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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: The Toddler Years

  1. When is a woggle a noodle? Or a door jam?

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    When the word "woggle" was mentioned after a Water Babies lesson, my mind immediately flew straight back to 1988 and my brother wearing a Beaver Scout neckerchief with the woggle holding it together but thankfully that it wasn't that kind that was used at swimming.

    The woggle or the noodle as it is also affectionately known is a swimming aid, it is less restrictive than arm bands, more flexible than a static float and more versatile than it is given credit for.

    I give it credit for allowing my daughter to swim confidently across the water on her own.

    I give it credit for creating a fun tunnel to swim through in our lessons.

    I give it credit for keeping her safe, in and out of the water, so I am adding it to our life cheats!

    So aside from the obvious, how else does it keep a toddler safe?

    Simply by ......


    Woggle 2

    This is just one of the parenting life hacks we love but there are loads on YouTube

    It scores me brownie points with my Mum for recycling and for me for a thrifty idea. Its a win win!!

    Do you have any alternative uses for a woggle / noodle??

  2. Siblings - May 14

    Posted on

    Six years is a long time.

    Six years is a long time to wait for a sibling.

    Six years is a long time to wait for a sibling and gives you the chance to get used to having everything your own way.


    So two and a bit years on, we are now beginning to remember the reasons why we wanted a little sister.


    Siblings May 14


    Two and a bit years on, we know that little sisters give the best hugs.

    Two and a bit years on, we have a play mate that always stays over.

    Two and a bit years on, we find that our little sister can teach us to be brave.

    Two and a bit years on, we understand that six is really just a number.


    Siblings May 14 2

  3. What a girl wants

    Posted on

    Last week I wrote a post about what a Mum wants. so this week it is the turn of the girls.

    I have blogged before about the differences between my two girls and this is never so prevalent as to what they want. In the space of 24 hours, I hear the words "I want" fairly frequently ..... despite my constant reminders to say "may I have" but the difference between the two never fails to make me chuckle.

    At the dinner table

    Tween : Mom, I want a drink please.

    Toddler : Mommy, I want her drink.

    Tween : Can I have what you are eating Mom?

    Toddler : I want what is on everyone else's plate, except my own.

    At bedtime.

    Tween :  I want to watch a dvd, not read a book.

    Toddler : I want you to read every single book on my book shelf, twice.

    At the painting table

    Tween : I want to create something reallly cool.

    Toddler : I want to paint over everything, including my own legs, hands and occasionally some paper.

    Children painting

    In the playroom

    Tween :  I really want to finish this jigsaw.

    Toddler : I want to pinch all of the pieces of the jigsaw and hide them behind the curtains.

    In the bath.

    Tween : I want to lie in the bath and chill out listening to music on my iPod.

    Toddler : I do not want to lie down, instead splash water everywhere while I show you my swimming skills.

    In the car:

    Tween : I want to watch my dvd.

    Toddler : I don't want to watch her dvd. (Thank goodness for dual control)

    Tween : I want to sit in the front.

    Toddler : I want to get out.

    When they are poorly

    Tween : I want my Mom.

    Toddler : I want MY Mom.

    They might want different things at different times but they always want Mom in the end! 

  4. What happens when your swimming lesson is cancelled?

    Posted on

    We were really excited today. We were going back to our Water Babies swimming lessons after a couple of weeks break and big sister was coming too (as she is still on half term). The little one was insisting that her sister couldn't come in "her" swimming lessons but the big one insisted that she was bringing her costume, just in case. So you can imagine everyones dismay when we arrived to find that our swimming teachers car had broken down.

    Broken down car 

    Thankfully the Forest of Arden Hotel took pity on us and let us swim anyway, much to the delight of the 8yo.

    I was amazed at the difference since I was last in the pool with the girls, I know they have lessons every week but seeing the little one able to get out of the pool and confidently dive in, while the big one is diving under the water doing handstands and somersaults, reminds me why it was so important to give them both confidence in the water.

    I have to admit that whilst I may have got wet, I didn't actually get to do much swimming myself but I realised how much I enjoy the water.

    I loved swimming as a child.

    I loved swimming when I was pregnant.

    I loved swimming with the girls today.

    So what happens when your swimming lesson is cancelled? Well it gave me a reminder of how much I need to be swimming again.


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