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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. We are delighted to introduce a guest post on our blog from the lovely ladies at on safety advise for children.

    Toy Safety Advice for

    Babies, Toddlers & Children

    One of the biggest concerns of parents is keeping their children safe. Therefore when it comes to providing toys for their children, parents want to choose ones that are both safe and enjoyable. However, the overwhelming number of toys on the market can make the process of choosing the right ones a bit more difficult at times. The following information is designed to make choosing the right toys for children of all ages a little easier.

    Toy Safety - Newborn to 12 Months

    Newborns typically do not need toys to enjoy themselves. Since much of their learning takes place through sensory observations, simply talking to and singing with your baby can provide hours of entertainment. As your baby gets a little older, you may want to provide him with simple rattles, cloth books or hanging mobiles. The main concern regarding toys for this age group is that they are free of small parts. Loose or small parts can break off, creating a choking hazard for children in this age group. Since younger children are likely to put everything into their mouths, be sure to check toys regularly for loose parts or sharp edges that can cause injuries.


    Toy Safety - One to Three Years

    Children in this age group are still likely to be putting toys in their mouths, which is one of the primary ways that they explore their environment. Aside from continuing to avoid toys with small parts, you must also be mindful of the types of toys that any older children in the home may play with. If you have older children at home, ask them to play with the toys more suited for their age groups in their rooms instead of in areas that are shared with younger children. This helps ensure that no small pieces are left behind for a younger child to find later on.

    As your child approaches the age of three, he will likely be ready for toys that are a bit more advanced. Since toddlers are constantly on the move, look for toys that enhance this growing ability. Balls of all sizes are popular choices for children this age and they also serve to help enhance your child's hand-eye coordination. Building blocks can be educational and fun, especially if they feature numbers or letters on the sides. Also, continue to encourage your child's interest in books as they approach the age when they begin to learn how to read. Providing a safe playing environment for your child indoors and outside can help them prevent unnecessary injuries and make playtime more enjoyable for the entire family.

    Toy Safety - Four to Eleven Years

    As children approach the ages of four and five, they are preparing to enter school. Instead of the toys they once favoured when they were toddlers, they will be learning new and more advanced skills. Children this age love to paint, colour and draw. They also enjoy ride-on toys such as tricycles, which helps them continue to develop their coordination. Books will likely become even more appealing to your child as they begin to recognize letters and numbers. All of these types of toys will help prepare them for their school career just around the corner. 

    School age children enjoy imaginative play a great deal. Provide them with toys that allow them to use their imagination as well as artistic abilities. In addition, be sure that any toys that make noises are not too loud, as this can cause hearing loss in young children. Be very careful with toys that can cause a great deal of bodily injury if misused, such as bikes and trampolines. Since children many times underestimate the dangers of such toys, it is the responsibility of the parents to be sure that these items are used in the proper way. 

    Once children approach the ages of eight to eleven, their interests will likely change once again. With a growing need for independence, children this age will enjoy more advanced types of toys such as bicycles. They may also take an avid interest in electronic games at this age. Be sure that they practice safety precautions when playing outdoors and ensure that you know the rating and content of any electronic games that they may play.

    Toy Safety - Twelve Years and Over

    Children in this age group are the most likely to suffer physical injuries from things like bicycles, roller blades, skateboards and trampolines. Always ensure that your children follow strict safety precautions when using this type of equipment. Helmets and knee pads can provide important protection from serious injuries that can result from the use of these types of toys. Also be sure that your children are aware of the dangers of traffic when they are playing outdoors. Adults who are driving nearby may have difficulty spotting children on bikes and skateboards, leading to an increased risk of serious injuries. 

    Additionally, children in this age group will likely take an even bigger interest in electronic games. Be sure you are familiar with the rating system for these games. If you are concerned about violent content and other issues relating to electronic games, it may be best to remain present when your child is playing them.

    By following the simple recommendations outlined above, you'll be able to provide safe and enjoyable games for your children, regardless of their age.

    This post was written as a guest post by Mums Mall– an online shopping comparison mall dedicated to helping mums get the best deals online when shopping for baby/maternity products, toys and children’s clothing.

    For a range of toys for all ages, you could try Oldrids who stock an extensive collection of toys for all ages.

  2. As Facebook doesnt like competitions on fan pages, we are running one on our blog. So for the perfect baby shower gift, especially if you dont know if baby is a boy or a girl, we are offering the Baby Blossom Box in white as the prize.
    Bouquet contains:

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  3. Sometimes we review on our blog, occasionally we promote and quite frequently we talk about life. This is one of those times!
    Our schools finished for half term last week and given that mommy frog maybe *too* pregnant to go anywhere in the summer holidays, there was a last minute decision to go away for bank holiday weekend, so that 6 year old had a little holiday.
    I am quite sure that I expect too much of myself, almost all of the time but sometimes when I want to take on the world, I sit and have a conversation with my little princess and remember that she is my world, so this break was all about her!
    After browsing through countless web pages and holiday brochure books, we decided on a good old fashioned holiday park. We looked at the "designer" holidays, the "quirky" alternative breaks but at the end of the day, all children want is to play and spend time with you. So we packed up our bags (and some friends too) and off we went.
    The weekend has been filled with laughter and despite the lure of the arcade games, it was the classic dancing like a lunatic to vintage party tunes that amused us the most.
    Little lady wanted to be independant and I have to accept that she is not a baby anymore and even with another one on the way, she will always be a baby to me. I try to be the best parent I can and I know that I cant protect her from everything but I will give it a damn good do! (what was that I said about not expecting too much of myself?)
    I used to curse my own mother for holding onto the apron strings too long with my brother and I but we are still a close knit family and no matter how long or short the apron strings, thats all that matters isnt it?
  4. This week has not been what you would consider a "normal" week. I could try "unique", "amazing", "classic" or truly "amazing", but normal definately doesnt cover it.
    It started last Sunday, when I began to receive countless emails saying that we had new followers. At first I thought that Twitter had got a backlog of notifications but then it dawned on me that we had sent a small business Sunday (#sbs) tweet to Theo Paphitis. Lo and behold, there it was .....

    Twitter pic

    The messages, twitter mentions and it seemed our complete inbox just went bonkers! (bonkers is a technical term you understand).
    By Monday morning we had countless emails offering to work with us, new opportunities and exciting partnerships. The order levels on the Lilypad saw a significant rise and due to unprecedented demand, we ended up with some products going out of stock!
    The Little Lilypad Co has always had a small boutique appeal for those quirky gifts but with a larger audience, we clearly appeal to a wider spectrum than anticipated.
    Due to the increased workload, there have not been many evenings where sleep has come before midnight but we are certainly not complaining (tired but not complaining). Its amazing the power of a small tweet by a "Dragon" but we are extremely grateful for this recognition.
    We have spent most of the weekend at the NEC Baby Show with, helping to support other mums in business and meeting many of our great twitter friends! Did we see you?
    So all in all, what a week - its been "toadally" brilliant!!
    How about you?