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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of sustainable living, saving money, lifestyle and travel. It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: Fashion

  1. Staying Classy And Stylish

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    It is no secret that I love fashion and my husband may say that I am slightly obsessed with shopping but being fashionable isn't always about style. My husband also "may" have commented recently that I was too classy to wear a certain style of jeans (I won't comment which ones) but it really got me thinking about style and class.

    Staying classy and stylish

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    Outside the business world, we are constantly worrying about whether we are dressed in style. Or, have we fallen out of style completely and is it time to refresh our wardrobes? The same fear is not often apparent when you get dressed to head into the office Monday through Friday. Many people simply pick an outfit that looks somewhat conservative and formal from the wardrobe and then heads off on their merry way. 

    But this is a mistake because style does matter, even in business. From the very beginning, business owners and employers are looking for candidates who are well dressed and well presented. Don’t forget, that an employee always represents the firm and business owners constantly have this in mind when conducting interviews.

    Of course, style is important later on too. At a certain stage in business, you won’t just be providing a service to clients. It will be your job to win new customers and ensure that they want to sign on that dotted line. Believe it or not, people will be more likely to do this if you dress and look the part.

    Without further ado then, let’s explore some of the possibilities that you should consider when choosing your office style.

    The Right Accessories


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    Well, first, you can think about buying the right accessory for the job. Women can look into getting a handbag or brief case while men, should probably just stick with the briefcase. A lot of office workers these days carry a rucksack, and this looks a tad ridiculous with a suit and tie. You should always aim to be a little more formal. As far as other accessories go, you may want to keep them to a minimum. You certainly shouldn’t walk into the office looking like you just robbed a jewelry store.

    Suits, Skirts, And Shirts

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    Men really don’t have that many options when choosing how to dress for the office. It’s a suit or nothing. In some companies, you can get away with an open-collared look without the blazer. As for women, we have a range of choices. We can opt for the skirt, pants, a fitted shirt or blouse matched with a blazer. In some businesses, you can even wear a stunning dress to work. Don’t forget to finish off your office outfit with the right shoes. The right shoes will complete any formal outfit and ensure that you look stunning in business or on the street.

    Styled To Stun

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    Finally, you should think about your hairstyle. You should certainly consider using a professional stylist for your hair, and you might even want to flick through Vogue to find the right choice for you. Weirdly enough, the style of your hair does say a lot about you. Or rather, people think it does. So, if you have a pixie cut, people might assume you are bold and edgy. And if you opt for long flowing locks, they might assume you are quite an elegant person. It really just depends on what type of impression you want to convey.

  2. Summer Gifts Ideas For Your Precious Hubby

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    Summer is on the way and with it our need for new wardrobes, new tans, and new fresh energy levels. Our outlook on life is often elevated in the sunshine, as it allows us to express who we are and what we enjoy doing. We might even begin to plan our holidays around this period and become even more tanned than we are walking to work.


    It also requires a different style of gift idea for those who have birthdays around this period. Making the most of the weather is surely a consideration when you’re buying your husband a present.







    It might have escaped you what the best summer gift ideas are until now, but never fear, this list will give you might fine inspiration for gifts any man would be happy to receive.


    Track Day


    What better way to get a man out of the house than to entice him with a track day? This way they’ll be able to enjoy driving around a professional race track with an expert driver in a car they could only dream of owning for the time being. This will surely help them release any testosterone on the track, and having a natural way to express that is important.


    Just don’t be surprised if it’s all they talk about for weeks after.


    Summer Wardrobe


    Outfitting your man with a summer wardrobe is one of the more thoughtful gifts you can bestow upon them. Gifting them fresh and light threads will allow them to look great in the hot weather, especially if you go on holiday. Purchasing the clothes yourself can be difficult because sometimes you’re not certain what sizes he is and asking him gives away the surprise. Instead, utilizing online stores like the Stone Island sale will allow you to best pinpoint what he’d enjoy, make a wishlist, and then buy him a voucher to collect it.


    Beach Wear


    Beach wear is an important purchase for your husband. This is because all men, no matter who they are, universally have terrible tastes in swim shorts and sandals. Even fashion icons are likely to look goofy on a beach. It’s just the natural law of things. Apply some of your feminine charms and style him appropriately for your upcoming travels. Just be sure you don’t match, that’s no longer cute or cool.


    Fresh Cologne


    Buying fresh cologne is one of those gifts that benefits you as much as it does him. Having a great fragrance to sniff all day is a brilliant way for you to feel attracted to your husband, and for him to feel attractive. Opt for some of the more expensive items, it tends to last much longer than the cheaper products and smells absolutely divine.


    A Fitbit


    If you’d like your man to lose weight, a subtle way of suggesting he does is by buying a Fitbit. This will allow him the chance to try out his new tech toy and lose weight in the process. What’s better is it tracks how healthy your heart rate is, and that can motivate him into action like no nagging will.


    Let´s be honest, men are always difficult to buy for but if you do well here, hopefully, you’ll have the sentiment returned when your birthday comes rolling around.



