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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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  1. How to prevent a fire in the home #MoreThanFireSafety

    Posted on

    Working from home has lots of advantages in flexibility (not to mention staying in your pj's .... I can assure you that never happens!) but having come from a corporate world in a former life, I am always conscious of health and safety too, although not carrying out risk assessments every five minutes definitely has its advantages.

    When I was told that More Than were launching their Fire Safety Campaign, I was straight on the phone to my brother, who is a Fire Fighter to see what his top tips were regarding fire in the home. His immediate response? Get out, stay out and call the fire brigade! Once I told him I was not working for his boss and wanted "real" advice about fire prevention, he was actually really helpful! (who knew my baby brother could be so informative!)

    It appears that a small thing can make a big difference where fire is concerned and the Fire Service advocate the use of Smoke Alarms. They are such a small thing at relatively small cost but can be the difference between getting out of a fire in time and not. More Than suggest buying longer life batteries and it is important to have them on every level of your home.

    Smoke Alarm

    Did you know that ....?

    • 90 people die each year because the battery in their smoke alarm was flat or missing.
    • More than five fires a day are started by candles
    • Every three days someone dies from a fire caused by a cigarette
    • Faulty electrics (appliances, wiring and overloaded sockets) cause around 7,000 house fires across the country every year. (Yes, I bet you looked under your desk at the extension lead right then didn't you?)

    The one thing that my brother said that really made me think was to make a "Bedtime Checklist" as you are more at risk from a fire when you are asleep, so it is a good idea to check the house before you go to bed.

    • Close inside doors to stop a fire from spreading
    • Turn off and unplug electrical appliances, unless they are designed to be left on (I don't want to be responsible for you unplugging the freezer and having all the food defrosted!)
    • Check the cooker is turned off
    • Don't leave the washing machine o
    • Put candles and cigarettes out properly.
    • Make sure exits are all clear
    • Leep door and window keys where everyone can find them quickly if needed.

    It is worth taking a few minutes to take a look at the #MoreThanFireSafety campaign as a fire can be devastating but making sure you do everything possible to prevent it and protect your family against it can be done by a few very simple measures.

    Do you have any tips you would add?

  2. What is happening at Hatton World this Easter?

    Posted on

    I have to admit something. I am not a natural outdoorsy kind of person. There I said it!

    BUT .... I do love going to Hatton Adventure World with the children and that is a whole heap of outdoors for me, so when we were invited to see what was new for their Easter Eggstravaganza, I knew that is what we would be doing this half term.

    Easter 2015 sees the launch of a new feature at Hatton Adventure World, their Outdoor Laser Combat.  It is suitable for over 8's only (and the grown ups too) and it is great to see that there is something for older children now as I do worry about the tween getting bored. There is all the usual Easter fun for the whole family, from Easter Bunny Hunts to the Easter Garden where children can search for eggs to exchange for chocolate treats.

    My girls insist on going to see the animals before we do anything else and we had to feed the greedy goats first.

    Hatton - Feeding the goats

    Then check out how much the pigs had grown since our last visit.

    Hatton - piglets

    Not forgetting checking the baby chicks.

    Hatton - baby chicks

    Then with the weather turning a bit chilly, the girls decided it was time to warm up on the bouncy castle.

    Hatton - bouncy castle

    There is a full programme on over Easter including the new Tractor Safari, the Code Crackers Challenge (which was great fun) and the usual favourite of panning for gold and pony rides.

    Hatton - pony rides

    The tween wanted to go on the Laser Combat (so did my husband) but the temperature had dropped significantly by this point and the rain started to fall, so we all wanted a bit of shelter, unfortunately Laser Combat wasn't it. The tween just about managed to get on the tube slide at the entrance but that was as far as we got. The layout of the Laser Combat looks brilliant and really well organised and the tween was gutted to miss out, although in her eyes it is just another reason to go back!

    Hatton - Laser Combat slide

     All the Easter activities are on until the 12th April, so there is still time to go and enjoy. The weather forecast is better for next week too!

    Hatton - Easter Eggstravaganza


    Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

  3. Saving for the future .... in a nutshell (or Nutmeg)

    Posted on

    My eldest daughter sat on my bed last night, flicking through a promotional clothing magazine that had dropped through our letterbox and within half an hour, she had circled 40 items of clothing that she would like! 40 items of clothing in half an hour, that is good going, even by my standards. Raising girls with a shopping habit to rival my own is looking expensive!

