input, they are well on the way to achieving their potential.

    Lets be honest, who doesn't love to play?