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The Little Lilypad is a lifestyle blog mostly written by a mum to two beautiful, cheeky and entertaining daughters. It is sometimes written by the Man on the Pad or by one of our baby bloggers. Occasionally we accept guest posts too. There is frequently talk of shoes and clothing (we love fashion and savvy shopping), chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate) education and swimming (we love this too). It is hopefully helpful, sometimes funny and always honest.

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Category: Love Is ....

  1. Creating a romantic trip for two : "mini moon" ideas in Europe

    Posted on

    With February over, and Valentine’s Day well and truly past, I’ve been thinking a lot about the practicality of love and how we maintain that romance, day to day. Having two children can mean that sometimes romantic breaks are not always top of the priority list but with our wedding plans in full flow and a romantic "mini moon" on the cards, it has got me thinking .....
    Europe has so many destinations worthy of the moniker ‘most romantic city in the world’ simply put, many destinations on the Continent make a great place for couples to go at any time of the year, because of the beautiful countryside, city skylines and abundance of cultural attractions you can enjoy on a one to one basis. Venice, Barcelona, and even lesser-known cities like Slovenia’s capital of Ljubljana are all excellent places to experience with the one you love. However, you can’t write a blog post about romantic Europe getaways without mentioning Paris!
    Eiffel Tower
    Known by many as the ‘City of Love’, Paris offers so much to the first-time visitor. From traditional romantic walks along the Jardin des Tuileres, to surprise trips up the Eiffel Tower and more contemporary attractions, such as viewing the naked sculptures at the Rodin Museum, Paris has everything you could wish for. (I know friends that have been to Euro Disney for their honeymoon but I suppose that depends on whether you consider Disney romantic or not) You can even enjoy a spot of fine and unusual dining with Paris’ blind waiters in Dans le Noir restaurant. (You dine in the dark, it’s all really rather fun and risqué!)
    Interestingly, Berlin is also another city that’s been drawing in couples in search of romance. Long seen as a great hub for culture and the arts, Berlin also offers visitors the full ‘blind waiter’ experience at restaurants such as Nocti Vagus, while the city’s attractions include the Erotic Museum (which is apparently fun for a flirty afternoon) and world-famous art galleries to roam, hand in hand, such as the Hamburger Bahnhof.
    One of the best ways to leave a lasting memory of your romantic Europe holiday is to leave a reminder in the city that you visited. This may sound cryptic, but it’s actually very easy to do, and if you’ve read the book, or seen the film PS, I Love You, it’s something that will sound all-too familiar. I love the idea of the ‘Love Lock tree’. These traditional trees can be found everywhere from Paris and Berlin to Rome and Moscow, and if you fasten your "love" padlock here, the idea is that it will remain indefinitely. This is a really lovely thing to do, especially if you decide to throw the keys in a nearby river, such as the Seine in Paris. 
    Love Lock Tree
    I know only too well how hard it can be to emotionally and physically leave the kids behind but sometimes, just sometimes I convince myself that I owe it to our relationship to steal back some ‘me and you’ time! I just need to make sure I select somewhere with a Love Lock Tree ..... I love this concept!!
    If you could suggest anywhere in Europe for our romantic break, would it be somewhere traditional, like Paris, or do you have another destination in mind?
    This is a featured post but the mini moon plans and romance are all our own!
  2. Love Is .... not just about one day

    Posted on

    Today is allegedly the most romantic day of the year. The 14th of February (Valentines Day) is named after Saint Valentine who was a third-century Roman saint who has been associated with love since the High Middle Ages. Nothing is reliably known of St. Valentine except his name and the fact that he died on February 14th but I digress ....

    The Lilypad has been blessed to share some personal guest posts over the last 13 days about what our friends think that Love Is ....

    So what do I think Love Is ..... ?

    It is considering someone else other than myself.

    It is not having to be perfect but being perfect for that someone.

    It is sharing your bed with your children when they need you.

    It is finding a gorgeous pair of shoes in the sale .... that are just your size. (I personally love it when this happens)

    It is Saturday nights in with the family, rather than Saturday nights out on the town.

    It is creating a school costume in a matter of hours because they neeeeeeeed it for tomorrow.

    It is finding a fantastic bespoke offer online that is the perfect gift for Valentines.

    It is still being kissed in the morning, despite your snoring keeping them awake in the night.

    It being the first person they turn to when they are hurt or upset.

    It is having a cold shower because the children have used all the hot water.

    It is reading "another" story before bedtime.

    It is butterflies in your stomach.

    It is sharing excitement.

    It is laughter.

    It is not about one day in the year, it is every single day.

    Happy Valentines Day4


    For the avoidance of doubt, we were asked to review from the Bespoke Offers site, without obligation and as we loved the concept, thought it fitted perfectly into this post.

  3. Love Is ..... just is

    Posted on

    Today's guest post is from one of my closest friends. She was sitting at home with a poorly son a week or so ago and she asked if she could write a post, so here it is .....

    What is love ?

    Is it that my husband never asks how I get on at my weekly weigh in on a Monday he doesn't believe I need to lose weight.(even though the scales say I do)

    Is it my 11 year old face timing his girlfriend every night and insisting i take him out at the weekend to buy her a valentines gift. (They have been together for several months now).

    Is it my 14 year old tiding her room even though for once I haven't asked her. (And believe me I ask her at least 4 times a day!!!).

    Love means many different things for everyone...

    I know that I love my husband, children and family more each day.

    I am thankful for the love I share with some great friends, new and old.

    I saw a quote on a picture the other day that just said

    "When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. ~ William Shakespeare.

    Love just is......

  4. Love Is .... more than words

    Posted on

    Today's guest post is from Victoria Knowles who blogs at and she is asking, what does love mean to me?

    Love is more than words.

    When I was a child my dad never said: ‘ I love you’ - something we’re told we should be doing all the time but because of him I know love isn’t about those three words. I never doubted he loved me more than anything and I never felt anything other than love from him and here’s why:

    When I was a little girl he patiently taught me to ride a bike. As a teenager he took me on my first driving lessons. He built us a treehouse and a swing and completely rebuilt our little bungalow until we lived in the best place he could make.


    He did this because he loved us and no one in our home ever doubted it for a second – despite never saying it.

    When I left for University and he dropped me off in the roughest part of Nottingham. He turned the car round and came to stay with me until my housemates turned up a couple of days later. He cooked me eggs and bacon and loved me. When I made a silly mistake at 21 he just cuddled me and stood by me.

    When he’s with Arthur I see him ploughing the same values, the same rules and the same sense of patience and love into it all. Hammering a piece of wood on Papap’s workbench is about love – more so than vacant ‘I love yous’.

    Still to this day he’s the person I call when something needs ‘doing’. Because doing is what he does; without question and without a second thought.

    It’s absolutely textbook but absolutely true. My dad is the first man who made me feel safe and loved without a single word. The first man who showed me how women should be treated.

    The first man to whom all others need to measure.

    So breaking with tradition – I love you dad, but just so you know, you never have to tell me. I already know. x