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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of sustainable living, saving money, lifestyle and travel. It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: Christmas

  1. How to have an eco friendly Christmas?

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    The world around us is now becoming more and more cautious about the environment. The usage of eco friendly products is something that everyone is trying to do in order to save the environment. Though Christmas is all about giving presents and being happy, we can all make small changes for a more sustainable Christmas this year.

    PIN - How to have an eco friendly Christmas

    The amount of waste generated during Christmas is ridiculous. While we celebrate Christmas with friends and family, we also have to be careful about not damaging the environment. The best way to do that is by having an Eco friendly Christmas celebration. Here are some ways in which you can have a better Christmas by going green this season. 

    1. Decorate your house with more sustainable options

    Decorating the house is definitely a huge part of getting ready for Christmas. Often while decorating we forget to look at the amount of waste we are creating.

    One way of avoiding this is to go for Christmas decorations that will last for a long time. This way you won't have to throw them out each year and be away from creating a big amount of waste.

    Going for Christmas ornaments made from glass or metal instead of the ones made from plastic can also be a good idea. Not using non recyclable materials to decorate is a good step to take towards an eco friendly Christmas. 

    1. Pay special attention to the way you wrap presents 

    This is another part where a lot of waste gets generated unknowingly. How you decide to wrap your gifts can be another important thing in being environment friendly. 

    You can always use reusable paper bags instead of the traditional wrapping paper or plastic bags. If you want to be with it, you can use fabric to wrap your Christmas gifts as well. 

    Even if you do end up deciding on wrapping paper, use something that can be recycled easily. Top tip: Remember if it stays crumpled when you scrunch it, then it can be recycled, if it doesn't then it can't!

    LLP Sustainable Christmas wrap

    1. Select eco friendly or long lasting gifts for your loved ones

    Going Christmas shopping is another occasion when you have to think about being eco friendly and choosing the correct presents. Anything that can potentially harm the environment should be avoided as much as possible. 

    Just like decorations, think of Christmas gifts that will last a long time.Avoid things made from any kind of non recyclable and disposable material if you can.

    We have recently been working with SaveMoneyCutCarbon and they have a *Sustainable Swap Box and Home Club membership as a great gift idea, so the recipient will be saving money and helping the planet from the moment they open the box!

    1. Using reusable utensils if you plan to host a party

    Christmas dinners are also a very common part of celebrating this holiday. If you plan to host a party at your house, you have to make sure it is as eco friendly as possible. 

    Make sure you use reusable silverware to serve the food. Plastic utensils often end up in the trash and thus increase the waste you produce.  

    Search online on how you can be as sustainable as possible during these social events. Set a good example so you inspire others to have an eco friendly Christmas as well. 

    1. Last but definitely not the least - your Christmas tree!

    Yes a lot of people don't buy a tree but if you do, make sure you buy the best one for the environment. Find some eco friendly alternatives if you want. 

    Using a natural tree is always a better choice as the trees made from plastic can cause a huge damage to the environment. It is also easy to recycle the live trees without affecting the environment much. 

    Choose a tree which has a reduced carbon footprint as an extra measure to be eco friendly this festive season.


    Collectively, if we all make small changes then we can make a big impact at Christmastime and beyond.


    * Note: We have been gifted a SaveMoneyCutCarbon Sustainable Swap Box but had no obligation to write or advertise their products. The inclusion within this post is purely on its merits.

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  2. 10 Tips on How to Celebrate Halloween While Social Distancing

    Posted on

    The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing many changes to our daily lives. Some of the events we are used to celebrating during this time of year may have been postponed, canceled, or changed. But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate them together. Right now, we are practicing physical distancing to help slow the spread of coronavirus and we we may not be able to physically attend Pride festivities, graduation ceremonies, birthdays, weddings, various holidays, or all of the events that we usually celebrate in person.

    PIN - 10 Tips on How to Celebrate Halloween While Social Distancing

    So what about Halloween? Young and old people alike allow themselves to do what is typically forbidden: dressing up, walking in the dark, and bumping on the doors of unadulterated outsiders. However, in order for everything to be fun, you have to follow a few safety tips. To these is also added the COVID-19 factor. This year, we will have to be extra careful in many respects.

    1)     Host or participate in a virtual meeting (e.g., party, online video session, ceremony, etc.) with other social network members.

    2)     Go for makeup and face paint rather than a mask. Here it is about the traditional Halloween masks that cover the entire face. However, you can find a mask (this time, we are talking about the one now mandatory in indoor public places given the COVID-19) that will coordinate with the disguise, while leaving the eyes clear.

    3)     While makeup is recommended, if a child is keen on wearing a mask, make sure it is snug to not interfere with their vision and breathing.

    4)     For the aged ones who want to celebrate Halloween with friends, request them to tell you about the route they will take, give them a maximum time they will have to be back, and recommend that they stay in small groups of four to five people.

    5)     Treats stir up little foodies in disguise, but they can be extremely dangerous for young children or those with allergies.

    6)    If you accompany your child on his gourmet walk, you will be able to make him wait before tasting the treats that fall in the bag or, at the very least, checking the candies as they want to eat one. Once at home, take the time to examine your little ones' candy before they eat it.

    7)     Avoid treats without packaging.

    8)     Watch out for your children's allergies.

    9)   Watch out for soft candies, peanuts, or very hard sweets that could cause choking.

    10)  Given the COVID-19 pandemic, to avoid taking any unnecessary risks with sweets that come from different homes, leave them in quarantine for about 24 hours. Of course, a Halloween party without tasting the sweets is not a Halloween party. Plan ahead and get some sweets ready for your children. They can be enjoyed the same evening. We will avoid groupings at all costs, and ideally, we will pick up candy in our neighborhood, or even among people we know. It will probably be necessary to reduce the number of houses visited and celebrate more with the family rather than on the street.

