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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of sustainable living, saving money, lifestyle and travel. It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: Fashion

  1. Can you resist a summer sale?

    Posted on

    There is no question that I love shopping and the bargain hunter in me loves sale shopping even more. In my mind, if something is half price I can buy twice as much! I am terrible when my favourite shops email me with sale notifications but I am not so much a fan of standing queuing in shops, so when Vertbaudet emailed to tell me about their BIG sale with up to 60% off, I had to go and check it out online. Surprisingly for me, I was not all about the clothes (which is most unusual) and was quite taken with their home collection, which is perfect for children's bedrooms and fantastic prices in the sale.

    Vertbaudet Sale Shopping

    Sale shopping can give you a thrill like no other, especially when you find that dress you have been coveting or a pair of shoes at a price that you simply can't resist. There are obvious pitfalls too, so here are our top tips for sale shopping!

    Do you really need it?

    Do go with a VERY level head. Yes, your eyes will be on stalks at all those reduced tickets – but with everything you pick up, consider whether you really like it. Would you have considered saving up for it if it hadn't been reduced?

    Buy bigger sizes for next year

    Children don't stop growing but that doesn't mean that you can't be savvy about their clothes. Buy bigger sizes this year in the sale and put them away for next year.

    Check the returns policy

    Clearance buys are often a great deal, but it’s important to read the fine print. Finding a top for £2 is great, but not if you can’t return it if it doesn’t fit.

    Shop online to save more

    Shopping online can sometimes means even more savings – websites like KidStart offer members money back for their children on online shopping from loads of major stores, so it is worth checking out prior to clicking buy now!

    And finally ....

    Set a budget

    It is worth making a list of the things you actually need and want to look for and decide in your mind how many more you’re prepared to buy so you have something to aim for. Getting a bargain is great but not if you can't actually afford it in the first place so set a budget and decide how much are you prepared to spend in advance.


    With sales popping up everywhere this summer, it is a great time to grab a bargain. Now I really must go and look at that Vertbaudet sale again ......


  2. Tween Fashion : Vertbaudet

    Posted on

    Anyone who has had the pleasure of "owning" a pre-teen girl will understand the difficulty of trying to juggle their changing shape, their frequent change in taste, attitude and fashion and certainly their change of mind. So with the warmer weather on the horizon, we were delighted to get the chance to look at some of the new summer range from Vertbaudet.

    In my mind, a denim jacket is a wardrobe staple whatever your age (unless you wear denim on denim and then I may have to question our friendship). The tween is suddenly a fan of a scarf or a snood with an outfit and with the addition of the shorts, this makes a winning combination in her eyes.

    I have always shopped with Vertbaudet, ever since she was a little girl is it great to see how the brand is evolving with current fashions but retaining the original quality and unique-ness that the brand has always had. 

    Tween Summer Fashion from Vertbaudet

    The jacket (£20), Scarf (£9) and Shorts (currently on offer at £8.10), make a whole outfit for just under £40, (I wish I could put an outfit together for myself for this amount) which means that it is not only on trend but affordable too, until she announces she can't decide between Havianna flip flops or Vans trainers!! Nevertheless, I have always found that Vertbaudet clothing comes up a little small so it maybe worth plumping for the next size up if you want it to last all summer.

    I loved that the shorts have an adjustable waistband inside with elastic and buttons (I can never understand why clothes designers don't do this in adults clothing, as my husband would love an adjustable waistband after a large meal!). This means that you "could" buy a slightly bigger size and the adjustable waist would make them last longer! White shorts are great key piece for a pre-teen ..... unless of course your little sister happens to have post-Easter chocolate covered hands. So as a mum, I adore that it is all machine washable at 40 degrees and as a long term customer, I know that they retain the colour, shape and design after countless washes. 

    I would love to show you images of her in the outfit but unless she is pulling a pouting selfie for her instagram feed, she simply isn't interested in posing for photos for her mums blog post (again the perils of having a tween). I will try and catch her when she isn't looking ..... and in the meantime, I am linking up with this weeks Wednesday's Wardrobe to share the great choices available on Vertbaudet this summer. 


