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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of sustainable living, saving money, lifestyle and travel. It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. Let’s take things slow this summer

    Posted on

    Finally, summer is here. It’s the six weeks we’ve all been waiting for, right? No more school runs, no more bodging together packed lunches at the crack of dawn, no more after-school activities. Perhaps – for a few days at least – we’ll be able to lay in past the dreaded 7 o’clock alarm. We’re really living the life, guys. This is the good life.


    So, can I ask, why are we so insistent on making summer time just as hectic as the weeks outside of the holidays. Oh. My. Gosh. We don’t half like to make things difficult for ourselves.

    Hands up, who’s enrolled their kids onto some sort of STEM activity? Why? Hands up, who’s scheduled in swimming, picnics in the park, a day at the beach? Why? Hands up, who’s spent evening-after-evening trawling Facebook evenings and Days Out With The Kids in an attempt to make every day adrenaline-packed and eventful?

    Oh, that’s right. The entire population of Internet-using parents have just raised both arms, both legs, and are twinkling their toes for good measure.

    Why do we do this to ourselves?

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but we spend the whole of term time ensuring our children do their homework. We ferry each of them to their chosen extra-curricular. We spin on our loving bosoms to ensure that every school event, school run, and school project is done on time to a passable the highest standard. 

    And yet, when we finally get a few weeks to down tools and recuperate, we just can’t let it lie. We throw chaotic activities, blast our routine out of the water, and make life ten times harder than it really needs to be.

    And it’s not just about us. As Helen Lovejoy of The Simpsons famously said, ‘Think of the children!’ Surely they need a break from the hustle and bustle of the nine-while-three. Learning is hard!

    Remember in the good old days when summer was all about water fights, marbles, riding your bike, playing hopscotch on the yard, going to the park with your mates? Those where the good old days. We ate cheese sarnies and sat in the sun and enjoyed a Mr Freeze ice-pop for afters. And those were the best days.


    Whether it’s social media, and the need to impress. Whether it’s the normality of our relentless fast-paced lifestyles. Whether it’s the pressure from others to meet the ever-demanding highs of parenting trends. Whatever it is. Let’s call it quits.

    How about we strip things back. Paint some rocks. Read some books. Eat a jam sandwich and an equally unhealthy dessert. Sit in the back garden and set up Swingball. Bounce a tennis ball against a wall and learn how to catch. Get some chalk and make a hopskotch. Let our kids call on their friends and spend their days doing nothing. Let’s make ice pops from fresh juice and lemonade from real lemons.


    Let’s take things slow this summer, let's put down the technology and enjoy the rest that we all deserve.

    (I just need to take my own advice now).

  2. LOL Surprise : Biggie Pets Review

    Posted on

    Everyone we know loves LOL Surprise Pets, they are the collectables that all our friends have, so how do LOL keep the excitement growing with their newest launch ..... they simply get better and BIGGER! 


    The new LOL Surprise Biggie Pets have 15 surprises and in true LOL style, you have to unwrap to find your surprise – will it be 2 babies, or 3? Or, are they food babies? L.O.L. Surprise! Biggie Pets have tons of surprises inside and include wear and share accessories too – all for you.
    So who are the Biggie Pets?
    • Dollmatian (this is who we were lucky enough to get)
    • Hop Hop
    • MC Hammy
    • Neon Kitty
    The ball was a little tricky to open but not entirely sure if this was user error or just well made packaging but we got there in the end with a little help from mom!


    You will note that we perfectly matched our little reviewers outfit to our Biggie Pet as you can actually see the pet through the coloured ball but this is great as it gives you more of a chance to collect them all!

    We were looking through the glasses on the box but you can use the Eye Spy Series spy glasses to find codes and unlock even more surprises!


    Once the Biggie Pet is out of the packaging, you realise that it has an attachment and at first we thought this was a lead for your pet but realised that amongst all the other fun, the pet can be used as a backpack. If you don't want to use it as a backpack (our little reviewer didn't) it also (and rather brilliantly) doubles as a piggy bank! 

    Another element to the L.O.L. Surprise!  Biggie Pets is the kinetic sand that the L.O.L. Surprise Babies (or food babies) arrive in. Just like the Series 3 pet balls, biggie pet baskets include kinetic sand that needs to be scooped out to find pet babies.