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  3. Photos are not just for Christmas .......

    Posted on

    I get the mickey taken out of me regularly for the amount of photos I take and it is not just the Christmas ones or the special occasions, they are the ones that capture the memories as your children get older. So we have collaborated with Photobookdeals to put together a guide to perfectly keeping those memories.

    size and format

    From the moment they are born, babies develop rapidly. Everything grows and changes and with every day you can see more of your little one’s personality and uniqueness unfold. Of course, in the first year, you’ll have plenty of photographic proof of all this happening. At some point you’ll look at your little angel and marvel at the changes they went through and how big they’ve gotten. Photos and videos will help you look back and remember each and every important or adorable moment.

    Baby photos are practically predestined to be used for something special. The wonder of life and the growth of your family is something magical. As such, they don’t belong on your smartphone or in a drawer to be looked at only when you’re doing a little spring cleaning. For many families, a photo book of a baby’s first year is the perfect way to document those developments and be able to look back on them whenever they like. Of course, framed photos, wall decorations, and announcement cards are all part of the deal. But the photo book offers the unique chance to really tell a story. That’s why we’ll go into the key points to consider for the perfect baby photo book.

    1. Size & Format

    There is, of course, no right and wrong when it comes to the size and the format of a baby photo book. A small square coffee table book can make an adorable impression and is a great option for a gift to friends and family. But if you’re looking for a story book option that will really show off those pictures, best practice is to go with A4 or even A3. As most photos are taken in portrait format, that’s also the likely best fit. That doesn’t mean that landscape photos have no place. The size of an A4 or A3 photo book alone makes it possible to design pages with collages and if you want to go all in, you can even place a photo over two pages with most photo book services.

    2. Binding & Cover

    Remember how we said we can place a photo over two pages? There’s a way to perfect this: Lay-flat binding is very popular at the moment, because the pages of the book connect practically seamlessly. That means that when you place a photo over two pages, there’s no fold or line or anything that disrupts the photo. For baby photo books, that is the holy grail of bindings. For a good look and feel, a hard cover is recommended. Of course, almost all photo book services let you print the most precious photo you have on the cover. That will make a wonderful impression on the final photo book.

    3. Paper

    Here it really depends on the company you go with. Sometimes, you can pick different paper weights (measured in gsm). The higher value you pick, the better the feel (but of course also the higher the price). Thick pages also make up for a better photo quality most of the time. A good weight for the paper for a baby photo book would be from 100gsm upward.

    There’s also the matt and glossy options: Glossy pages reflect light and show off the colours richly while matt pages give the picture a rich look, meaning the texture comes across better.


    4. Price

    Of course, the price tag matters at the end of the day. Each and every decision you make (matt or glossy, paper weight, binding, and size) is relevant to the final price of your photo book. While a beautiful photo book is worth every penny, that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart about it. Especially around holidays like Christmas and Easter, photo book services offer many deals and promotions. If you’re undecided about which service to choose, there are also deal websites that offer you pretty much all information at a glance, plus a look into all the promotions available. Don’t let all those wonderful and unique photos of your baby just wither away on some smartphone or camera. Give them a chance to shine and share those memories with the people you love. The added bonus of creating a photo book is that one day, when the baby becomes a grown person, you can show them how they started and relive those special moments




  4. How to survive a month of Elf on the Shelf posts

    Posted on

    As the clocks strike midnight on the of 30 November, all at once, all across the land, (and on Instagram), they appear. Dressed in red and green, looking as innocent as can be, Elf on the Shelf begin to steal your social media feeds once again.

    Elf on the Shelf

    Oh, sweet Father Christmas, not again.

    Just how will we survive this annual month of elf antics? How is there possibly anything original to post? What is with parents’ incessant need to track this toy’s every little move, gawdammit!?

    How to embrace the Elf of the Shelf

    Get ready to unfreeze your Grinched-up soul and feel a tingle of festive spirit. Here’s a lowdown of what to love about an Elf for Christmas. At the very least, it’s the survival guide you asked for.

    “To see something, you have to believe in it. Really believe it. That's the first elf rule. You can't see something you don't believe in. Now try your hardest…”

    - Matt Haig, A Boy Called Christmas

    Remember what it was like to be young

    Not everyone loves Christmas. Don’t tell the elves. It upsets them quite a lot. And it’s way too close to Christmas Eve to risk impacting toy production rates. Let’s avoid upsetting elves.

    But, just cast your mind back to when Christmas was last truly magical? Remember what it was like to believe. That excitement. Those tingling toes.

    As soon as you do, you’ll grow an ounce or two of understanding for parents who want to make those years as enchanting as possible.

    But, what if?

    We’ve all seen Toy Story, we all know the drill. So, now you’ve slipped into the right frame of mind, ask yourself… what if?

    The thing with Elf for Christmas is, that is seems to ignite the imagination of children of all ages. Even those in the know about Big FC, himself. After all, nothing captures hearts quite like creativity. Who doesn’t love waking up to a surprise every morning!

    From toddlers to teens, and all ages in between, there’s something wonderful about allowing yourself the gift of believing. And what better, more magical, month for it than December?


    Capturing pictures of the Elf antics can also highlight other things you might want to focus on. Before sharing anything online, we can all be over critical of our own homes but when I decide that I want some new torus skirting my husband is grateful for a different project to the one that makes him create Elf magic every day!

    But who knows, maybe even a grown up grump like you could learn to love an elf too? If you can't beat them, join them! Welcome one into your home and see how he, or she, can enrich advent. We’re talking serious enhanced excitement levels. Be warned.

    It seems that to enjoy Elf on the Shelf, you simply need to be rid of the adult inside you and allow magic in once again. Go on .... it is the most magical time of the year after all!