    I might be laughing now but I am conscious that as the girls get older, their clothing habits will be the least of my worries if they want to go to University or get a car. I know that there are lots of families consciously save for the future, whereas others believe in living for today by spending what they earn and I suppose I fall somewhere in the middle. My love of shopping for myself and the girls is no secret but I am always aware of the need for a "college" fund at some point in the future and it is scary how quickly that future will arrive.

    Experian published research last year claiming that about one in five parents of students have faced financial pressures to support their children. This includes paying for accommodation, travel and utility bills. "University can be an extremely expensive time for parents and students alike," said Experian's Julie Doleman ....... I really had better start saving now and keeping an eye on the piggy bank!

    Piggy Bank

    Having a seperate account to keep savings in makes a big difference because you can keep an eye on your savings targets and with something like an ISA, gives you the freedom of saving but with easy access in case you need it!

    I was recently introduced to Nutmeg and were impressed with their no nonsense approach. They have got rid of all the aspects that made the wealth management industry unpopular. They don’t try and baffle you with jargon or lump all your money together and they don’t keep you in the dark over where you’re invested – or how your funds are performing.



    They look to give you complete transparency – and, they say, complete peace of mind. We like the fact that they can help you set up your portfolio in under 10 minutes and you can create as many funds as you like. But I think my favourite part is that you can get in touch with us by telephone, email or live webchat, whichever you prefer, no sitting on hold forever and a day to a call centre on the other side of the world!

    I remember investing money many many years ago and then being massively frustrated when I found that it was locked away and I couldn't get hold of it when I needed it, so fast forward a few years and I am a little more savvy about where we put our money (although the tween seems to think that it should all go on a new wardrobe for her apparently!).

    Finding the right place to save for your future is something we all need to think about now and I know I need to be more cost conscious .... especially where the clothes shopping is concerned.

    How much do you worry about saving for the future?





  4. Where to go in Manchester this Easter!

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    Quite recently I traced a long lost relative. Someone who was born before me and unfortunately moved away to Manchester and I never got to know her but life has a funny way of working out, through grief and loss are new opportunities and a chance to get to know new family AND a new City. They still live in Manchester and whilst it is not a million miles away from us in Warwickshire, it is not somewhere we have previously chosen to explore. So with Easter on the horizon we thought we would see what Manchester has to offer, aisde from family reunions.

    Museum of Science & Industry

    The Museum of Science and Industry is a large museum devoted to the development of science, technology and industry with emphasis on the city's achievements in these fields. To tie in with the opening of The Innovation Race: Manchester’s Makers Join the First World War, opening on 28 March, the Museum of Science & Industry’s 2015 Easter Programme(3 – 19 April) centres around the mighty and larger-than-life theme of Power: Making War from the Factory Floor. Families are invited to visit this family friendly and interactive exhibition, telling the mainly untold stories of the makers, scientists, engineers, factory workers and business people of Manchester whose innovations and intervention helped turned around the outcome of the First World War. 


    I have been looking at reviews of MOSI and Tired Mummy of Two feels that it is a great choice for Sunday afternoon fun, so we need to add this to the list.

    There are the other obvious Manchester attractions such as Man Utd football ground and the Trafford Centre but at the risk of offending every football fan and shopaholic, we can watch sport or football any time, so we wanted to find things we could do as a family and there seems to be lots on offer. A day trip is not going to cut it so I think we will be needing to stay over and finding a good hotel where I can get a good nights sleep is paramount for me. They have some good deals at 

    Crowne Plaza Manchester

    Tatton Park

    My cousin recommended Tatton Park as a great family day out. Tatton Park is nestled in 1,000 acres of beautiful deer park and you can explore centuries of history at the Tudor Old Hall and witness life above and below stairs in the Mansion. You are free to wander through the Gardens and take the kids to meet the rare breed animals on the working Farm. Between the 28th March and 19th April they have family Easter activities too. You can go on a magical journey with the Lindt Gold Bunny through the fairytale world of the Brothers Grimm. You have to find Sleeping Beauty asleep in the maze and discover the most wonderful gingerbread house in the dell. If the slipper fits, then you will go to the Conservatory ball …..if you arrive before midnight! The bit that tempts me is that there is a Lindt Gold Bunny treat for all children!

    And if chocolate and Brothers Grimm are not your thing, then there is always the Spinningfields Duck Race!

    This is a collaborative post.