  3. Can you buy children’s shoes online?

    Posted on

    My husband doesn’t seem to share a love of shoes in the same way I do and apparently I am passing on my love of shoes to my two girls. In fact, I will let you into a little secret; the toddler possibly has more shoes than any one of us (but shhhh don’t tell my husband that).

    I am partial to a sky scraper heel, whereas the girls love trainers, party shoes, boots, pumps, sandals, in fact any style of shoe that matches the outfit of the day. So when you have three women in a household all with a love of shoes, we need to find affordable shoe options to feed our addiction. Buying shoes can be expensive and traipsing round the shops with two children isn’t my favourite idea of fun. The solution? Buying online!

     Pisamonas 1

    So when we were introduced to Pisamonas, we may have been a little excited! They are a gorgeous children´s shoes and accessories brand shoe store based in Spain and aside from the stunning classic shoe range, they tempt you with free shipping, free size exchanges, and high-quality shoes at low prices.

    Pisamonas 2

    Despite being despatched from Spain, at Pisamonas, deliveries are always FREE, with no minimum purchase required, and returns & size exchanges are always FREE too, no explanations needed. If the size does not fit, they will send a new one for free, just as if you were shopping at a high street store. (We may have done a happy dance when we found this out).

    Pisamonas 2

    So once you have got over the excitement of the FREE delivery and returns bit (I have to admit some other online retailers should take a leaf out of Pisamonas book) and take a look at the designs, you will find that they have an adorable classic look to them that is somehow both timeless and on trend.

    Pisamonas 4

    As a Welcome to the UK they are offering £10 off on your first order when spending over £40 so grab it while you can! And while my husband may insist that we don’t need any more shoes in our cupboard, Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes really can change your life!

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  4. Don't feel blue : Wear It! Savvy Shopping Tips

    Posted on

    We have recently talked about children's fashion must haves for Autumn but what about the grown ups? What are the on trend fashion must haves for mum?

    I have always loved fashion and being a mum doesn't mean you need to turn into a fifties housewife, unless of course that is totally your thing! Keeping one eye on the catwalk and the other on the purse strings, means that being on trend sometimes is about key items rather than a whole wardrobe for super savvy mums.

    For me, shopping online is the best way to find the most competitive prices and you can check them in seconds but I have recently found LoveSales  which is a new website and ideal for my shopping habit. It only displays sales and it can easily be personalized as you are given the option of which stores you like and then only those will appear on your sales feed. It also has a feature where you can literally add any website and it will instantly notify you when the price drops, perfect for keeping an eye on those key pieces.

    The catwalk has been awash with blue this autumn and while pink has reigned supreme in recent seasons, blue seems to have fought back on the AW14 catwalks. So while the weather maybe dismal at the moment, there is no need to feel blue - you just need to wear it! So what are the best ways to get colour into your wardrobe, without having to buy a whole new collection of clothes?


    I LOVE scarves, they can be fashionable, practical (and in dire emergencies, can be used to wipe a toddler's nose but I am obviously not advocating that, it was merely an observation). A scarf can add a splash of colour to any outfit!


    Add a brightly coloured blue necklace, bracelet and earring set to an outfit and voila, instant colour injection and with very minimal outlay. Costume jewellery is so competitively priced now, it is a great way to change the look of an outfit in seconds.


    A girl can never have enough shoes. That is all.

     Love Sales Dune Shoes 


    As above! If you get matching shoes and handbag, (especially blue or red) you can dramatise an outfit in the blink of an eye.


    If you only buy one thing for the new season, it must be a statement coat. I *have* to have a new coat every year, much to the disgust of a certain male in the family. He doesn't understand the need for a new coat if there is nothing wrong with the old one but if I can get one at a discounted rate, it would be rude NOT to buy it wouldn't it?

     Love Sales Karen Millen

    Is there anything you would add?

    This is a collaborative post.