    We will be uploading our YouTube video really soon but in case you can't wait, here are all the things you get with your Biggie Pet:

    1. Biggie pet
    2. Pet baby 1
    3. Pet baby 2
    4. Food baby charm or pet baby charm
    5. Spy glasses
    6. Pet necklace
    7. Wish bone
    8. Funny bone
    9. Fortune teller heart
    10. Baby reveal (use with the spy glasses)
    11. Pet scoop for pet baby 1
    12. 1st accessory for pet baby 1
    13. 2nd accessory for pet baby 1
    14. Pet basket for pet baby 1 (magnetic sand inside)
    15. Pet scoop for pet baby 2 (magnetic sand inside)
    16. 1st accessory for pet baby 2
    17. 2nd accessory for pet baby 2
    18. Pet basket for pet baby 2
    19. Giant carrying case

    Instead of being in the ball, the surprises in the blind bags come out of the biggie pet’s BOTTOM. Our little reviewer couldn't believe it when she opened the bottom of the pet and the surprises kept coming!


    The LOL Surprise : Biggie Pets retail at £36.99 and can be purchased from Amazon and various toy shops.

  3. Why reading is saving me money!

    Posted on

    I love to read but what with all the girls activitives, school, work and general life being bonkers busy most of the time, reading seems to take little priority. So along with my 40 things in my 40th year list, I have challenged myself to read more this year and I love that it is also saving me money!

    Why is reading saving me money you may ask (or may not) but I am going to share it anyway.


    I have never been a big fan of reading on a tablet, I love the smell and feel of a paper book but trying to squeeze in a couple of chapters before I go to sleep isnt practical when you have a husband who likes to sleep in the pitch black. Reading on a tablet gives me a solution to this. 


    I can download books instantly.

    I can download free books. 

    I can download the latest releases without going to the shops and spending money unecessarily on other things I don't need.

    I can read on the sofa and not spend my time browsing online websites and spending money.

    I can read in the dark (saving on the electricity .... okay I admit that this is a very loosely hinged money saving point).

    My most favourite thing though? It might keep my pennies in my purse but it keeps my mind rich too! I am looking forward to reading on holiday this summer ..... I just hope the iPad doesn't overheat! 




  4. Kindness really does rock

    Posted on

    We all want our children to invest a little time into hobbies and creative pursuits. While I’m not against screen time, alternative family activities are certainly time well spent. Let’s be honest, it certainly can be a challenge nowadays. What with Kindles, consoles, and all kinds of kids TV, tearing them away from a tablet can be quite the task.

    This is why my girls and I are huge fans of the new craze in the UK, Kindness Rocks.


    So, yeah, 2017 was the year of the fidget spinner, bottle flipping, and the almighty dab. Gawd bless all parents across the country. We survived it. But this year, the newest craze has got a little more cultural, creative, and, well, kind.

    The Kindness Rocks movement encourages children to children (and adults, might I add), to decorate pebbles and leave them in places where walkers-by are likely to find them. When strangers fall upon a Kindness Rock, they can take it for their own or share the joy and hide the special stone somewhere new.

    It really is that simple, but so very wonderful, right?

    IMG_3692 (1)

    I have to say, we’re now painting rocks on a weekly basis, in our house. As soppy as it may sound to those of you who aren’t in the know, this movement is doing more than spreading kindness outside in the big wide world, it’s responsible for bringing the family together too.

    While enjoying crafting with the kids is enough of a reason to get involved in Kindness Rocks, it does send out a pretty important message.


    I love that our girls are so excited to create something together and go out and brighten strangers’ days with their handicrafts. Not only does this really reinforce how vital it is that we do nice things for others, it also instils in them a sense of confidence; their creations, their little pebbles, can really have an impact on how someone else feels.

    Where did this incredible craze come from? Over the pond, actually. That said, it’s really taking the UK by storm. Hundreds, thousands of people are signed up to local Kindness Rocks Facebook groups, many of which are actively designing and dishing out their pebbles in towns, parks, and cities across England.

    So, what do you think? Are you in on it, and have you seen any Kindness Rocks lurking around? We’d love to see your makes and finds – please do share!


    And now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to hide some painted pebbles. Stay kind.