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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. Best Beginnings - supporting families with a premature or sick baby

    Posted on

    If you are a regular blog reader, you will know that I am blessed with two perfectly (cheeky) daughters who, although were both 10 days early, were born safely and without incident. But what would I have done if that hadnt been the case? During pregnancy, most women just assume that their baby will arrive safely and healthily but for those parents that do have premature or sick babies, what then?

    As a parent, I know that I would have wanted all the information available to me so I am therefore pleased to be able to share details of the new national initiative that supports families with a premature or sick baby. The initiative launches on the 19th June 2012 and is designed to enable every family of a sick or premature baby to be at the cornerstone of their baby’s care in ways that can help to improve health outcomes.  

    Here are some details from the press release for you:                                                                                                       

    UK-based child health charity Best Beginnings, working with six medical Royal College, UNICEF and more than 15 other organisations, is rolling out a national Small Wonders Change Programme implemented by over 400 nurse, doctor and midwife ‘Champions’ within hospitals throughout the UK to help families of premature and sick babies in the UK irrespective of their socio-economic group, receive the same high quality family-centered care.

    At the centre of the programme is the Small Wonders DVD, which is the culmination of two years of intensive work for Best Beginnings and follows fourteen families, charting the real-life experiences the parents faced as they met, cared for, and returned home with their premature or sick baby.  With 80,000 babies in the UK each year born either premature or sick it is designed as a tool to enable neonatal staff to support and advise parents through their baby’s stay, and encourage parents to play a pivotal role in the care their baby receives in ways that have been proven to positively impact health outcomes, interventions and activities such expressing breast milk, responding to their baby’s non-verbal cues and having skin-to-skin contact.

    Using the expertise of over 200 experts in neonatal care including consultant neonatologists, representatives of Royal Colleges, specialist dieticians and infant feeding specialists and created in conjunction with 10 hospitals across the UK, the Small Wonders DVD is designed to ensure that parents have the insight, guidance, confidence and support they need, from when they are first told they may be having a premature baby, through those first crucial hours after birth to their baby’s first birthday.  The DVD is split into 12 films each covering a different topic, which parents can select individually.

    In addition to being available for free in neonatal units across the UK the Small Wonders DVD is available to purchase for £5 from

    Best Beginnings

    Having been fortunate enough to breastfeed both of my daughters, I know the bond it can give you and this kind of support is invaluable, especially to mums feeling vulnerable after the birth of this gorgeous small person into the world. Best Beginnings is a small charity committed to having a big impact on child health across the UK.  You can find out more about their work and support them at 

    If you know one person that this may help or be of interested to - please share it with them. This small action can mean a big deal to someone who is feeling isolated or struggling and with most of us never having enough hands to hold a book, a DVD is a great way to share this information.

    Wouldnt you want the Best Beginning?  

  2. Kids Holiday Hotspots

    Posted on

    You know we love children and we are also quite partial to our friends over at, so we are delighted to share this short guest post from Charlotte McColloch ..... get ready for a giggle!

    It’s widely known that kids say the funniest things and when we invited a selection of 4 to 9 year olds to discuss their views on holidays it was no exception. Watch the below video to see what they had to say when TravelSupermarket’s resident travel expert, Bob Atkinson asked them their views on topics ranging from their favourite holiday destination to how much they think a family holiday to Spain would cost.

    If these adorable descriptions of family holidays inspire you to take a break this year, TravelSupermarket has great deals to help make your trip that bit more affordable from cheap flights to all inclusive deals. Thankfully a break doesn’t have to cost as much as some of our mini travel experts think!

  3. Super Savings for parents with Casabu daily deals site

    Posted on

    On the Lilypad we are very family focused and as a mum to two little ladies, getting great quality at a good deal is top of my priority list! So we were very excited to learn about a new daily deals website called Casabu, which features high quality ranges of fashionable baby and children's clothing, designer toys, essential nursery equipment, must-have furniture and stylish maternity wear from brands such as Their Nibs, Babymoov and Koo-diat unbelievable savings of up to 70%. 

    Casabu is the smart, modern way for parents to save money on some of their favourite brand names as well as discover and fall in love with new ones. The free-to-join online private sales boutique works very simply; once signed-up, you will receive a daily email or mobile alert bringing you five exclusive sales, each sale lasting for three days. You then simply browse, buy and sit back and wait for your beautifully packaged items to arrive at your door.


    With two girls at home, they are both developing a penchant for gorgeous clothes, so Casabu truly is a perfect one-stop shop providing everything a mum needs from pregnancy, throughout childhood and up to pre-teen.


    Members can access via their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and can also keep track of the daily sales by downloading the Cassabu app for iPhone/android or by following the site on Twitter @ #casabu_tweets .


    To become part of the latest shopping phenomenon sign up at now to have a sneak preview and find out about these amazing deals. Membership is free and if you sign up before the mid April launch you will automatically receive £10 off your first purchase over £30.



    Follow Casabu on Twitter

    Like Casabu on Facebook


    P.S We havent been paid, nor are we affiliated with Casabu - we just simply wanted to share some great deals with our Lilypad friends!


  4. The cost of a love note ...

    Posted on

    It has been reported this week that the Royal Mail are increasing the rates of first and second class postage stamps. Moya Greene, head of Royal Mail, this week announced a whacking 30 per cent increase in the price of a first-class stamp from 46p to 60p.  Second-class stamps will rise by even more, from 36p to 50p.

    Now the cynical amongst us may comment that Miss Greene, whose £500,000 a year salary makes her one of our highest-paid public employees, made her price-rise decision with brisk unsentimentality and this coupled with her reference to the fact that this is less than the price of most chocolate bars is difficult to swallow (unlike said chocolate bar). I happened to comment on Twitter that most small businesses dont buy countless chocolate bars a day but they do despatch countless orders by Royal Mail. (This was subsequently supported by a number of fellow small businesses).

    This wont only affect small businesses but think about families at Christmas time, will you still send cards to all your relatives around the country if the cost of a couple of book of stamps is the difference between your children having snacks that week or not? In a tough economic climate, where families struggle to make ends meet, I think less and less people will use the service, despite the Royal Mail reporting that it is still the best value service in Europe.

    In an era where email is already taking over the age old handwritten letter, these price rises dont inspire use of our Royal Mail system. There is something about a letter, they have an intimacy, you can hold them, smell them and in your temper burn or shred them if you so wish ...... hitting a delete button on a computer just doesnt have the same effect.