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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: The Toddler Years

  1. Pumpkin Week at Hatton World

    Posted on

    Pumpkin Week at Hatton Country World

    We make no secret of our love for Hatton World and we enjoyed their Water Wars over the summer so were delighted to be invited back for their annual Pumpkin Week in the run up to Halloween. Pumpkin Week runs from the 22nd to the 30th October 2016 and despite the weather turning colder, the constant stream of activities were enough to keep the chills away (unless you count the ghosts!)


    It was busy when we arrived so we would definitely advise to book in advance, not so much as the fact that you won't get in but more so that you don't have to queue with excited children who just want to go in search of "anything Halloween related".


    As usual, Hatton Adventure World go all out with their decorations and from the minute you step out of the car, you can see the pumpkin field and know that you are in for a good day. 

    The top activities are:

    • Agnes the Witch -  Join in with potion stirring and storytelling by Agnes the Witch - be sure to check the timetable for this though!
    • Haunted House - The thing we liked most about this is that they tailored it to age ranges .... making it a little scarier for the older children!
    • Jaspers Dilemma - We pre-booked our timeslot when we arrived and loved the magic show which is always sprinkled with a little bit of adult humour.
    • Free Pumpkin for every child - you just have to go through the field and find the perfect one.
    • Pumpkin carving


    We always have a range in ages in our party and this is the one thing that Hatton Adventure World is very good at, we managed to pet small animals but then keep the older girls amused (literally) by milking a cow. 


    We managed to squeeze in some of the other activities that we always enjoy at Hatton, such as the small fairground rides and the park but the girls were determined to seek out the best pumpkin and set about deciding how to go about it in a sea of pumpkins.


    Every child gets a pumpkin of their choice ....... be warned, apparently it can take aaaaaaaages to select the perfect one. You are given a green bag in which to carry your pumpkin, although we "may" have needed a replacement due to the sheer size of the pumpkin! We initially thought that the pumpkins had been placed there but we soon realised that we actually had to pick them ..... be careful as they can be a bit spiky!!


    We left our pumpkin selection till the end of the day and I am glad we did, I would not have fancied walking round the rest of the park with the weight of those pumpkins. Apparently I also now need to find a receipe for Pumpkin pie! (help me)


    Hatton Country World is a great family day out at any time of year but at Halloween it is really special. There is nothing better than getting out in a real pumpkin patch to choose your pumpkin. It is a day full of fun and fresh air. 


    As I said before, it really is better to book in advance as you not only get quicker entry but a better discount too. 


    Book 7 days in advance - 25% discount / Book 4 days  in advance - 17.5% discount / Book 1 day in advance - 7.5% discount


    Walk up tickets are available to purchase on the day from the admission kiosk at £15.95

    It is definitely a more fun way to get a pumpkin than popping to the supermarket. 

  2. Win a 4wd Minjal Ride On

    Posted on

    The Christmas adverts started some time ago, trying to entice children with this years plastic offering or digital "must have" gift but we have always favoured more traditional gifts, the timeless and beautifully crafted presents, which is why we adore the Minjal 4WD Ride On. 

    4WD from Minjal

    Your little one can start to use the 4WD as soon as they has started to walk and balance independently. If both feet can touch the ground when sitting on the product, we are told that your child will get the optimal benefits. The Minjal 4wd has a unique ergonomic design which not only enables your child to have lots of fun but also aids their essential development. The product is designed to encourage maximum activity in children aged one to two and half without tiring them.

    Ergonomically designed handlebars

    Optimal Height

    Comfort Seat

    360 Multi-Directional Travel

    Safety Stoppers

    4 Different Colours

    Ideal for Small Spaces:

    4WD side lifestyle

    So if you covet one of these for your child this Christmas, why not enter our giveaway to win one worth £29.99?

     a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Terms & Conditions

    The Prize: 4WD Minjal Ride On worth £29.99
    The winners will be chosen at random by the random winner generator on Rafflecopter and notified within 7 working days by email
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    There is no monetary equivalent.
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    End Date 29/10/2016 at 12am

  3. The Parenting Colour Wheel

    Posted on

    Childbirth is like the Land of Oz. You leave in black and white and arrive in a world saturated with glorious Technicolour. Being a parent has made me feel more vividly than I ever imagined could be possible, colouring my days with an emotional rainbow so bright I can’t remember what it was like to live without.