  3. What does your attire say about you?

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    Despite this post being about clothing, unusually I have let the "Man on the Lilypad" loose on the blog .... be kind to him!
    ‘the apparel doth oft proclaim the man' We all know the famous Shakespearean proverb don’t we... that well known quote that helps  remind us and others that we do, and have always judged people's character by the clothes they wear.
    Well following a conversation I had recently with my lovely wife – the driving force behind the Little Liliy pad I felt compelled to delve into this concept a little deeper and share my thoughts. In our house it is a running joke that there is a never ending conveyor belt of clothing purchases arriving at the door, I live with 3 girls that all love to shop and my wife-for as long as I have known her has always presented herself immaculately at all times, in fact her impeccible appearance was one of the things that attracted me to her in the first place!
    So if Shakespeare’s quote has echoed through the ages, is there still judgement made about what people wear now in the modern 21st century, in the age of dress down Fridays and the late great Steve Job's signature casual roll neck sweaters? Another literary heavyweight offered further reinforcement with ‘Clothes make a man. Naked people have little or no influence on society’, which to some degree explains a few things about the society we live in. As great as it is to have the ‘take me as you find me’ mentality the clothes we wear do actually say a lot about us as a person. They can inform strangers of your type of employment, emotional state, personality and ambitions and also spending habits and affluence.
    What does your attire say about you-
    I recently purchased a series of new suits, I work in the corporate world and have always wanted to project a certain perception to colleagues and the new clients I meet, I find a well tailored, classic  mens suit helps do that – it says I have put thought into my appearance and you should take me seriously, just like the skirt suit or dress & blazer for ladies, its timeless, classic and suits nearly all body types. As I don the blazer before a meeting it almost changes my mentality, that suit aids me..its a weapon in my arsenal even.
    During our conversation at home it was this ‘feeling’ we got when we know we look a certain way that interested us, a lot of what my wife does is invisible to her clients behind a laptop, blogging, social media management and the many other aspects of the Lilypad mean her client s don’t necessarily see her but she rarely looks anything other than professional. Clearly our casual and work attire is as much about self perception as a social and economic indicator to others. I wonder if people who work at home would find they are more successful if they kicked off the casual clothes or pj’s and slippers during that 9-5pm window and put ‘work’ clothes on?
    I read recently about a  study where a generic white coat was given to 2 groups of test subjects, one group was told it was a doctors lab coat and the other group were told it was a painters smock…guess which group completed their allotted tasks with more care and attention – clothes clearly do influence our mindset!
    So, tomorrow and the next day and the next when the parcels get delivered and the regular response of “what, this old thing?” rings out I shall just smile as always, as in our case we are more Mark Twain than William Shakespeare!
  4. Modern Takes On Wedding Traditions

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    I love a good wedding and although our wedding seems a distant but romantic memory, we still love talking weddings, so when we were asked to host a guest post about weddings, we jumped at the chance.


    The bride of today designs her own wedding. It is not the wedding of her grandparents. She fuses the traditions of weddings past with her idea of the perfect wedding and sets her own wedding etiquette. Most of us do not even know what the traditions stood for. Here are some examples of outdated tradition and why we feel it is time for a change.

    Something old, something new

    The old English wedding rhyme, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” still finds its way into the weddings of today.  

    The rhyme was from 1898, and while it is fun to incorporate into our modern-day ceremony, most people do not understand it.  Something old was something handed down in the family to show the bride that they would always be with her. Something new was a symbol of the new life the couple expected to have. Something borrowed meant the bride should find a “good wife” that had a “good marriage” and borrow an item from her to use so she would share in the success of accomplishing the task of being a “good wife”. Finally something blue meant purity.

    The bride normally wore blue (not white) in those days as a symbol of her pureness. As you can see, the meaning of the rhyme has gotten away from us over time.  If a bride wants to hold to firm tradition, she can. The final line of the rhyme is “with a sixpence in her shoe”. The sixpence was a British coin worth about six cents that would ensure she would never be poor.  Good luck finding one.

    Never wear white, never wear black

    Tradition states that you never wear white to a wedding, because that color belongs to the bride. You never wear black, because it is the color for grieving. Neither of these traditions are held tightly today, While wearing a pure white dress is in poor taste, a bridesmaid dress with white in it is acceptable.  Black is the color of elegance and class and is used in many modern-day weddings. Better bridal stores carry black bridesmaids dresses, and mother of the bride dresses. Black is no longer off-limits. It is up to the bride.

    Create a registry and stick with it

    While some brides do create a traditional wedding registry, many guests do not like to use them. Sometimes guests do not enjoy making purchases from them. The bride may choose items like a $50.00 serving spoon and put it on her registry. But who wants to purchase a spoon as a wedding gift?  Fortunately, today’s bride has better options.

    Today’s bride has the options of creating honeymoon registries. She may want funds to go toward the honeymoon, an event at the destination, or even home improvements. The couple sets up their registry at a site like Honeyfund, and your money combines with the gifts of others to make their wishes a reality.

    Some couples are already financially settled and they choose to set up free fundraising sites for a family member or friend who is experiencing hardship. Instead of gifts, they could set up a Plumfund account to make it easy for guests to contribute to a worthy cause (which means something to them). The couple is happy. The guests are happy and never feel uncomfortable with the amount they choose to contribute.

    Some wedding traditions are here to stay because they make sense. As an example, if you are invited to the wedding, you are expected for the wedding, not just the after-party. It is noticed and it is unacceptable to show up for the reception without attending the ceremony.

    If your invitation has only your name, you are not permitted to add a guest. There may be seating issues, food issues, and limits set for friends due to the family members who are attending. Adding a boyfriend or girlfriend is not cool. If there is only seating for 200 and 25 guests brought an uninvited partner, this makes an immediate problem.

    We are a people of tradition, merged with technology. We communicate via social media. RSVP is allowed electronically if the bride gets the information. By the way, it is never okay to post unflattering cell phone pictures on social media of the bride or her party.

    The wedding of today is fun and romantic. The bride and groom get to make the rules and anything goes as long as it is okay with them.

    Author Bio

    Wendy Dessler

    Wendy is a super-connector with who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.