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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of sustainable living, saving money, lifestyle and travel. It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Country Kids : First signs of spring

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I have to admit, I have been in hibernation. I love winter time (mainly for the excuse to wrap up in lots of layers and snuggle on the sofa) but over the past few weeks, I have been itching to get outside and blow away the cobwebs of winter so when I saw the first snowdrops, I was already putting away my winter boots.

Country Kids 070315 Snowdrops

We woke this morning and had a play date arranged with one of the toddlers friends and rather than go to soft play, I suggested an early morning trip to the park. 

Country Kids 070315

Getting up early is not usually my favourite thing but the girls loved having the park to themselves, which is much more preferable for them (and ensures there is somewhere for us mums to sit!).

Country Kids 070315 1

Sadly both girls suffer from asthma, so running around too much has to be cut short by us "mean" mums, to allow them to catch their breath, so we retired to the coffee shop (and gave us a chance to catch up!).

The fresh air this morning started my day off so differently to mooching around the house, cleaning and insisting the tween did her homework, it was refreshing to just get outside and enjoy the beautiful morning.

The toddler wanted to get back outside this afternoon, so I was chasing her around at home on her scooter.......

Country Kids 070315 2

Unfortunately for them, the chickens were soon the focus of her chase. I was kind of hoping they maybe laying me an egg here but the toddler put paid to that.

Country Kids 070315 Chicken

Despite no eggs, it was so good to be outside. This week has been a tough one for a multitude of reasons but being outside really does clear the head. Happy children makes for happy mums too.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. This is my feeling exactly, a little fresh air really does make you and the kids feel better, rounding it off with a coffee too sounds blissful! I hope it is the start of many morning outdoor play sessions. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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  2. great photos, I especially like the one of the hen! Always a good choice to go to the park :)

    Posted on

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