    My kids make me see red far more often than I am comfortable admitting. Sometimes it is because they are pushing all my buttons, other times it is because I don’t have the patience I need to deal with things calmly. I hate getting angry with them even if they have misbehaved, because the guilt which follows is terrible.


    School mornings are frequently a simmering pot of anxiety we will be late because small people move at their own tempo and have a timetable that is completely unpredictable.


    Thankfully for my  sanity, yellow flashes through my days with delightful frequency. The spontaneous displays of love and affection, the joy when my girls develop a new skill or sleep through the night, and the fits of laughter over nothing in particular shine brightly to dilute the darker hues.


    Adults can be jaded. We forget the excitement and wonder that comes from exploring and discovering something new. Green represents how I have learned to see their surroundings through the eyes of my child, and the warm happiness I feel when I see how excited they are about things I have taken for granted.


    Calm, serene days when there is no arguing, bickering, or nagging, and everyone is happy in each other’s company, are an oasis. I can never predict when it will happen but find myself taking quiet pleasure in the fact that, for now anyway, everything is perfect.


    When my  children are sad it is as if the umbilical cord was never cut. Their experience helps me remember with clarity how much life can hurt. One of the hardest tasks I have found as a parent helping my children to develop the resilience to deal with disappointments, friendship rifts, or the simple fact that not everyone you like will like you back.


    Hormones, exhaustion, and guilt can throw a shadow over my life, sucking the colour from my days and leaving me feeling bruised and vulnerable. These are the times  when I question my ability to be a parent, a partner, or a valuable member society, and when I rely on my family and close friends to help me through until the spectrum begins to lighten.

    Every parent - every parent - runs this spectrum of emotion - often several times a day! Just like a real rainbow it is something I am happy to witness without questioning basking in its beauty with open-mouthed wonder that something so indescribably amazing happened in my life.

  4. Win a personalised bedtime book from Create Me Books

    Posted on

    As a mum, I love to see other mums striving to create something for their family, so when I was approached by Lisa from Create Me Books, I was happy to help share their story.

    Lisa is a Mum of three and foster mum to many over the years and lives in Devon. After a big operation that required a long recovery, she decided to write her little girl a bedtime story, and after lovingly creating this book she made the decision to turn her vision into a business. Lisa has now set up an ecommerce website ( with the idea being that people can come to them, create personalised children's books for their little ones (ages 2-7) online and have them delivered to their house. Sounds lovely doesn't it? 

    Create me Books

    The website is really easy to use and you can personalise your character with their name, hair colour, hairstyle, outfit colour, skin tone and even whether the character wears glasses, which is very cute. From point of order, the book took around 10 days to arrive so it is worth noting this if you are buying one for a gift. 

    The illustrations in the book are both colourful and beautifully drawn, they capture the innocence of the imagination without distracting the reader from the story. The quality of the book doesn't go unnoticed either, the pages and cover are exceptionally high quality and would withstand the odd toddler drink spill or debate about which page you read last!

     Create me Books 2

    There are paragraphs of the book that rhyme and others that don't but upon speaking with Lisa, it was never intended to be a rhyming tale but this is something she is looking to develop as the business progress. This doesn't detract from the story but it is worth keeping in mind if you start to get into a rhyming "flow". The story is adorable, visually interesting with a varied layout designed to retain the interest of the child.

    The book retails at £17.99 which when there is a section where you can write a personal message to the recipiant, it makes the book an adorable gift and keepsake for any occasion.

    So we are absolutely thrilled to be able to give you the chance to win a personalised book for your child ...... just enter below!

    Create me Books - Win


    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    The Prize: Personalised Bedtime Book from Create Me Books
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