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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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It's a bit parky outside : Vertbaudet Girls Parka Review

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If you hadn't noticed, it has gone a little chilly outside recently. More than a little chilly and for some reason, 9 year old girls insist that they don't feel the cold. If you are the proud owner of one of those 9 year old girls, you will surely know what I am talking about.

They know best.

They don't "need" to wear a coat.

They certainly don't need a new one with a hood!

We have spent the whole of January trying on new coats, they have been too big, too fluffy, too long, too green (!!) and I had a reality check about who was actually the decision maker in our parent / child relationship, so when Vertbaudet asked us to review one of this seasons Parka's from their children's range, I said yes.

You can see her reaction to this removal of her choice....

Vertbaudet - Parka

The coat is well made, it is shower proof and despite it's rain proofing qualities, it is warm and cozy with its fur lining. We love the selection of winter warmers that Vertbaudet has and we *may* have lost an hour of life browsing round the site. 

Winter warmers for children

Girl’s Showerproof Parka, £31, Girl’s Beret, Snood & Mittens Set, £17, Girl’s Hat, Snood & Gloves or Mittens Set, £17, Baby Boy’s Hat & Scarf Set, £12, Baby Girl’s Hat Scarf & Mittens Set, £16, Boy’s Trapper Hat, £11, Faux Fur Neck Warmer, £6

There is a great selection online and colours for every picky 9 year old to choose from.

My word of advice when buying, is to pick a colour you know they like (or get ready for a battle every single morning) and in the case of this particular design, buy a bigger size. It does come up a little snug, so when the cold chill really does hit, it may be more than a little cozy if she is wearing a jumper underneath.

So if you are the proud owner of one of those choosy, particular and down right adorable 9 year olds, have a little look at Vertbaudet, it might just make one of those parenting battles a little easier today!

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  1. I love Vertbaudet clothes - they're so pretty but also practical x x

    Posted on

  2. 2 year old boys and 4 year old girls also don't feel the cold! I'm a fan of Vertbaudet too and this coat is very lovely x

    Posted on

  3. I love Vertbaudet clothing, it is always a bit different and really great quality. Her face in that photo is funny, bless her. Gorgeous coat though

    Posted on

  4. Ooh I never thought about looking for coats on Vertbaudet, this would have saved me some searching for Roo.

    Posted on

  5. I love Vertbaudet clothes, they have some great things in their catalogue.

    Posted on

  6. Hahahaha. Can't help but laugh at her reaction in the picture. But coat looks great on her. I'm a big fan of Vertbaudet, since they were one of a few companies who would deliver to the Channel Islands when we lived there.

    Posted on

  7. Oh I really like that parka! Very good for the cold days and also the furry thingy. Really cute!

    Posted on

  8. Ooooh, they are gorgeous. I'm off to look more closely. xx

    Posted on

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