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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: Sleep

  1. How to complete a bedroom makeover in a weekend

    Posted on

    Last year we changed the toddlers room from a nursery in to a little girls bedroom and with the addition of a rug and some new lighting, we gave it a more "grown up" feel.

    Vertabaudet Room Finished

    It was a quick and easy way to update the room but fast forward to this year and the little one continues to grow (and grow up - sob) and she wanted a big girls bed. Now having the smallest room in the house comes with its own challenges for trying to actually fit a cot bed, wardrobe, small kitchen (!!) and her toys in there as it is, so finding room for a single bed presented a new challenge. In a moment of inspiration, we decided on a cabin bed and I made it my mission to find one that was affordable, good quality and fit for a little princess. So once we had it, I wanted to get the room sorted straight away.

    So how do you complete a bedroom makeover in a weekend, here are our top tips

    1. Make a plan! Know your budget, stick to it and don't get drawn into buying those additional items just because they are pretty! (I *may* need to take my own advice here).

    2. Clear the space. Random teddy bears and pieces of lego will not be your friend.

    3. Check that you have everything you need before you start. When dealing with flat pack furniture, make sure you unpack the parts and fixings carefully, checking that everything needed is present. Identify the parts against the instructions as you go. Handy Tip : Packaging can be used to protect flooring.

    Bedroom makeover 1

    4. Accept help when it is offered (even if it is from a 3 year old)

    5. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. They’re there to help, and no human has yet been born with a universal flat pack assembly manual downloaded directly into his or her brain.

    Bedroom makeover 2

    6. Don't build or paint yourself into somewhere you can't get out of!

    Bedroom makeover 3

    7. Add a wall decal (toddlers own choice in this instance). Decals are an inexpensive way to give your walls some personality and flair and add colour to plain walls.

    Bedroom makeover 4

    Final tip! When buying a new bed for your child, make sure you have a single bed mattress to fit it and don't do what we did and realise that we might have to make a temporary one!! Thank goodness for next day delivery and online shopping!

    Bedroom makeover 5

    The toddler is delighted with her new "big girl bed" and she is even more excited that she has a den underneath it but I am just pleased that it has curtains to hide all the toys away, so everyone is happy.

    Completing a bedroom makeover doesn't need to be hugely expensive or time consuming, just a few small changes can make a big difference.



  2. Are you ever ready for a baby?

    Posted on

    Our baby blogger talks about getting ready for Baby Number 2.

    I am not sure where the last 30 weeks have gone? I am now in my third trimester, I'm huge, and if I am honest I am freaking out!

    If you read my last blog post over on The Rose Diaries, you will know that I am a worrier. Mainly in regards to health. But, this period of worrying involves me freaking out about all sorts. My biggest problem at the moment is space, or lack of it. We are in the midst of building an extension. Which means that our little boy is sharing our room. We haven't even begun building his or his new sisters bedrooms, and with 10 weeks to go, I'm panicking.

    With our son, everything was ready for the time I was 34 weeks. I felt organised and completely in control. I knew that when he arrived, everything was where it should be. But now, my amazing husband informs me that the building work and it's contents may not be finished for my due date - is he kidding me? He tells me we may all have to be in one bedroom for a few weeks. Four people, one bedroom, have I suddenly been transported back to Victorian times? A nearly 4 year old, a crying baby, a snoring husband and a tired mummy will not be the recipe for a harmonious household!

    Family in bed

    I worry about how big I am. On frequent visits to the supermarket, I have had comments such as "you can't have long left" or "are you sure there is only one in there." Or my all time favourite is "there is no way that baby is staying in there till September 4th". Whilst I am very proud of my bump and the miracle inside it, peoples comments of basically saying "I'm fat" is driving me mad. I have even resorted to telling people that she is due the end of August(which she may be as her brother was 5days early) so that people don't look at me in complete horror. 

    Then, when I finally calm myself down about the building work, and how big my bump is, listening to the reassuring words of my best friend that "all will work out in the end". I start to panic about labour -will I be able to cope? Will it be quicker? (Oh I do hope so) will I have the same placenta issues as last time? All of which I am thinking at 2:30am when I get up for my 5th wee of the night. I also keep watching re-runs of "One Born Every Minute". I love this programme, but am I doing myself any favours of reminding myself of labour? But, then I watch the wonderful outcome of labour and realise it is a position that so many would love to be in. 

