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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. A baby is always considered a gift, something to treasure and everyone of them is unique. To some extent, people forget the troubles, traumas and difficulties that some people have even getting pregnant in the first place, as once that bundle of joy arrives, all the heart ache is forgotten (well aside from the sleepless nights, colic and the amount of nappies they get through).
    So from conception, pregnancy to delivery - each journey is different. My second pregnancy has been very different from the first, so it is not only from woman to woman but from baby to baby too.
    With 6 years in between children, there are lots of things I have forgotten (possibly some blocked from memory) but I have new things to "treasure", namely SPD, a bigger bump and today's newest arrival, swollen feet ..... errm what happened to the pregnancy glow??
    So I am lathering myself in cream, wearing great maternity clothes(its an excuse to shop in my book) and giving in to flat shoes!! I was reminded today about a baby bag and hospital bag ..... I am sure at this point I had them packed last time, so maybe thats another thing thats different ....... a more relaxed me??
    If anyone has any suggestions for the bag, please feel free to suggest .... baby brain in full force :-)
  2. We were delighted to be asked to review two Hasbro games and here are our thoughts:
    Pop Goes Froggio Review
    My 6 year old daughter was VERY excited when this arrived as she had seen it advertised on the television and despite seeing the words "Age 3+" on the side, I soon convinced her that as she was "over" 3, it wasnt just for little children. (you have to understand that she sees herself as a BIG girl since turning 6).
    She was bouncing up and down before we had even got the instructions out of the box and was commenting that she had got "Elefun" and "Hungry Hippos" which are noted on the side of the box. The range of Habro games, Elefun and friends, are very popular in our house, as they are not complicated, not intricate and just plain fun!!

    Hasbro - Froggio

    So the premise of the game is to spin the butterfly spinner and when it stops on one of Froggio's friends, all the players look round for the matching picture by turning over the lily pads around the room (we particularly loved the lilypad element). If the picture matches its then a race, DROP the lilypad on the floor, RUN to Froggio and STOMP on the launch pad to pop Froggio into the air ........... but then to be able to keep your Lilypad - you got to catch the Frog!!! This is the part that sounds easier than it looks and was highly amusing!
    Froggio definately took over our lounge floor, so space is needed but has since been retrieved from the cupboard more than a few times when friends have been round. It is a game that is great for all ages and can certainly lift any mood when Froggio is not doing what you want him to do! Am quite sure that there are a few adults that could get quite competitive with this game, given half the chance.
    So it is a big thumbs up from us for Pop Goes Froggio and this will definately be a family favourite for a long time to come.
    Monkey Dunk Review
    Monkey Dunk! It sounds like bathtime in our house to be perfectly honest so we were all looking forward to playing this game!
    The game said it was for Age 4+ (which if you have read the Pop Goes Froggio review, you will know age is an issue with the 6 year old) but we swung, like a monkey, past this little detail and the contents of the box were promptly disposed on the floor.
    The box states "Adult Assembly Required" and until children get the hang of it, I think this is a good recommendation. The instructions werent overly clear but we got there in the end. The aim of the game is to launch your monkeys into the lagoon and collect the most bananas to win. How hard could this be??
    We admit to having monkey "launching practice", which took the 6 year old a little time to grasp but we were soon all launching our monkeys and the madness ensued! It was great fun and became highly competitive, possibly with the grown ups more than the children. The Elefun popper element adds another dimension as you are ultimately racing against the clock until Elefun pops up! You then continue playing until all the banana tokens are collected.

    Hasbro - Monkeydunk

    I think at times we may have tailored the rules a little bit to our own style of play but that is what is so great about a game like this. You can play it differently each time you play and it can be easier or harder, depending on the age of the children you are playing with. So all in all, this was a great 20 minutes of good old fashioned fun, entertaining my own little monkeys with a funny and engaging game.
    To find more great reviews on these games and other fantastic products, go to
  3. This is an ode to my unborn baby,
    now I appreciate that this may sound a little crazy,
    but those who know me will appreciate my cause,
    those who dont, apologies for the lack of a pause,
    A new baby is a gift of happiness and joy,
    Whatever the flavour, be it a girl or a boy,
    With a growing waistline and glamorous belly band,
    I have had to admit to needing a helping hand
    At first I thought it was because I had aged another 6 years,
    but when the aches in my hips nearly brought me to tears,
    I decided to take some remedial action,
    To give the control freak inside a little satisfaction
    At first I tried antenatal yoga to ease the pain,
    But after being stuck on the floor, it was still the same,
    I am generally fairly tolerant of the odd niggle,
    But this pain is going beyond a giggle
    So the midwife referred me for pregnancy physio
    And my other half encouraged me to go
    So there I was with 5 other women walking like Elvis,
    All of us having severe problems with our pelvis,
    So apparently we need to rest and not hustle,
    and work on tightening the pelvic floor muscle,
    None of these things seem to work well with me,
    But I refuse to let SPD get the upper hand you see
    Symphysis pubis dysfunction is its actual name
    And the pressure on my pelvis is certainly to blame,
    But I cant be cross with my unborn baby,
    But a little frustrated with my own body maybe
    So after discussions with our fabulous facebook fans,
    I have lots of recommendations, ideas and plans,
    from pillows to assist me to sleep at night,
    to elastic bands to hold my pelvis tight
    We stock pregnancy pillows on the Lilypad,
    Never has our product range made me so glad,
    So with more physio planned in the weeks ahead,
    And a new regime for sleeping in bed
    I refuse to let SPD get me upset or frightened
    because in all honesty I remain totally delighted,
    that I have this miracle happily growing on the inside,
    I can put all the pain and discomfort to one side
    You will always hear the phrase no pain, no gain,
    And with pain gaining momentum like a runaway train,
    This isnt always fun but I can see the light at the end
    So SPD you can give me pain but I will not bend
    I may have to do an extended version
    When we've encouraged a little gentle coersion
    of this pelvis of mine and the pain its dealt me,
    And I can hopefully share the safe arrival of a happy healthy baby!
  4. Breastfeeding is absolutely a personal choice but given that it is National Breastfeeding Awareness week in the UK and we have a vested interest in all things baby, this weeks blog is about mums, boobs and babies!
    To quote the, Friday 17 June 2011. "The last official breastfeeding figures were published in 2007, and showed only a 2% increase over the previous 20 years. Less than half – 48% – of mothers were breastfeeding at six weeks. Only a quarter of mothers were breastfeeding at six months. Exclusive breastfeeding was highest among women from professional and managerial occupations, aged over 30 and with higher levels of education. Most women were willing to try – before the birth, 70% of women said they would like to breastfeed and 84% said they were aware of the health benefits"
    I have to admit to being quite shocked at these statistics but it is hardly surprising when many public restaurants and venues dont actively support mothers who breastfeed (maybe they worry that a child drinking milk could be purchasing a latte or two?).
    Not everyone can or wants to breastfeed but with my first child I gave it a go! It was a fantastic bonding experience, I didnt put pressure on myself and I felt it was a gift from me to her. Six years on (and finally pregnant again), I wouldnt have to worry about throwing a muslin square over my shoulder or leaving the room as there are so many mumpreneurs inventing fantastic discreet breastfeeding scarves and wraps, that discretion is no longer an issue.
    I am not suggesting for one single moment that when baby number two arrives, it will be an easy experience because any mother will tell you, no two children are the same. I can only hope that I can breastfeed and baby is happy. Oh and it also gives me another reason to shop for "essential" breastfeeding scarves!!!