    My friend is still trying to get me to try Hypnobirthing, to relax me. I know the benefits of it. However, you could have the gorgeous Gary Barlow singing live in the room and it still wouldn't relax me. 

    So what do I do? Keep convincing myself that it will be less painful and quicker than last time, or think of the worst and anything else is a bonus? 

    What would you do?

  3. Sleep Facts & Myths

    Posted on

    I regularly talk about sleep.

    I love sleep.

    I always feel like I don't get enough.

    I never understand why children insist on denying they are tired when they very clearly are!

    It also makes me laugh when people use the phrase "sleeping like a baby" ..... I am quite sure those people have never had a baby that wakes repeatedly in the night (or a toddler for that matter).

    So I have been looking at the top Sleep Myths  .....

    Sleep Myths

    So how do we get the holy grail of uninterrupted deep sleep? Well aside from asking the grandparents to have small children overnight, sleep experts Sealy believe that our bodies are not uniform so why should our mattresses be any different? Given that we have a small asthma sufferer in our house, it is really interesting to know that the natural “Purotex” addition to Sealy mattress ticks has been endorsed by Allergy UK for the elimination of house dust mites (a common cause of asthma for some 5 million people in the UK and Ireland).

    So aside from making sure that you have the best mattress for you, here are some other sleep related facts (some are quite surprising).

    Sleep Facts

     I am now just working on trying to get the toddler to self soothe ....... wish me luck! 

    Facts & Myths from National Sleep Foundation

  4. Sleep Tips for parents with a Toddler

    Posted on

    Hand's up if you have a toddler who never wants to go to sleep? *raises hand*

    Don't get me wrong, she loves her bedroom and has a perfectly lovely bedtime routine with a bath, story and snuggle time but when the lights go out, suddenly there are a million reasons why she can't sleep.


    So my husband regularly finds me asleep on the floor of the toddlers bedroom but this is not my preferred sleeping scenario, I much prefer to be snuggled up with my husband in our own bed (without the toddler creeping in) and not falling in an exhausted heap on the sofa (or the floor). 

    This summer is (allegedly) set to be the warmest in 135 years* which means plenty of sun filled days! But experts** warn that sleeping in temperatures above 24°C means you’re likely to wake up during the night or only have a light, fragmented sleep, preventing you from getting the restful night you need. This is not ideal when you have a toddler who thinks that sleep is for the weak!

    So have been listening to Silentnight’s sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan who says: “We all love summer and the long evenings, but the increased temperatures can make it harder to sleep well, which can have a detrimental effect on our health, relationships and work. She added: “A good night's sleep is important in order to process information throughout the day as well as to repair and rebalance the body physically and mentally. Ideally, in order for us to sleep well, there needs to be a fractional temperature difference between our body and our brain – a warm body and a cool head!” 

    Dr Nerina, has created a list of 5 top tips to help the nation keep cool and get the best rest when the weather is hot and humid: 

    1. Stop your bedroom over-heating during the day by keeping curtains and blinds closed 

    2. Wash your feet with cold water before getting into bed, and run your wrists under cold water 

    3. Use light bed sheets and a summer duvet - 4.5 Tog recommended 

    4.Try a Geltex mattress from Silentnight, with an innovative combination of an extremely elastic gel and air-permeable foam offering unparalleled breathability to prevent the body from overheating 

    5. Finally, it is essential to stay well hydrated during the day and most importantly, don’t fret too much if you can’t sleep. Use the time to rest and think positive thoughts, then you will be extra productive the day after 
    We also have some slightly ‘alternative’ methods you can try to help you cool down at night. Here are the top quirky tips to try: 

    1. Use a fan and place it so that it is blowing the air over a tray of ice - this will cool the room down as the ice melts 

    2. Keep a plant mister containing water by your bed to spray on your face during the night 

    3. Place a wet flannel in the fridge for an hour or so before getting into bed and lay it on your forehead to help you drift off 

    4. Sleep in cool wet socks or even a damp T-shirt 

    5. Chill your pillow case in the freezer before getting into bed 

    *According to UK Met office 
    **According to Meir Kryger, author of "A Woman's Guide to Sleep Disorders" and "A Good Night's Sleep” 

    I have to be honest, I can't see me putting on wet socks or a damp t-shirt but a cooling spray would probably be my recommendation, especially for warm feet. The toddler is not a massive fan of being warm and loves to sleep with no clothes on ...... that is until the Silentnight hippo arrived and she just "had" to pinch his pyjamas!!


    What are your top sleep tips?